Datre special 001

Datre special(001)

JOHN; What about this presidential election, what is that all about?

DATRE; This is going to be a special transcript by Datre to show you one of the things that we have been talking about for quite some time and that is the influence of that which you call MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now, we have spoken of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS being in small communities, being in towns, cities and states and also countries and the whole world has a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now, we're going to specifically take the United States, which has it's individual MASS CONSCIOUSNESS - just as other countries have their individual MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Now many of you have been following the United States presidential elections. Those of you that live in the United States have a better opportunity to be able to 'observe' this process that is taking place in your country.

Your country has a grand EGO. The country has been having a prosperous time. Everything seems to be going along very well and people seem to be satisfied with everything status quo. This is the appearance on the surface. However, MASS CONSCIOUSNESS has been working toward a goal for a number of years.

Now, in following this election, you will notice that because everything is status quo, everything has been divided equally. You have democrats and republicans one of which is going to be the new president of the United States. It is coming down to a matter of a very few votes to decide which one is going to be president. You have your houses of congress, the senate and the house of representatives split almost equal down the middle. What do you have in those circumstances? You have a stalemate in every direction.

Now, if you are looking at this election as one of the grandest examples of MASS CONSCIOUSNESS in action, you can see what is happening. Many are becoming emotionally involved. And in becoming emotionally involved you do not 'see' what is happening and why it is happening.

The United States has had differences in the electing of presidents for many, many years - it is not something new. Now, this is the third time that this is happening in this past century that a recount of votes has decided who becomes president. And this election will be decided by the state of Florida in a recount of the votes. However, because of the dissatisfaction of the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the United States, knowing that changes need to be brought forth, if you are going to go into the year 2001, these things need to be changed. Why are these things taking place now?

This is the first time that any election has been so close and so evenly divided. This brings the election process and other elements of your government into focus. In order to be able to make changes it must be brought to the attention of all.

All over your planet there are situations where the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of an area is trying to bring forth change.

We have told you that the new energies will bring forth change in many different ways. This is the grand beginning of a new Millennium. At the beginning of any new Millennium there have been significant changes. The old ideas and 'thinks' are transformed in a way that will bring forth the future you desire for your planet to experience.

Each and every one of you can contribute greatly by becoming GRAND 'observers' and open to new ideas to bring forth these changes. We thank you we are Datre.


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