JOHN: As I understand it, they were told of a specific type of shift in the molecular structure, that they had to make, at a particular point in timing.

DATRE: No different than the atomic bomb. You have to have timing on that too otherwise it wont explode.

JOHN: Like the situation in Japan with the atomic bomb, you might say that Japanese were unlucky and the Americans were lucky. Because normally those bombs would never have gone off. The percentage of where they landed, they were so far off their target there was maybe about a 40% chance they would detonate or less. And they did.

DATRE: And the place was –

JOHN That place was not conducive to that.

DATRE: But that is what happens with your technology.

JOHN: Yes, we are great for accidental happenings.

DATRE: That is absolutely right. That is how you accidentally kill a whole bunch of people.
JOHN: We intended to and then we celebrate that we did it. You didn’t do it, it was an accidental happening. You intended to do it and that is as far as you got.

DATRE: But you see, there are many things about your planet that you do not understand. How did they end up with a submarine on land over on the east coast? How come some of these ships, the people that know how to guide these ships through different channels on the ocean, how do they know when they are going up hill and when they are going downhill? They know but you are never told about it because you think the ocean is flat and the boats just go along on the surface.

JOHN: There was a famous scenario of that right after World War 11 where a lot of the old victory ships were being donated to Japan for salvage. And they were going over there and they got into one of these bowls in the ocean and could not get out of it and they had to send tub boats to pull them out of there because they didn’t have enough power in those old victory ships to power the ships uphill.

DATRE: That is correct but you see, people are not aware of that either.

JOHN: Those who were aware of it haven’t communicated it and so now its a big mystery.

DATRE: So you see, there again you have aquirred to experimentation, how much deception you can get by with. And this is very unfortunate for your humanity, very unfortunate.

JOHN: The power brokers only allow a certain amount, just so they do not lose control.
DATRE: But you see it happens even at the local levels. It happens at a very low level because children see parents getting with different things. They see their parents take something off a shelf and put it in their pocket. The child sees that. You can train children as much as you want to, you can talk to them, you can do all these other things but they see a lot – they go by example.

It was like the woman that was taken by the police just recently, you saw it on television, and I was watching because I like to watch the news because it keeps us, in our situation, aware of what is going on so that we can help you understand and look at situations from the different perspective.

This woman was taken by police. Her son was arrested because he had all these guns in his bedroom, two of which were these special high power rifles that his mother had bought for him. What was he going to do with all of them?

JOHN: He was planning a mass murder.

DATRE: That is correct. But his mother is buying him guns to be a mass murderer. That is something that is beyond our understanding from where we are coming from. And the information that we are trying to give you, we are trying to get you to see beyond your physical eyes.

Be aware of what is going on. That is the only way you can perceive anything is through your awareness. Watch what is going on.

JOHN: All the awareness is there. All we can do is pay attention to it. We block all the knowing because we don’t want to be involved.
DATRE: That’s right. But it isn’t going to help you. You don’t have to get involved, just observe and understand. You don’t have to wave a flag or a banner or something – you don’t have to do that but

JOHN: You need to continue to notice your awareness.

DATRE: And respect. You can tell a person immediately who does not respect themselves and you can tell it very easily because they have no respect for others.

And you wont, for whatever reason as many times as it has been said in books and through Datre and everyone else, to respect yourself. And you say, don’t understand that one. I don’t understand what it means to respect myself. Look at your actions! And how you react and act with other people.

JOHN: Look at your deceptive tendencies.

DATRE: That’s right. But that is something we don’t know is how this is ever going to ‘wash out’.

JOHN: Maybe the new planet will take care of that because that is the only possibility.

DATRE: The only possibility we see right now is those that go to the new planet, to be different kind, to be themselves, to be innovative –

JOHN: To be as they were intended.

DATRE: That is right and then go back and teach others. And at that point, hopefully, it has not gone too far. Because other planets inhabitants are watching you but they will not interfere unless it gets to the point where you are going to completely annihilate this planet and all its inhabitants. Then, because of the disruption within that which you call your planetary universe would cause cascading problems for everybody else. Then they will step in but it has to reach a very dire point before anyone will ever decide to make any changes.

There are people, like Aona, who will allow us to come through and talk to you direct but there is not any other way to get our message through to you because there is no one on your planet that is aware of all the things that are going on. And we don’t tell you all things, either. We tell you about the main things that you can observe.

