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Thank you

I would like to thank the blogger QingQing and the siteowner Fallen Star (?not sure if this is the correct name) for their efforts with translating excerpts of the Datre information from english to chinese. Unfortunately I can't really qualityassure it, I've used the google translator to give me a glimpse into the works and hopefully the meaning will get across. I know by experience that translating Datre can be a bit tricky, with all the abstract meanings and words. The site is   , by searching for it in google and choosing the option to translate the entire site you can see some of their writings. The Google translation is not very accurate unfortunately, the chinese to english is probably the best option. You can find a link to QingQing's blog there. QingQing has translated several excerpts of the Datre transcripts, and Fallen Star has begun on excerpts from the Datre books. Looks promising! :-) I would also like to thank those that have downloade