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A Datre Special Message. JOHN; We have gotten a number of communications from individuals regarding some new books that are on the market and suggesting that the material inside of the books was of value. Up to this point we did not know what was contained in the books, but the title did NOT seem to be of interest. However we received a communication today that told us some of the content of the books and at this time Datre would like to make some comments regarding these publications. I'll read some of the comments about the contents of these books; "You may find the Conversations with God books 1 and 2 to be of interest" "They are the first "mass media" books that put "creator Gods" in context ie "as you are My body, I am the body of another" was a fascinating comment from a source speaking as "the God who created you, the God of Jesus, and Abraham, Moses and John". "If nothing else, the re-statement of


Some thoughts on limitation: This outline is NOT from Datre, but rather how I would explain these concepts to myself for clarification (minus a lot of detail). If we consider that in the earliest stages of this that we call LIFE or EXISTENCE, there was just a vast sea of what can only be called a NO-THING. We have to call it a NO-THING because it did not 'know' itself as having existence - IT just was. 'Something' has to have other 'things' to relate to in order to be a SOME-THING. As this NO-THING continued to swirl and inter-mix with itself 'friction' began to develop. This 'friction' is the PRIMAL first stages of what we now call by many names and effects. As this process continued for countless cycles there eventually developed what might be called a 'unit' of AWARENESS. This unit of 'awareness' was NOT aware of 'anything', it was just 'aware' and had the 'potential' to expand its aw

Datre Search Site

I came across another one of the sites that John S. had set up, this is a Datre search site that I remember seeing long ago. I don't remember when it was set up, perhaps it was there before the old Datre main site. I'm pretty sure it was there before 2005, probably way earlier. In one of the searches, I found  something John had written, that refers to the mindspring site as a new site, so it might go a bit back. I didn't really use the Datre search site much as long as the main site was operative and we could download the archives there. I think the main mindspring site had some search function too, I don't remember that. Anyway the URL is : The amazing thing is that I thought the Datre transcripts were gone with the main site, and that it would only be available based on other people uploading it (which is why I made this blog). But after doing some simple searches on the  I found just about 200 transcripts