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A Datre-reader mail from Johan

I recently received this email from Johan, and decided to post it here: "Dear Janitor, Today I registered as 4th member (white knight) on the Datre website you created (thanks for that!!!) Some time ago I wrote an email to post on the website under "comments", but it didn't work out. There are few people that still follow Datre, and they are far in between! Myself, I live in Belgium. In case you have an interest in discussing further possibilities to spread the Datre works, please contact me. I don't know "how" yet... but I am convinced this would be a good thing. Below the email I wrote, feel free to "paste" it anywhere on the website where you want. Maybe you can tell me why it doesn't work for me here, to do it "direct". Greetings from Flanders. Johan Hello Janitor and everyone else here, First of all, it's a great idea to put the Datre information out there.Thanks for that. Many years ago I also