From a session dated 04-02-94

JOHN: In the earlier years we used to think of 'interacting' with the wind as a very favorable condition. In that the wind, would actually 'blow thru' you and help clean out the junk in the body.

DATRE: If that is your intent. Many people shy away from it and get all closed off because they don't like the wind. But, if you have the intent that the wind is going to 'cleanse' your body than that is what it will do. You had wind today.

JOHN: Yes, we've been having a lot of wind lately.

DATRE: That is on purpose. There needs to have wind all over the planet to clean it up.

JOHN: Yep and very strong wind, because there is a lot to clean-up.

DATRE: Yes and there will continue to be wind because - well you only think of wind going around and around. But with the energy infusions it is taking the energy and moving it quickly. That also helps with the absorption process.

JOHN: You mean in the biological structures?

DATRE: Uh-hah! You don't think of it in that way, but that is one of the benefits of it. It is it... I don't want to use the word unavoidable, that isn't the word I'm looking for, but if there's wind with the energy – because energy can also 'create' wind and interact with wind - as the movement of the energy is speeded the biological structure is, shall we say, capable of absorbing more energy. That probably doesn't make much sense, but that's what happens. The energy moving quickly does not 'stagnate', in other words, when there's no movement of the energy, with that which we call wind - it moves but to a lesser degree. So when it interacts with that which you call wind - which is molecular movement - and the energies interact with that - it speeds the process of assimilation. I cannot explain any further than that – but it's a technical thing, but that's as I observe it, that's what I am seeing.

JOHN: That seems to me to be like the whole question of the wind and the 'cleaning' of the body. It seems that the 'dynamics' of the wind tend to find and break loose little pockets of stagnation in the biological body.

DATRE: Well, not as much as it aids in the 'absorption' of energy. Because actually what it does, you see when it blows thru a body it passes thru and around the cells and all that's in the body. So, if a cell is surrounded by a particular energy that the wind is transmitting and it's transmitting that energy with a little more force, shall we say, or dynamics, as the cells are surrounded - and that's for all the organs in the body and everything - it's surrounded with that energy. It has a better chance of absorbing it rather than having it just come in contact with the physical structure.

This - to use a very poor analogy - lets say your body is like a strainer, a real, real fine strainer. That - the channels got one, I can see that in the draw - it's real, real, real fine. That's the way your body is - it isn't, but let's use that as the analogy. Now, if you are to put water thru it and you just drip it very slowly, it takes a while for it to get thru that mesh. But if you turn on the water tap more, so more water comes down, it pushes it thru 'faster'. OK, lets use the wind and the body in the same way. In other words the body, it's got lots of stuff in it and it appears very solid to you that are in it, but it has 'spaces' in it, just like the strainer. So when the energy is 'pushed' thru by what we call the wind it goes thru and it will penetrate better. OK, that's what I'm seeing.

JOHN: Go play in the wind.

DATRE: That's right.

JOHN: I like that, I've liked the wind for a long time - I guess I've always liked the wind, I haven't really thought about it that way.

DATRE: It is very beneficial. I know when it's cold it's hard to think of it as being beneficial because you want to cuddle up and shiver. But it still does its job. The wind, as we've discussed is currents and it's those currents that help a lot in assimilation. Next subject!


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