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Datre answers P JOHN: This is a communication from one of the people on the list and she says... "I recently had an aura photo taken that out-lines the whole body and shows the shakra points of the body. And I shared it with a friend who suggested I needed them balanced. Now it looks like my root point is dark purple color, the second is a light yellow/orange color, the third is white, the heart one is white but also in a large burst pattern, and the rest are a light blue. I don't know if this is normal for me of if I'm really out of balance. But I do have some heavy weight problems and I have had back surgery and my uterus was removed and I'm now missing one ovary from unknown sources. If these could be a cause, I'm asking if you could help me clear this or understand what is occurring with me?" DATRE: Now, this business of the aura's and the colors and the charka’s we have spoken of before. That is, for whatever reason, is fascinating to individuals. The


Datre answers James and some dream questions. JOHN: Today we have some questions from James or actually some comments that he asked Datre to reply on, and the comment that Datre is choosing to reply on is the following... "I am being taught to pull strings of light from one orb to another, and cross the vacuum spaces without losing consciousness. I am being taught to honor the black light, and reject the fear of releasing the light manifold as my body. I'm being told to teach about traveling in the twisted strings that connect the world-sheet manifolds, using the language of new physics. I'm told to open up a dialog that peers straight into the gaps between science, religion and art, and declare THERE'S THE LESSON waiting to be learned!" DATRE: Now, for all the time that there has been physicality, the 'most' important thing to some individuals is exploring that which is "out there". "Out there" has always been more important than "


Datre answers Paul and Thelia. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Paul and his first question is... "Would you please talk about the concept of families of consciousness as Seth introduced in the Unknown Reality Vol. II from your point of view?" DATRE: Now, the information that was brought through by that one called Seth was of a good deal of value to many people. There was a lot of information that was given. A great deal of information that was not understood. The thing is that was an introduction to material that would be coming. Now, through that which you call your periods of time there has always been those that bring forth information, as far back as they 'talked' about it and it was transferred from person to person. Then you came to the point of writing you had many that wrote books regarding this information that was important to people at the time. Now, within a very short span of time, as you refer to it, you have had successive groups of information.


Datre answers Wanda, Polo and Veteran Human being JOHN: Today we have a question from Wanda and her question is... "Can Datre give us more details about the particle and wave form duality? And how it is a basis of life and perception?" DATRE: The waveform is here. The changes that will take place as far as your perception is concerned will only be as you perceive them. As you perceive things, and your understanding of your experiences through your "observations" will change many ways that you experience that which you call, life on this planet. Now, the waveform energy is not going to be something that you can drink like a glass of water and make changes within your life, because that is not the way it works. Everything is gradual; it’s not a sudden happening. Evolution is an ongoing process. It is something that cannot be measured. The only way you know changes are taking place is, shall we say, to look back at what has been in your past. Then you can see the chang


Datre answers Wanda and Kevin. JOHN: Today we have some questions from Wanda and her first comment and question is... "Datre has mentioned that in our death process we must be able to maintain our awareness in order not to drop everything that we have learned during the life just completed. There are a couple of issues here which I would like "them' to comment on. The first is maintaining our awareness or consciousness during the process of dying and why it is so important to do so?" DATRE: Well, you see what the standpoint that I was talking from at the time that particular transcript was made, I was speaking of those individuals that are in the 'dead zone' that the only way they can maintain their existence is to take energy from those that come across from that, which you call, from the living to the 'dead zone'. It is nothing more than a transition of that which you are. In other words, 'you' are still 'you' when you're sleepin


Datre answers Nola JOHN: Okay, today we have some questions from Nola and her first question is... "Is Nibiru (Stichen, The Twelfth Planet) the other bubble which has commingled with the Earth-Moon bubble. Or does Nibiru play some other role in the drama? The Inanna books channeled by VS Ferguson were very helpful in presenting a contrasting point-of-view. Any inputs on this subject?" DATRE: Well, number one, you're the ones that names all the planets. And we have told you before that there are more planets in your Solar System than you are aware of. As to commingling with others and all of this sort of thing, the only thing that you need to be concerned with is that you're on planet Earth. And what other planets do or don't do, it has no effect on you. Now, you can say, "well the rays of this planet are involved with the rays of another planet", but how do you know? Each planet, each Solar System, each whatever is out there in that which you call your s