Hello everyone,

Last night I had another AH HA, (I seem to be having a lot of them lately) that I would like to share with you.

The question came up in my mind, 'how do you go about controlling the MASS of humanity?'. Then the answer. By the simple observation that the majority does things by DEFAULT - which is a fairly simple observation - you just go about controlling the DEFAULTS. Forget about all the rest just control the DEFAULTS and you control the MASS of humanity.

This is the way all essentially useless groupings function. Religions have their first dictum - you must come to Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or whoever to be saved - alone you are just a lost sinner doomed to eternal whatever. Then they add on other reinforcing statements like "when two or more are gathered in My name...", again singular is useless. Or so and so is the
shepherd and you are the sheep - again herd mentality.

Then you have politicians requiring you to vote along 'party lines'. The government supporting and helping its citizens - who it is assumed is helpless without it. Then they add on that old hat 'patriotism' - back to the herd. Trade unions want loyalty to the 'union' - again alone is useless. Then they add on another one just for good measure 'united we stand, divided we fall'.

Then one of the really big ones for those so called 'democratic' countries - 'the MAJORITY rules'. The individual is again either part of the herd or an 'outcast'. That is also why in the United States the 'politicians' took away our 'original' REPUBLIC and substituted it with a 'democracy'. A republic is NOT a majority rules system; the individual has as much say as any group.

Then we have the New Age with their Father/Mother God and their 'returning to the WHOLE' doctrine. Or the UFO's are coming to save us - being that we are weak and helpless. Or 'family values' - implying that things only have value if you are part of a group.

The examples go on and on. Just control the idea of the individual NOT being of any real value. Once you do that, you now can control the MASS of humanity by simply adding your particular intent onto the 'group mentality wagon'. The sales people have it down pat, everybody is wearing so and so, if you don't your not 'with it'. The rock concerts are another good example - perhaps one of the best - for an example of HERD MENTALITY. Talk about doing things in unison as a group or herd.

Then with all of this BRAIN WASHING going on we still wonder why the individual has no sense of SELF worth. Why do disenfranchised youth form into gangs in order to try and achieve something? Why are the most popular sports 'group' sports? Why are there large segments of 'helpless' there to
feed the needs of that other large group of 'helpers'?

Is it any wonder that Datre refers to this segment of humanity as the CIRCUS? Just some thoughts on what turns out to be a very 'obvious' theme.
John S.


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