JOHN: And provide a little guidance as to how you might be aware.

DATRE: And how you, as an individual may use the words that we give you. That is why we’re very anxious to make changes in the set up so that we speak directly to an audience, not as an individual but as an audience. Because the words that you hear are going to be very different and have a very different impact than the words that you read or - what we will eventually do too is have – we will record the sessions. Then people will be able to buy the sessions for a very small fee because we will put them on –

JOHN: We will put them on CDs.

DATRE: We are getting off the subject which is typical of us because we ramble. You see, time means nothing to us so we just go on and on where you have a clock. Alright.

What happens when the polar ice begins to melt. Where did the ice come from? It came from all the ‘outside air’ coming onto the planet –

JOHN: When the humans blew a whole in the moisture bubble, it rained and the cold from ‘space’ and froze that moisture, resulting in snow and ice and oceans and seas. Eventually it resulted in the total destruction of that bubble. The ‘rain’ is the great flood that they talk about.

DATRE: One of the great floods that you have had. But this is the most recent so this is the one we talk about. You’ve had floods before but you don’t know about them because it is so far back that there is no recording of them.

But anyway, all the dips and shallows and everything, that’s where your water accumulated.

JOHN: That’s also where the people were living.

DATRE: Yes, the reason you had oceans and not all freezing ice was in places where it was warm. You see the planet

JOHN: The planet was around 72 degrees roughly.

DATRE: Yes, but the thing is, the ground that you walked on was hotter than the air, so when the water hit it, even if it was partly snow, it would melt very quickly because ground was warm and the more it came down -

JOHN: There was nothing to accommodate cold.

DATRE: That’s the thing. Now you have cold ocean water.
JOHN: That is a relatively new development.

DATRE: Now we have the melting of the polar ice caps. You see, there is nothing scary, nothing magical, nothing that you can’t understand because it is very simple if you know what caused the whole thing.

DATRE: You can’t find Noah’s ark because it wouldn’t be there.

JOHN: Noah lived in his community which is now at the bottom of what we now call the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea didn’t exist, that was the flood for Noah.

DATRE: I don’t know where the mountain top came from. How come he got stuck there.

JOHN: It was one of the islands in the Mediterranean.

DATRE: But if there was water there would be movement.

JOHN: The islands are the high points along the ocean or the sea.

DATRE: Alright.

JOHN: He struck one of the islands and got stuck.

DATRE: Alright, I just didn’t know how he got up there on top of a mountain. That’s fine. That makes sense and this is makes our conversation so interesting because you have to look at things logically because this is your reality at the present time. And this is as you see it, so it has to make sense.

JOHN: There’s another question about the polar ice thing. There is a an old, old saying in Siberia that originally, what we call the north pole was the south pole and what we call the south pole was the north pole. The mountain, which is the south pole, was what we called the north pole, at the time.

DATRE: Mm, hmm.

JOHN: And that as the ice accumulated on that mountain, it flipped the whole planet, north to south. The ancient Saudi’s in Siberia depict that event. They talk about it – in fact they describe very clearly how the land made that change, a huge change, and they talk about it as a ‘giant fish’ swallowing up the planet and flipped it.

DATRE: Well, you see, that’s fine. But its true and there was a reason for that too.

That was a planetary decision not a man made decision.

JOHN: Man had nothing to do with it but man had the experience.

DATRE: Yes, the experience of it but man did not experience it so that it caused like an earthquake or anything. They didn’t even know it happened but they knew it did happen because of those that were able to see – and there were many clairvoyants at that time and their means of communication were very different. And you see what happened is there, again, that was done on purpose. It dispersed those that were living in those areas.
JOHN: Those that actually blew a hole in the bubble. They ended up, as a result, the people that go looking for them call those the Atlantean’s. That whole edifice, those people, the whole thing, is now at the south pole region and they are all looking up at the north pole area, trying to find somebody that’s not there.

DATRE: Mm, hmm.

JOHN: And they wonder, oh, it must be a fable. No, it was real.

DATRE: No, it was real.

JOHN: But it isn’t where they think it is. They never considered – it’s like science. When you talk about the flood, they consider that the flood was after all the oceans. They don’t consider that the flood was what made the oceans.

