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Answers to Al (part IV) JOHN: Now, I am not sure I understand this question, but I'll state it the way it's expressed - "What is the difference this time in our "cycle" (Atlantis, Mu) of civilization and consciousness that offers more chance of development/awareness?" DATRE: All right, the difference is, that at the present time, and has been going on for a few of your years in counting, you have been getting "new energies" upon this planet. The energies are "drastically" changing. The energies are changing and what is happening it is the "first time" that the energies are changing dramatically enough so that you are beginning to make physical bodily changes that will change your "future" physicality. It will change your "mental" concept of your reality. For those of you that have been "lost", shall we say, in physicality and no longer remember "who you are"--- at this time the energies ar


Datre answers Al (part III) JOHN: Next question. "Is the concept of development/awareness within out solar system symbolized by a progression through the planetary "fields" of or solar system" - That means from planet Earth to planet Venus to planet Mars to planet Pluto to planet Jupiter to planet Saturn etc.... is that the progression of development in our system? DATRE: No! You learn what you need to learn on this planet... this is the only time that there has been a planetary change, shall we say, but you are not going to other planets within your solar system, NO, that will be an entirely different planet. JOHN: In many respects the planets aren't even related. DATRE: No, there's no relationship what so ever. This one schoolroom. Your planet is a schoolroom. Now whether you like it or not, now there again, there are other individuals that are waiting to experience upon this planet. You have been here a long time. Seth has eluded to many, many things that


Questions from Al - (part II) JOHN: Next question - "The issues of raising the earth's vibration, entering the photon belt and Jupiter igniting into a sun appear inter-related - are these aspects of the same change." DATRE: Now, we are getting into your perspective from a physical standpoint. We will try and separate these so that you can understand a little better. Now Jupiter has the possibility of igniting into a sun - YES - it is a little different than what your science has figured out - but that is all right. There are going to be many, many, changes within that which you perceive with your telescopes. Because you can only work from that which your instruments will perceive - that which the instruments can bring in so that you can see it, so that you can - shall we say - draw your own conclusions. That is the way science works and that is the only way it can work. Because in a physical body your eyes are such that you can only perceive certain things. In other words


Questions from Al (part I) JOHN: Al writes - "If the number of "authentic" channelers of "universal" energy can be "counted on one hand with fingers left over" - then are the other "sources" from within the 12 sub realities of our planetary level - if their intention is to help "but they can not" does this imply their awareness is not sufficiently progressed beyond ours to give a proper/useful perspective" DATRE: Alright now, one of the difficulties in, shall we say, in bringing forth universal information is the fact that it has never been properly segregated into the different types of channeling that there is. Now, from a universal standpoint, there have been very few that have brought thru the universal energy information. In other words - that which is called "the RAM" or Ramtha brought through the universal energy. That which is called Seth brought through, and is bringing through, universal energy. There are a


Answers for Kim. JOHN: We have a question from Kim concerning migraines. "It starts with an aura of jagged white lights that take over my vision and make sight difficult - there's a short calm before the storm - and then headache from hell hits. Pain, vomiting, a short sleep and then all is back to normal." DATRE: First of all - you say that all is back to normal - but what happens is you have actually made a change in your "electrical" structure. We see, many upon the planet at the present time, experiencing things that they have not experienced in the physical bodies previously. The amount of people that have allergies now in comparison to ten - twenty years ago is phenomenal. There is a definite reason for that - the energies upon your planet are changing - the energy construct of individuals is changing - the, so-called, vegetation that you have upon your planet is changing. You will find that there are certain types of plants that are thriving - there are c


Al questions. JOHN: Al say's "Datre said - "you are now in the process of those that are, shall we say, "brain thinking" on your planet, are BEGINNING (emphasis mine) to brain think that which is the hologram." "Can you expand and elaborate on this - do you mean "brain thinking" by purposeful ACTion as opposed to re-ACTion - ... DATRE: Alright now, remember - we are seeing the mass consciousness on the planet - this is what we are observing. The mass consciousness on your planet - of that group of individuals, 99.9 percent and a little plus more - are functioning through the physical brain. Now, in "dream time" when you connect up with your psyche - you are working together. How much of that information you bring into physicality through the physical brain, that is where your ACTion comes in. The amount that you bring from your psyche into the physical brain is where you are functioning from - through the physical brain. That is why