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Datre answers Edward(datre165) JOHN; Today we have some questions and comments from Edward and his first comment is..."I've been following Datre for several years now and the information provided is worthwhile. However, today's publication contains several factual errors that must be cleared up." DATRE; We have never claimed that the information we provide is 'factual' - because it is not. Nor is any other information 'factual' or 'truth'. There is no such thing. Your 'truth' is your 'truth'. Your 'facts' are your 'facts'. The 'fact' becomes a 'fact' because of gathering information and having other people agree. And the more people that you can get to agree that this is right, you then label it a 'fact'. That is 'fact' only as far as your 'intellectual' brain is concerned. This is what we are trying to get you to understand, the 'intellectual' brain is not the only


Datre answers RJ and Dorothy(Datre164) JOHN; Today we have some questions from RJ and the first question is... "Am I to understand that ONLY the SPOKEN word contributes to mass consciousness?" DATRE; To put it very singularly, yes. That is why we use a vehicle to bring forth any information that we give you. There is no other way for you to communicate. You can say, telepathically, but telepathically only works with individuals that are within the same proximity of each other. In other words, if you have an individual in the same room with you, you can work back and forth telepathically, but that is only between two individuals. Someone may be able to tap into that, but not very likely. So telepathy, or anything else does not work, as far as getting the information out into MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue. JOHN; And the next question is... "If this is the case, would reading the material aloud possibly prove more beneficial than just reading silently and thinking about the


Datre answers Mert(Datre163) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Mert and her first question is... "If I become an individual and do solely what I want to do, that seems contrary to the concept of cooperation. If I follow the precepts of cooperation, then don't I become one of the crowd--a follower of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS pattern of thinking that governs that particular group?" DATRE; No, in cooperation with others you do not become one of the crowd UNLESS you are cooperating from the stand point that you are cooperating against how you truly feel inside. You can be in a crowd and not a part of it. In being an individual you are listening to information coming from the 'outside' into the conscious and listening to information coming from the 'inside' and when you get to the point of not shutting off either source of information, and allowing both to work in cooperation with each other, your outer actions will be those of who you truly are. As you


Datre answers Gunnar. JOHN; Today we have some questions from Gunnar and his first question is... "Can Datre confirm the existence of dark or negative forces, in our "bubble" at least, that are opposed to the vibration of love in the universe where Datre exists?" DATRE; Well, number one, lets clarify this right now. In the Big Universe that we live in that which you call 'love' is not existent either. You see, the 'love' and the 'hate' and the 'light' and the 'dark' are all the opposites of 'your' planetary existence. It has nothing to do with the Big Universe what-so-ever. It exists in 'your' PARTICLE universe. In other words, that which you call the 'dark' and the 'light' is, in terms of the sun and moon and all of that, or 'evil' and 'good', or 'love' and 'hate', those are 'your' PARTICLE planetary opposites that you work with. That's the way the pl


Datre answers Susmita. JOHN; Today we have some questions from Susmita, and her first question is... "The current earth experiment, if I recall Datre correctly, began in a satellite around Jupiter, then continued on Mars and then here our present Earth. When the Birth happens would the experiment continue (at least partly) in some other planet in our solar system like Venus and/or Mercury?" DATRE; Number one, you won't go to a planet that you have a name for, because there's different things taking place on different planets. You will go to an entirely different planetary body that doesn't have anything on it, but will be built from scratch - to 'your' specifications as a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS group - to support your belief systems at the present time. Continue. JOHN; And her next question is... "Does the astrological chart of a person hint at the journey of the individual Self?" DATRE; Remember, the individual Self is working from the standpoint of


Datre answers Thomas and Christopher JOHN; Today we have some questions from Thomas and his first question is... "I follow a path called Huna, is Datre or any of his co-helpers aware of or has lived lives on Earth with a Huna society?" DATRE; Now, Huna is like everything else, it is something that has been set up on your planet for your understanding, education, whatever you want to call it. The information we bring to you is not connected to any 'isum', 'osophy', 'religion', 'cult', whatever you want to call it. That has nothing to do with the information that we bring to you. We have not been connected with any of these. Our information is Universally based. What we try to do is show you 'different' ways of finding out 'who' you are, what you are doing here, why you're here and how you can make changes in your own 'belief' system to change your understanding about the life that you are now experiencing. So as to Hu


Datre answers Claude. Today we have some questions from Claude, and his first question is... "Silicate is a kind of quartz as I understand it. What difference will there be for human to be silicate based instead of carbon?" DATRE; Silicate is not the proper terminology, its 'silica'. Silica is a very opaque liquid substance. It is... you have a lot of what you call 'silica' within your body now. When you cut yourself and there's a whitish liquid, the first thing you say is, 'oh, those are white blood cells'. That is 'silica'. Its what is referred to as 'silica'. In your mouth, you have a constant liquid called saliva, if we were to spit some out on a plate, you would see that it is a very 'opaque' substance, very liquid - that again is 'silica'. Your eyes, there's liquid in your eyes, that's 'silica'. You have 'silica' through out your body. In other words, that is a very important part of you