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Datre answers Claude. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Claude and his first question is... "For most human, saying that time as we know it, with a past, present and future, doesn't really exist, is very hard to understand." DATRE: Now, have we ever said that 'time'... there was no 'past', 'present' or 'future'? Because, in every physical existence you have that as a remembrance. Because, as you live today, you remember when you live tomorrow that you had today. You see you can always look backward you can't look forward, because you don't have that 'sight' that sends you 'forward' into your own future. Now, what happens is, that you have been living in that which you call 'time' and we have said that 'time' has run out as far as the original set up was concerned. In other words, your 'past' - your 'time' element - the BIRTH 'should' have occurred at the ending of your &#


Datre answers Kevin. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Kevin, and his first question is... "I'm trying to better understand the nature of holograms. Datre says that our holograms are being changed by the energies/frequencies/waveforms entering our planetary bubble. Our holograms are also being maintained by the "YOU that you are". To what extent are our holograms under the control of our "singularity" vs. the influence of the Universe and its Entities? DATRE: Well, first of all, your HOLOGRAM is 'yours'. This is what you are functioning from. Now, the HOLOGRAM, once it has been started, so we say, when the planetary existence was started for that which you call 'human's', the HOLOGRAM was started and the HOLOGRAM has 'evolved' - because that is your "electrical" system that you function from. The 'particles' are those that belong to the planet. But, the HOLOGRAM is maintained, that does not ever... its nev


Datre answers Hans. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Hans, and his first question is... "I realize that to get anywhere I have to know who I am. I also understand that the only way to do this is to forget about concepts, beliefs, books, teachings etc. and be my spontaneous self and live fearlessly in the here and now. Is there anything I should do or not do or know to progress on this way?" DATRE: First of all, you don't have to get rid of anything. It is not necessary for you to get rid of beliefs and concepts and everything. The name of the game is to EXPLORE that which you are interested in. If you're interested in going to a book store and picking out books, that you think you are interested in, and seeing what 'their' idea of reality is all about - that's fine. You can make comparisons. You can compare the one that writes the book, and gives his idea of what 'his' reality is all about, with what 'you're' idea of what reality


Datre answers Veteran Human being. JOHN: Today we have some questions from veteran Human being and her first question is... "One topic I haven't seen addressed in full by Datre is the nature of religious worship. Is this a man made phenomenon in the sense that a savior has been invented by so many wishing so that he actually manifests in the flesh??" DATRE: Now, you talk about religion, and then you narrow it down to Christianity. If you're speaking about religion, then you use a broad brush, because, religion has existed upon your planet ever since you were that which you call a "cloned" reality. You have always looked 'to' something to help you. A cloned reality, was a reality that existed, because all thought and everything was brought into, shall we say, one little shopping bag full of things. JOHN: Consensus opinion. DATRE: Yes! So you put that into the shopping bag. Then when you wanted to have any action to anything, you'd reach into the s


Datre answers Robert and Christine. JOHN: Today we have a question from Robert, and his question is... "What are your impressions of the work of Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute?" DATRE: Well, we had John explain that to us and what that was all about and what it is is just an 'exploration'. Now there are those peoples that want to find out about where they can go and what they can do and are yet fearful of doing it on their own, and not knowing how to go about it, and many other things that come into 'exploration'. And so, rather than work with themselves and try to figure it out, and do those things on their own, they will read a book that will tell them how to do it or go someplace and have someone guide them and watch them in what they're doing, so they can eliminate that which you call your 'fear'. That is all that they do is to... it is like a meditation where they tell you, 'now close your eyes and do this and do that and do someth


Datre answers Susmita. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Susmita and her first question is... "If our original purpose was to experience and understand physicality (so that we can create grand physical systems/forms for our experience), why did we need physical emotions like anger, jealousy, love/hate etc? Seems like we have been so much caught up in emotions of our own and others for such a long time that we no longer know who we are! Is emotion necessary for having complex physical forms?" DATRE: That is something you set up for yourselves. You see, you have no conception of 'when' you began. Your history only goes back so far. You have no idea how long it has taken you to get to the point where you are. What happened, in your evolution of the physical construct, you continually added emotions. Because you were 'frustrated' in being unable to express your self’s in different ways. Words have always been something that has caused confusion in expression


Datre answers Estherella and Wanda. JOHN: Estherella's first question is... "Is it true that one seems to have "another life" at night?" DATRE: Yes, you do very definitely. Because, at that time you connect up with the YOU that 'you' are. You connect up with all the other individuals that you're planning to write your 'script' for to make up your play and put it on stage. The stage is physicality. In other words, your nighttime activities are like those that are 'planning' and making up their script and making up the players and all of this. Getting the actors and actresses together in that which you're going to perform. Then when you get your play all written and the director and all the circumstances and all of this straightened out, then you come back into the body and you work it out. This is your stage. So, yes, you're in a different part of that which you call your construction of your 'life'. Continue. JOHN: Her