Datre message

A special message from Datre, to the Datre subscribers. (Dec. 3, 1996)

DATRE; We greet you, we are taking special time to come to you and speak to you direct.

We have in a very short time reached a great many people in many countries. This has been the desire - not only of the channel - but of we who are bringing the information through her. To reach many peoples in different countries has been very gratifying to the channel and also to us, in that we are beginning to see the results of the energies that we have spoken of so many times - that are coming upon your planet.

You see, we have spoken continuously of vibration and frequency in many different ways. Now, this information that comes through the channel, is what we call - being 'broadcast'. In other words, the information that is spoken through the physical being carries a frequency that is put into - what you call - your air and that frequency is picked-up by those that are 'interested' in this information.

Now the fact that we see so many different countries that are getting this information, is a direct - what you say - proof of the fact that you do not have to be in the same room, in the same town, in the same country in order to receive the information. There are those that are 'picking-up' the information and it becomes a 'part' of them. They do not 'know' where the information is coming from, but they're going about their everyday business and they will have - what we call - an AH HA. Something will click and they don't even know of the channeling of Datre. The information, we can now see the results because of the number of countries that are responding. John would you read please the countries that we are working with at the present time?

JOHN; We have Canada, Australia, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, India and Japan.

DATRE; That is ten.

JOHN; Ten is correct.

DATRE; Now, man and woman has not 'realized' their individual importance upon this planet. You have often heard them say, 'what can one person do?' Well, as an example of this body that we use, has recently moved to a very small town (8000 pop.) in the foothills of South Carolina. It is not out in what you call the 'boonies', but it is certainly not a large enough city to make an impact in any way, shape or form.

But you see, the information can come from any place at any time. You do not have to be in an audience, you can receive the information at any time you want it. The desire has to be within the individual to 'ask' for it - if you are 'asking' you will find it. It does not matter if it comes from an individual that you know or don't know. Whether they are tall, short, fat, skinny, it does not matter. So much is based today on appearances - appearances are NOT important. What IS important, is what is 'inside'.

You see, you are all very important or you would not be upon the planet in a physical embodiment at this time. Now, when a MASTER walks among the people, a word need NOT be spoken. Each and every one of you, in your own individual way, 'broadcast' everyday. Just because you speak to another person, does not mean that the conversation is ONLY among the 'two' of you. That conversation has a vibration that carries.

Now, THAT is what forms your mass consciousness. Each and every one of you, whether you live here in what you call your'States' or whether you live in other countries, because you have taken the 'time' to get to KNOW YOURSELF, to find out what your physical existence is all about. You have begun a GRAND transformation.

You can say, 'well I don't feel any different today than I did the day before' - perhaps not. But if you will 'observe' you will find your whole being and your whole countenance will 'change' as you begin to change your THINKING - your 'belief' systems.

You are becoming MASTERS. Now that word has NOT been understood properly. The word MASTER is not someone that you need to bow down to or think of them as being 'higher' than yourself. You become a MASTER, when you begin to MASTER physicality. In MASTERING physicality - THAT is the TRUE MASTER. That is what you ALL came here to do - MASTER it. MASTERING from our stand point means 'learning about'.

In 'learning about', you need the 'knowledge' to learn about. You need to take the 'knowledge' and APPLY it and at that point, that is what we call WISDOM, because it becomes a very, very intricate part of yourSELF. You can go about your business like you always have, but you will approach it differently - as you begin to MASTER the thought patterns and beliefs of the YOU that inhabits the physical construct.

So, we will leave you now. We just needed to talk to you a little bit and let you know that we see GREAT transformations taking place. One individual, in a country that is NOT as 'exposed' to all the different psychic communities that you have in this - what you call your - States, one individual that is 'different', in a country can make a great deal of difference.

Then as these numbers grow, the greater the 'changes' that will take place - because you will be 'changing' the mass consciousness. You do not have to DO anything, it is not a DOING process - it is a BECOMING process. And in BECOMING you WILL become a MASTER.

We will leave you now, we have enjoyed being with you, we will talk to you again very soon.

We are Datre.


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