Hello everyone,

I have noticed an increased interest in, what people are calling, healers. Some people have stated that they are 'healers' others wish to BE 'healers'.

After over 25 years of dealing with the so called 'healing arts' including several years of 'training' healing practitioners, including MD's, I would like to provide some information on the subject for the benefit of those interested in HEALING.

First and foremost, NO ONE HEALS ANYONE - except the one in need of the healing. There is no MAGIC in healing. All that a 'healer' can do is be a FACILITATOR for the being in need of adjustment to their 'biological framework'. Be this human or otherwise.

Aona and I have known many, many people who THINK they are HEALERS. They would often say, 'oh, I'm so drained, I've done three healings today'. THAT is NOT healing anything. THAT is EGO playing out a story line for It's gratification. One that is 'properly' using their skills in the 'healing arts' would be feeling such a HIGH from their "healing" activity they would have trouble sleeping.

All that anyone can DO in the healing arts is PROVIDE themselves as an ENERGY CONDUIT for the FLOW of ENERGY "into" the one needing healing. Then ALLOWING that individual to use that 'increased' energy to heal THEMSELVES. Often times the energy flow comes in excess of the individuals needs. Then the 'facilitator' should 'check' the energy balance of that being a couple of days later to see if there is an 'over abundance' of energy that could bringing about another condition. If so, then the 'facilitator' should reverse the energy flow a little to bring about a balance. This is one aspect that almost 'no one' deals with or even 'knows' about. It is only with several years of careful practice that a 'facilitator' can discern how much 'new energy' is required for proper balance. Aona is proficient in this aspect of energy flow; I use a pendulum to check the energy levels.

To paraphrase Datre, 'You can not HELP anyone, you can only provide them with something with which they can HELP themselves'.

Some will say, 'well what about the well known healers that make the blind to 'see' by the laying on of hands etc..'. The way that that approach to healing works is again in the arena of EGO gratification. What that so called 'healer' has learned to do, is take their biological 'emotional' energy and 'dam' it up, until it reached very large levels, then they 'push' it into the body of the one being 'healed'. This overwhelms the 'afflicted' individuals body and 'temporally' changes the condition that that emotional energy was directed at. That is also why the individual often collapses. These so called 'healers' have trained themselves like athletes to be able to handle this energy transfer multiple times before wearing them out.

Now for the second part of the story that few ever hear about. If the condition that 'caused' the 'affliction' in the first place is not 'corrected' by the individual, the condition, or a similar one returns. This has been a 'major' puzzlement to those hands on healers that are dedicated in their work. They just don't understand how their healing works, 'it is the work of the Lord', or whatever. I know of healing hands type healers that have so little control of their 'emotional accumulation' abilities that they will 'burn' or melt the seats of their cars and other things. They have no idea that this energy that they are using is almost PURE emotion. They also do not realize that only a 'biological' body can 'have' emotion. The so called 'spirit' is free of emotions.

As to the work of those who work with acupuncture and the several massage therapies. These individuals work to 'break up' the blockages in the body to 'allow' a proper flow in the body. This breaking of blockages often results in dramatic changes in the body's condition. But again that is NOT healing. It is 'allowing' the body to have an energy flow that the indwelling being can use to correct any difficulties.

THERE ARE NO "VICTIMS". Everyone 'writes their own script' in their own play. We just 'pretend' to be 'limited' in order to 'learn' what we have come here to learn. If we 'knew' WHO and WHAT we really are, it would be difficult to learn what this reality has to teach us. That is why we will only KNOW who and what we are when we have 'learned' what we have come here to learn. Enjoy your particular play.

John S.


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