DATRE: Good evening, John.

JOHN: It is.

DATRE: Yes. You have been getting some revelations that you find very interesting and you mentioned that you finally understood what you were told many, many years ago about the 12 schools and what you thought they were and what you think they are today.

JOHN: Very different.

DATRE: Isn’t it amazing how we learn and then put something together with something else and it becomes something entirely different.

JOHN: Oh, yes, but we don’t recognize that we do that so much. We should.

DATRE: The thing is, that is what it is all about. Understanding of what is really happening .

JOHN: Understanding the mosaics.

DATRE: That is correct. Continue.

JOHN: Originally the 12 schools, I thought were from the point of view of, as you went from physicality to another version of physicality, those were the different schools. It isn’t. Different schools, as the terminology was, are actually 12 different humanities. Each having a purpose. Then the whole having the overall context. Each has a rule to play and each has a part in the puzzle. So it isn’t that you evolve from one to the next, to the next but it is just that you learn what a given human reality is to learn and then you take on another human reality and learn that.

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: And when you are through, you become a fully realized human. That is something that has never been seen.

DATRE: That is correct.

JOHN: That is a very different context.

DATRE: Because you see, what happens, is those that come from other planes of existence, to come here for experience, do not necessarily need all of the pieces and parts of that which you call humanity because they have different pieces and parts from other planes of existence, from other planetary existences, other schemes of that which you call life. It doesn’t really matter to what intensity. It is understanding how the pieces of the puzzle go together.

JOHN: First it is understanding that it is a puzzle.

DATRE: Well, of course.

JOHN: The understanding initially is that this is the whole game.

DATRE: That is humanity and this particular focus. And this particular one on this particular planet has many things going for it all the time.

JOHN: There are several versions of humanity on this planet that we interact with on a regular basis that we don’t even recognize.

DATRE: That is correct. But it is gaining the recognition that allows you to make your progress.

JOHN: And to integrate other aspects of others.

DATRE: That’s right.

JOHN: That help you round out yourselves.

DATRE: That’s right. Because everybody helps everybody else, nobody is alone regardless of where you are.

JOHN: No, because you are connected to all. You can have a diamond connected to a pearl. One does not outshine the other, one enhances the other.

DATRE: That is exactly right.

JOHN: So if you choose to be pearl, that is just one expression and if you choose to be a diamond, that is another expression.

DATRE: But you see what you can do, in a diamond you can experience the facets. You can say, alight, I understand that but there is still a little bit more I would like to know about that. So you choose a ruby, or a sapphire or whatever – even down to an agate. It’s the experience of the different – it is like going to a banquet and taking a little bit of that and a little bit of that and you look down and you still can’t see the end of the table.

JOHN: That is the true human, that samples them all.

DATRE: That’s right.

JOHN: That’s what the Jews refer to as the lost tribes. They have lost contact with the understanding. It isn’t that they have lost anybody or anything. The understanding is missing.

DATRE: That is right. That is exactly right. And there again you have 12. Twelve is a particular number of significance. But you see, somebody goes to a banquet and they see a table laid out and they say, oh, this looks very interesting. You have gone to tables many times and you pick and choose, and there’s a table here and there’s hot food here and there’s cold food there and there’s deserts there and there’s appetizers there, and all of that. But that’s all different things. In times past you saw tables, and you looked at it and thought I’ll sample that and I’ll sample that and the plates started passing and you didn’t have to leave your seat. They just kept coming around and coming around and you looked at the end of the table and it looked like the end of the table was growing because other people were joining. And what they did is, they took another table and put it down and put a cloth over it and more food was brought in. So the line becomes longer and your sampling becomes greater. And the more you sample the more attuned your taste buds becomes to the different food. You are tasting differently.

JOHN: You are becoming more of the you that you are.

DATRE: Right. That is exactly right. And that is what your 12 schools are all about.

JOHN: You are trying to express the totality of you.
And that is why you are constantly in the process of change.

DATRE: That is right. Very interesting and how few people know that.

JOHN: Yes.

DATRE: But that is why again, I threw in the tables. Aona is getting very good at being able to help me with words and parables because she thinks in very small terms.

JOHN: That’s right.

DATRE: Now, do you want to hear what she wrote today or not?

JOHN: That’s fine.

DATRE: Alright. Now this, all of a sudden, she had a concept. It is like we used to call them, thinks and thoughts. A thought is a concept.

