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Datre's We-Blog

Just as I thought I wasn't going to post anymore on this blog I stumble upon something that might be the last 'site' of Datre on the net, since the original ones seems to be gone. It's actually a blog on blogspot setup back in april 2005, and it looks like this could have been set up by Aona/John/Datre themselves. Unfortunately it hasn't been followed up. But for those of you that haven't seen anything original from Datre online this might be a little something anyway: The URL is I think it resembles them to use the wordplay on 'we-blog' as a little fun thing and perhaps as an observation. I'll just copy the little there is of the blog into this post: Friday, April 22, 2005   Datre's We-Blog     DATRE's We-Blog A New Millennium - A New BIRTH - A New REALITY Who or What is Datre?