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TWIN SELF DATRE: Good evening, John. JOHN: It is. DATRE: Yes. You have been getting some revelations that you find very interesting and you mentioned that you finally understood what you were told many, many years ago about the 12 schools and what you thought they were and what you think they are today. JOHN: Very different. DATRE: Isn’t it amazing how we learn and then put something together with something else and it becomes something entirely different. JOHN: Oh, yes, but we don’t recognize that we do that so much. We should. DATRE: The thing is, that is what it is all about. Understanding of what is really happening . JOHN: Understanding the mosaics. DATRE: That is correct. Continue. JOHN: Originally the 12 schools, I thought were from the point of view of, as you went from physicality to another version of physicality, those were the different schools. It isn’t. Different schools, as the terminology was, are actually 12 different humanities. Each having a purpose. Then the whole h

The Journey to Tomorrow Land

The Journey to Tomorrow Land A fragment of a Datre future book Now there has been communication from us as well as others regarding the disposition of this planet, in the new Millennium. Alright? Now we have talked about the water that is disappearing from that which you call the ocean. That is changing many things. The water will be in the firmament as moisture so that you will have a stable planet within your bubble. Alright? JOHN: Let me see if I understand you right. Our science has noted that our polar ice is melting rapidly. Yet the resulting sea level rise is not in agreement. Some of our ocean water is missing. That missing moisture is being moved into – what the Bible calls the Firmament - which is a bubble of moisture surrounding our whole planet. This condition of a bubble of moisture surrounding our planet is the condition that existed in the time of the Biblical Noah, when there were no oceans or seas as yet on our planet earth. Is that what you’re saying? DATRE: Correct!


THE FALSE SELF DATRE: You see, there is always talking about going out into space. There are all these peoples with strange faces and all different clothes and all that going in all different directions. And actually get to the point that you think that they all look like that and they don’t look exactly like you, no, not unless they are from this planet and they are going someplace else. But you don’t realize there are many different realities and they are not as far away as you think they are. And you dragged it into what I would call a forever mental confusion. You don’t realize what you are doing. It doesn’t tell you about your New Millennium because some of you are beginning to realize that there is something very important in front of you. Your digging around in the dirt to find old bones and figure out what they are all about. You look at them and you figure out that they have to be so many thousands of years old and you look at writings and try to figure them out and then you f


THE ACCIDENTAL UNIVERSE By John S. With all of the information provided by Datre concerning how all of this came about, I have decided to explore some of the results in a manner that they haven’t been explored previously. From Datre we get the information that a group of Thoughters or Core Selves (Datre uses both terms) were curious to explore just what would result if their thoughts were left alone. So they selected an empty part of what might be called space between some other universes and then projected their thoughts into that void to see just what might happen. As these thoughts swirled they began to coagulate into an arrangement that Datre has called an ANU. Then these ANU (which are nothing but intelligence) began to arrange themselves into two other classes of organization. These might be called ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ or the seen and the unseen. Then as this interplay continued a whole new universe eventually resulted. Now we have an intelligent universe that has created


I AM HAR-KOOT My peoples did not originate on this, your planet Earth. In the early writings it is said that the first Kings of my people descended from the heavens. The archeologists of today have named this place of our first arrival, Eridug. They called my peoples Suma. My peoples had Kings that ruled for what you call, thousands of years at a time in your counting. We did not have years or time nor death. The first recorded King was named Alulim and was said to have ruled for 28,800 years. The next King ruled for 36,000 years. Our Kings who ruled before the great flood, would exceed 500,000 years of rule in your counting. As I have said; we did not have years and we did not have death. You invented years and death and time very recently in your recorded history. After the great flood the duration of the Kings decreased and the rule of King Jucur was only 1,200 years in your counting. The first King descended to a place which is presently located in the southern portion of th


GLOBAL WARMING (PART TWO) JOHN: As I understand it, they were told of a specific type of shift in the molecular structure, that they had to make, at a particular point in timing. DATRE: No different than the atomic bomb. You have to have timing on that too otherwise it wont explode. JOHN: Like the situation in Japan with the atomic bomb, you might say that Japanese were unlucky and the Americans were lucky. Because normally those bombs would never have gone off. The percentage of where they landed, they were so far off their target there was maybe about a 40% chance they would detonate or less. And they did. DATRE: And the place was – JOHN That place was not conducive to that. DATRE: But that is what happens with your technology. JOHN: Yes, we are great for accidental happenings. DATRE: That is absolutely right. That is how you accidentally kill a whole bunch of people. JOHN: We intended to and then we celebrate that we did it. You didn’t do it, it was an accidental happening. You inte