Datre on the COMA phenomena.

JOHN; We had an interesting report come over the INTERNET - over 700 people all over the world that have been in COMA's for extended periods of time are all of a sudden coming out of their COMA's and all having the 'same' or similar story as to what happened to them. They talked about some 'Being' telling them 'its time to get up and time to wake-up'. What's going on there?

DATRE; We have told you before that there would be an 'energy' surge, that would come in the FALL of your year. We did not specifically state when it was, although we 'knew' when this would be occurring. Now, what happened is, this is a time for individuals to begin to make 'decisions'. Not only those
that are in COMAS, but those that are living in physicality.

Now, those that are in COMAS are in a 'state' of 'decision' making - that is what a COMA is all about, as we view mass consciousness. This is what we perceive, an individual goes into a COMA to give themselves the 'opportunity' to make a decision as to whether they wish to 'continue' in physicality or leave physicality behind - and go into that which you call death.

Now, as said before, from our vantage point, and what really happens is that 'life' is really death and 'death' is really life - you've heard that many times. It's whichever you wish to reside within.

So, many individuals upon your planet Earth that are living IN physicality - in physical form - DON'T WANT TO MAKE DECISIONS, of any kind.

Now, that is one 'lesson', shall we say, that would be very, very, important for 'you' to learn in your 'process' of 'knowing' who you are - is making 'decisions'. They don't have to be great BIG ones; they can be just little ones. But we have said many times, many of you live your lives by 'default'.

Now there are those that have NOT made decisions for whatever reason. Maybe when they were growing up, their parents were of such a nature that they did not 'allow' the children to make 'decisions'. In other words, they told and told and told. So the individual, upon growing up, was not 'allowed' to make 'decisions'. Either mother of father 'told' them what to do. We have seen cases where a woman with snow white hair has turned to her mother, who has snow white hair and says, 'what do you think I should do mother?'. Now, that is NOT helping the individual in any way, shape or form. Individual 'growth' is important. Individuality is 'exactly' what it says. You're individuated,
you wanted to be individuated, then why don't you 'become' an individual?

These that are in COMAS are trying to make up their minds what they want to do. In many cases what they see that they would have to do - were they to get 'back' into physicality again - is something they're not sure they want to do. But they're not sure they want to get 'rid' of the body either.

Now this is a 'dramatic' show of what is happening to the individuals with the NEW ENERGIES coming in.

Whatever they heard and however they translated it was up to them.

But it is a WAKE-UP call, not only for those in COMAS, but it is a 'wake-up' call for everyone. Are you going to live 'your' life as an 'individual' or are you going to 'live' be DEFAULT and be pushed around by everyone else? It is DECISION time. And the more the ENERGIES push, because the energies are changing - not the X Y Z that you're used to - there's going to be NEW energies that you are very 'unfamiliar' with. And you're either going to run around screaming and hollering and asking other people to help you or you are going to 'pull' yourself together and say, 'this is WHO I am, right this very minute and I will continue to be myself'. 'I make my decisions, I am me, no one else can make 'decisions' for me'.

That will be a GREAT strengthening, because you NEED to be your SELF. No one else can be you. They can 'tell' you, but you do not have to listen - unless it is to your 'advantage' to listen. If they say something that you want to hear, that's fine. But, ONLY if it is to YOUR best advantage - be yourself. That is the BIG message that is being given - make a 'decision' to BE yourself.

That one you had on your planet called Shakespeare said something 'very' important and you kind of laugh and chuckle about it and use it as a catch phrase once and a while. But it is one of the 'most' important things that was ever said on your planet, amongst all your other conversations - 'To BE or not to BE, THAT is the question'. We thank you, we are Datre.


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