JOHN: Yes, we know.

DATRE: Because we use thought and we will change it over to a concept because that is actually what it is. A concept is greater than what you call a thought.
A thought is usually connected with one particular activity.

JOHN: Or topic.

DATRE: A concept, when it begins to unravel, you don’t know which direction it is going to go.

JOHN: One example of a concept that is very easy to understand is the human body. It is a concept.


JOHN: To unravel all its connections –

DATRE: There is no way. It would take you from birth to death so you still haven’t figured out where it all goes. I’ve got a piece here and I don’t know what to do with it. Ha! Ha!

Alright, fine. This is what came through today – Clock time was invented by all of you. The idea came from your ego. The ego put forth the idea, out of fear, to protect itself. This came from the perception of a dual self. Humans believed and still do believe that the consciousness does the thinking and the moving of the body and the automatic and unpredictable self, does the breathing and the dreaming. They feel that the breathing and dreaming are not action they can control. This belief actually cuts the whole self of you into two halves.
Take and apple. You cut it in half. You want half and it tastes good. Now you don’t want the other half so you walk off and leave it on the counter. That other half eventually shrivels up and is thrown in the garbage.

That’s what you’ve done. The half in the garbage still is there. Go and get it. Rinse it off and enjoy it. It will taste a lot better than the first half. We have previously referred to this half of you as the ‘you that you are’. This has been referred to as the ‘golden basket’, the ‘little golden man as big as your thumb’, your better half, the intuitive you and on and on. And one we will use is your heart self or your twin self. Some call it their soul mate and they keep looking for another human to satisfy their longing.

That deep seated longing is not for another person or a place in time or space, as you call it, that you call home. It is the other half of you wanting to be a participating part of your total beingness. Your soul mate is as close as your very heart beat and you followed your ego instead.

The ego doesn’t need to be thrown out with the bath water but does need to know its place in the development of the total you.

You are beginning to hear more and more about Shamans. They have become whole selves. They are no longer separated into two halves. They recognize the animal man and the human man.

You no longer carry the physical appearance of the Centaur but your actions reflect the animal more than that of the human man.

This may sound very critical but you need to have some one or some thing start your understanding of who and what you really are and what you can become in becoming whole. You will be able to understand concepts, your heart self or twin self uses concepts.

The impressionist artist painted in concepts, per se. They painted in pieces of color that when viewed from a distance, are some of your most beautiful paintings. The trees and even the grass convey meaning through concepts. Concepts contain emotion. Concepts are seen and felt.

That is how music can be heard and also seen in motion and color. Concepts help you discern your Centaur self, so to speak. You are all humans, you are all the same. Some long to a whole self again. Others are convinced you are separate parts. It is all up to you. You decide if a channel or a Shaman gives you the information you seek.

JOHN: Mmh, hm.

DATRE: That is what she wrote today. It came very fast but there are a lot of things that are covered. But I think the Centaur – she stumbled over that word but I think she came across the right word because we did not know the right word to put in there.

JOHN: I think we should also put in the word Sphinx. Some people may not know the Centaur.

DATRE: We can do that – if that helps. The thing is that it was getting the basics because it was going so fast. She covered the ego and the soul mates and you see that is what soul mates is all about. It is not going home, it is becoming you.

JOHN: Sure. It is going home and the home is you.

DATRE: That’s right. So you see, all of these things can be approached and, what they call, flushed out but the thing is that you get the basics you have so much to work for.

JOHN: Trigger the inner knowing in the individual.

DATRE: And everyone is going to be different. But if you give them a picture then they can work with it themselves, to their own ability. That is what we try to do. We don’t want to throw things at people and then they say, I don’t know what they are talking about. They still may do so but the apple, the impressionist painting, the Centaur, the Sphinx and all of that will help, to some degree.

JOHN: It will help fill out the picture.

DATRE: Yes, we thank you very much for your time and information because this is what we need. And whether it comes through in writing like Aona did today - - It is so much easier now for her now because she has been working more with concepts. And concepts on a more expanded basis, it is easier for her. The only thing is that it is hard for her to write fast enough to get it all done. There was a great deal more in each one of those sentences but she got the jist of it and was able to unravel it to that point.

So, I leave you for now so that you can get something to nourish the physical construct. I think your mental construct has had enough work out for this evening and it is time for you to satisfy the body and then relax the mind and watch that which you call, your television. Good bye for now and we thank you.


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