DATRE: Yes, but the water coming from the atmosphere created the oceans. The water created the rivers and all of this.

JOHN: They have the same idea that meteorites brought ice to the planet and that resulted in the oceans.

DATRE: No. A meteorite will only hit in a place is not detrimental to anyone else but, do you know what a meteorite is? A meteorite is a piece that comes out of a volcano.

JOHN: It blows up and when it comes down, we call it foreign.

DATRE: That’s right. And they’ll say, well, we don’t have anything like that on the planet. No, but the inside of your planet you do. In the innermost portions of the crust, you have – stuff you can’t imagine because that is not the same as the outside.

JOHN: We dig mines and those mines are just surface level, a relative distance.

DATRE: I’m using the orange as a fruit that I can explain because the orange has a white pulp before it has the heavy skin. One is orange colored and the other is white. One is one consistency and one is another consistency. It very aptly represents the crust and the inner portion of the planet itself. There are two different things, entirely different. And one is not the other. They’ll say, well, the pulp that creates the crust. No, no – you don’t understand that those are two entirely different things. And it’s the same in any fruit but it is the orange. Which is something everybody knows about, it is most easy to see and you can see it very clearly. But there again, the planet has it’s own existence.

JOHN: It is isn’t own body of expression.

DATRE: It is. And most individuals do not realize that the planetary expression is no different than your expression.

JOHN: It is a ‘beings’ expression.

DATRE: It is a “beings” expression.

JOHN: Order of magnitude has no concern.

DATRE: But the other thing is, someone will say, how can one ‘being’ do that? Well, you do know the power of the many ‘beings’ that exist within your planetary universe.

JOHN: We do not recognize ‘beingness’ and what it is.

DATRE: No, no and that is why you are so afraid of dying, that’s why you can’t –

JOHN: That is why you like to create a god that created all of this because we can’t conceive of our own ‘beingness’.

DATRE: But you see, that is the very thing that is holding you from leaving this planet. People keep saying, I don’t understand why I can’t get off this planet. Well, it is very simple because you don’t understand. The day you understand – you’ll be changed – not all, but you’ll understand a great deal more than you do now. Those are the people that have a different understanding. They are the ones that are going to the new planet.

Well, when is the new planet going to go? We don’t know when they are going to the new planet. We don’t have any idea when the people are going to go to the new planet.

JOHN: Those that are there will find out.

DATRE: That is right and those who are there will know where they are going because we are going to tell them. Because they are frustrated and people will not listen to them. Well, you listen to them and they are a ‘little left of center’. Guess what, that is where you have to be. You have to be. If you think like the mass consciousness, you aren’t going any place because the mass consciousness has dragged down humanity so far that its – the word that is constantly used – is the individuals on this planet at – dumbed down.

JOHN: As Aona says, ‘the ‘dah’ folks.

DATRE: That is true. And everybody says, I haven’t got time.

JOHN: We have an education system on this planet that insures dumbness. That is what we call education, educating the people to be the right level of dumbness.

DATRE: Because they are not putting out new books. They are still reading the same George Washington stories that they read many years ago. How long did your last millennium last?

You see, well, the records only go back so far. Carbon dating – everything is carbon dating. You can only carbon date back so far. How many thousands, how many millenniums has this planet experienced? You have no idea. You talk about thousands of years as being oh, oh that’s thousands of years old! My goodness!

JOHN: A thousand years is just a blink.

DATRE: And people are living to be 90 and 100 years old. People never used to live that long. Oh, yes they did. They lived over a thousand years and you know why? Because they didn’t know anything else.

JOHN: Har-koot speaks of the kings of his culture living for tens of thousands of years and ruling for that period of time.

DATRE: Of course. Nobody is going to listen to Har-koot because it is beyond their understanding but we are going to put that out for people to read what has been coming through as far as Aona’s communications are concerned. Because she will not block, in any way, shape or form, because she is out of body. We have complete use of her body. She knows the minute someone is different and she will come back and tell John – that was an entirely different vibration. She says – I felt this when I was going out. It was different. And John will say, why didn’t you stop it. And says, because it was anything that I wanted to stop. She’ll say, it was not my concern. All I knew is that this is information they wanted to bring forth that was not harmful in any way. The planetary existence of my body was not in danger.

