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Datre answers Rob (Datre186) JOHN; Today we have a question from Rob concerning the hijacked planes crashing into buildings in the United States and his questions is; "I'd be interested to hear Datre's take on the (still continuing) troubles over there in the US - what's mass consciousness trying to say?" DATRE; What is happening now, as we have said before, you have a New Millennium and you are going to experience changes. Now, I don't know how you think changes come about, but if you are going to go into a new Millennium at the speed that you do everything else at the present time, you're going to do things as quickly as possible. Now, all of this - remember - is a play that is being acted out. You will notice, first of all, that the planes that were hijacked going to different locations across the United States were not full with passengers. They had half or less than the number that is usually on those huge airplanes. The planes chosen were the ones wi


Datre answers Adrian (Datre185) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Adrian and his first question is... "Every time you mention Kundalini I get different aspects of a complex phenomena. Would you please explain what it is?" DATRE; Its very difficult to explain what the Kundalini is, because everyone will experience it in a different way. Since you are all individuals and having your own experiences and learning from your own experiences, there are no two people that will have the same result. In other words, many people will say they have gone through the Kundalini. You can find some commonality, but it is never the same for any two people. So, to explain what it is or what it isn't is an impossibility. It is only as 'you' experience it. Continue. JOHN; And he continues on and asks... "Is it purely a physical phenomena?" DATRE; Absolutely. Everything 'you' experience is physical, there's nothing else involved. Continue. JOHN; His next que


Datre answers Debbie (Datre184) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Debbie, and her first question is... "I have had AH-HA moments, I guess I have called them revelations. What I would like to know is when you have an AH-HA this is obviously the MIND. At the moment of this revelation does the BRAIN get it at that point. Does the BRAIN then accept this new information?" DATRE; Well, that AH HA doesn't necessarily have to come from the mind. You see, your brain is an accumulator. And as you bring experiences, emotions, you read, you hear, you bring all of these things into the brain and the brain is trying to set up a filing system. In other words, with your computer, what do you do? You set things into categories or into folders. And in the categories, they can be very simple, like one is the transcripts, and one is music, and another one is artwork, another one is news information, and things that you want to keep - storage. Its like a file cabinet and you've got


Datre answers Frauke (Datre183) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Frauke and the first question is... "To bring more of the YOU who I really am into physicality, does that mean to follow my intuition, my impulses, my desires?" DATRE; To follow your impulses. To follow your intuition. To work from that point, that is what it is all about. Now, your desires are entirely different. The focus of humankind is on 'desire'. So, we will say for you to follow your intuition and be that grand OBSERVER. Because, in OBSERVING you will be given 'signs' to follow that you are putting there for you to see and 'act' or 'react' upon. And that is perhaps, one of the most difficult processes you have put in front of yourself. Is to follow the 'signs' that you give your self - and your interpretation of those signs. Continue to the next question please. JOHN; And the next question is... "So that I just have to get the brain to understand, that w


Datre answers Zora (Datre182) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Zora, and the first question is.... "In Datre 168, as well as several times previously, Datre states "we have no memory". Could Datre explain how is the information gained/acquired and then given through Aona. In other words where does the information come from?" DATRE; Well, the information comes from two sources really. You see, as access is gained to the physical construct, we then have the ability to be able to gather information 'through' the physical construct and 'use' information through the physical construct. In other words, it is true, we have no memory, we have no need for memory, we have no body. The physical construct was set up so that you could 'have' memory. That was one thing that was desired - in composing a physical construct, was that there would be memory. And there would be events and circumstances from which you could draw from. You see, the challeng


Datre answers Diana (Datre181) JOHN; Today we have a question from Diana, and her question is... "In the transcript (Datre166) Datre said, "So to explain to you 'our' existence, is an impossibility. Now there are those that come through this physical construct that have had physicality. But that is a long time ago, in your counting. So the remembrance of physicality is only there at the point of contact and the minute the point of contact is no longer, the memory does not exist." My question is; If memory doesn't exist at the point of contact with physicality then how do others know (or remember) they once had physicality?" DATRE; Now, there again, you must remember that this contact, physical contact, is different than the majority of your individuals that are doing "channeling". The majority of those that are doing channeling are channeling from the dead zone - only. Those are - generally - one individual contacts. As is the case with those y


Datre answers Hans (Datre180) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is... "A few months ago Datre made some comments on Johann Sebastian Bach. I find a lot of pleasure in listening to his music and often wonder where he and other great composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi etc. got their inspiration from to produce such masterworks. Were people like them specially born to be genius in their field and provide such rich culture to the world?" DATRE; They were those that tapped into that which you call the dead zone, because they sat down and the music was there. Now, there are individuals today that sit down and in a very short period of time write tremendous amounts of music. What they do is, they actually tap into another source. That's why the music of those individuals is very different then what was "written at that time". You see, if you go back into that which you call your history, at lot of the music that was written was


Datre answers Claude (Datre179) JOHN; Today we have some questions from Claude, and his first question is... "Is the One that we are of the Big Universe?" DATRE; No! Well, now that is hard to answer, I should not have said no. Those that are of Universes and also that which you call the Big Universe experience in many different ways. I'm not going to go into detail, because it becomes too complicated. But, in this particular case, we'll say yes, simply because it is one that has experienced by taking a 'portion' of themselves and dipping into other 'realities'. Now, other realities also can be interpreted as 'other Universes' because all the Universes are different. You see, when you begin, or anything begins, it wants experience. Now, this 'particular' Universe of physicality is unique in and of itself. One of the most unique portions of this Universe is your planet - which is 'very' unique in that it has evolution of more than