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JOHN: We have some questions from Wanda. Her first question is... "What are realities?" DATRE: Now, what are realities? Realities are different constructs - vibratory constructs - that's all realities are. You are living in one reality here in the physical. In different realities there are different vibrations. We've talked about that; you can only go into the vibrations of a different reality that your 'vibration' matches. In other words, you can't go into another reality that your 'vibration' does NOT match. JOHN: She next asks... "What is their purpose?" DATRE: Their purpose is... that is the way this was set-up. Every 'existence' is set-up differently. This particular one was set-up with different realities in order to 'stretch' you, to get you to move into different directions. In other words, just sitting here on the planet and never 'exploring' in any other direction... you can't... you have to move, oth


JOHN: We have some questions from Al and his first question is in the form of a comment... "I cannot focus on any one goal and I almost feel like I'm fading in and out" DATRE: Now the questions that we're going to answer for Al were asked quite some time ago, but we had such a backlog we didn't get to them before. But perhaps by now he has worked himself out of that into another area. Now, what is happening to him is happening to a great many on your planet, that are becoming aware of themselves in this reality at the present time. As we have stated before, the new energies are going to make many changes in the physical bodies and that your 'realities' are NOT going to be as divided as they were previously. They called them 'veils', they called them barriers of different kinds, and everyone has a different term that they stated. But what it is, the realities have always been very separated and NOW they are merging so that you get in and out of real


Datre answers Bo. JOHN: We have a question from Bo and his question is... "Is there any way to simply achieve oblivion?" DATRE: Now, to 'achieve oblivion' is not something you really truly want. You 'feel' like you want it and there are going to be many, many, many on your planet that are going to feel as you do. The energies are changing upon your planet and because of the energy changing’s, it is causing a different vibratory construct within the physical being. Now, when you are in the physical body the majority of your 'actions' and 're-actions' will be in regard to bodily changes. Your wanting to go into 'oblivion' is wanting to STOP everything – this very minute. You're being overwhelmed with the new energies and the sooner you learn to 'work' with the new energies, the easier it is going to be for ALL of you. Now, there are many running helter skelter that are feeling 'exactly' the same way that you are - you


Datre answers Thomas. JOHN: We have some questions from Thomas and he says thank you for some other questions. His new questions are... "I know the first priority we should be working on to prepare for the coming change, is enhancing the connection to our psyche and learning about our bodies and our environment. Is there something we could be preparing to protect and sustain our physical being and that of our families? How devastating to the physical environment will this change be or will the physical environment no longer exist as we know it now?" DATRE: This physical existence will no longer be recognizable, because no one will stay on this planet in this body. You cannot protect your body or the body of others. The protection of the body is immaterial. Right at this present time, the only thing you're using a body for is for experiences. But it is a 'transitory' vehicle. In other words, until you go through the upcoming BIRTH process, that is when you will 


Datre answers Pat. JOHN: We have some questions from Pat and her questions are relative to statements made by Datre at a previous time. She says, "quoting from the above, "animals that *have reached* their point of real-ization, they have a 'constant' signature point"..."they evolve but their 'signature' print does not"... "The animal goes, it was a great experience" and then from that she asks... "Does this mean that all animals have not reached their signature point?" DATRE: The animals that you have upon your planet have ALL gone through what you call a 'type' of BIRTH processing. It is... what fixes the 'signature print' is a BIRTH process. Now, we use the term 'birth process' because its something you understand, you talk about being re-born and all these sort of things. So the only way we can express that easily is to say, that is a BIRTH process. Now, this goes on, on other planets in 'other


Datre answers Jeremy JOHN: We have some questions from Jeremy and his first question is... "What about sexuality, and especially celibacy: is it necessary for personal vibrational upliftment?" DATRE: No, it is not. You see there have been many teachings that taught celibacy, for their own reasons. It is 'not' necessary. You see, when you come onto this planet to experience physicality, then 'that's' what it means. You are here to understand the body, you are here to understand the planet, you're here to get to 'know' more about WHO you are, under these conditions. Many times, those on the planet have screamed out for help and we all figured, all right, they've had enough, we'll take them out of these circumstances and put them into an other environment. Then when that happens, the screaming starts, 'leave us alone, we'll do it ourselves'. This has happened more than once. Now, we're going to 'allow' you to go the