JOHN: They felt it was needed.

DATRE: That’s right. They told her whether it was accepted or not was up to the individuals on the planet.

JOHN: You see communicator does not discern, with whether or not it is accepted.

DATRE: But you can feel a vibration that is not welcome. If they begin to talk about praising God or Angels or anything else, she cuts the contact. She knows that is from the ‘dead zone’ and that is not what she is all about. Everybody does that.

JOHN: Oh, yes.

DATRE: But the thing is, if it feels alright, she’ll continue and make the exchange because the body cannot be without some communication inside. She has gone through that enough times to know and has had to become familiar with many of us so that she can recognize us.

JOHN: Getting back to the global warming question. The part that I think is important is that this planet is warming up of its own accord. Human foolishness it accelerating it and that is the only part that humanity is playing in it. But what humanity has to do is learn to acclimate to the new conditions that will be prevalent.

DATRE: And not only that John –

JOHN: It is like we said before, the water will be absorbed into the atmosphere so the oceans will not eliminate the land mass.

DATRE: That’s right. You can’t afford that because you have too many people. But the thing is too, the biggest thing you have on this planet is fear and all you need is more fear.

JOHN: Well, our political structure in every country promotes fear.

DATRE: Everything political, everything as far as science is concerned, everything as far as religions are concerned, everything as far as teaching, every large group of people that are working in cubicles all by themselves, shall we say, devoid of any inputs from any other direction is causing problems that is fear based because you don’t know what they are going to do to you.

JOHN: And the only time humanity pays any attention is when we have situations like we had with Hitler. He did nothing different than everybody else was doing only he exceeded the limits of tolerance. That’s the only difference.

DATRE: The others aren’t because they stay within the limits of tolerance.

JOHN: That is how they keep control and keep the ignorance in place.

DATRE: That’s right. But you see, the thing is, if you don’t learn to look beyond the appearances, they put on a very good appearance –

JOHN: That’s was the thing with Hitler. He was called the ‘silver tongued orator’.

DATRE: But the thing is, he was not the Hitler that helped the people.

JOHN: That’s another thing.

DATRE: In other words, people saw two realities at that time because they were so pushed with fear that some saw one reality and some saw another reality. And this is going to become more prevalent all the time.

You see, this millennium did not start in 2000. It started before that and the thing is, this type of thing has been escalating all this time into different areas of what was acceptable. But the thing is, the reality barriers are thinning so that it is easier for those that wish to see beyond this reality and see into another reality but it is because of your fear that it is blocked and you can not see beyond that point. Nothing is holding you.

That is why we are not getting clairvoyants. People are afraid. They are afraid to ‘see’ either what is actually attainable or a bush or a tree or whatever because they are afraid to let go. For instance they will take a picture that they have seen of a fairy
and concentrate so hard on it that they will see it and then are convinced that they are clairvoyant. Anytime you think you see a fairy and it has wings, you have not seen a real fairy.

How would they feel if they woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t have a body. Would they get panicky?

JOHN: More than that, they would go absolutely bonkers.

DATRE: I won’t tell you how many times that happens to Aona. I will tell you that those who experience what they call ‘the near death experience’ are fascinated by what they see but they are not afraid because they can see other people, doctors and nurses around them. They get so caught up in the experience that they have no sense of ‘time’ and have no idea how long they are outside their body.
If you are not afraid you can go anyplace you want to, do anything you want to do. It is your fear that limits. And what have you got to be afraid of?

JOHN: A former president, President Roosevelt said, ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself.’

DATRE: And that is a very true statement.

JOHN: The only political leader that ever made sense, in that regard.

DATRE: That’s right, that’s right. Even at that time, there were those knew, there are always those that know and understand.

JOHN: His wife was pretty good at that.

DATRE: At their later years was the one that run the country in this reality. Because we have seen that from different ones that have come into view at that time. But that is another story. I can tell the voice is beginning to weaken so we are going to leave you. A great deal of energy was used to bring forth this information. So if there are no further questions –


DATRE: Thank you John and thank you to everyone that has the patience and taken the time to sit and read our communication. We hope this will help you understand what is, to some degree, what is happening on your planet. It is not all your fault – do not take that burden upon you. We will see you later. Goodbye. DATRE


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