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Today I discovered that the old Datre website is not available anymore, and I don't know wether there is a new one coming. The free Datre transcripts seems also to be unavailable, so I've decided to post them here for any that want to read them. Also some of the transcripts I recieved from John S. that were not on the website.

It seems the books can still be bought at online bookstores.


  1. Hi, I also check from time to time their site, and recognized it is down for whatever reasons? Do you have some more information?

    I also have some emails from John which are not in the original transcripts (I had some email contact when I asked if there is something new forthcoming). If you are interested, I could send them to you.

    Please excuse my english, I am from Germany. (And I am not exactly sure how contact you other than through this comment box, I am not familiar with blogs)

  2. Hello Frauke, I've set up an email for this site, if you or anyone else want to send your material from datre to be posted on this site, you can send them to

  3. Hello,

    I read a lot of the teachings of Abraham, and i understand them to be the same as Datre. but is there anything about Ramtha the enlightened one? is it legit? because he teaches lessons and applications and provides info that is different to abraham or datre?

  4. Hi,
    in a private email correspondence with John, he told me that Ramtha is no longer channeling through JZ and hasn't done this for a long time. As he said she is doing it soley for financial reasons and she is a very greedy person. If you compare the early Ramtha material (the old not revised edition of "The White Book", "Love Yourself into Life") to the "today" Ramtha, you will notice quite a difference: Today she is conntrolling and manipulating the masses through fear: "If you don't do your disciplines...", "If you don't come to school...", "If you don't build underground shelters..." etc. Additionally here actions are in total contradiction to the early Ramtha material.

    As to the Abraham teachings: I have read some of it and in my opinion it does not have the depth and the broad perspetive than the Seth material from Jane Roberts and the Datre material. But if some information feels good, why not stick to it until it gets boring, than find something knew.

    Regards Frauke

  5. I don't remember if this was mentioned in public or private, I think it was John that told me when I asked him about Elias, from

    where it was coming from, he said 'just look at the name, it's biblical, Elias from the bible'.
    Meaning that it was Dead Zone.

    So Abraham also being a biblical name may also come from Dead Zone I assume.

    From what I remember Datre or John said there was alot of 'parroting' when it came to the info provided from Datre/Big Universe.

    Anyway seems like Elias validated Datre :)

    As for Abraham I haven't read alot of it either, but like it's been said by Seth/Datre it doesn't matter where the info comes from. As long as it serves it purpose I don't think it matters.

    When it comes to Ramtha I think there might still be lessons to learn for those that attend the school, but maybe they are different than what they think they sign up for? Like when someone you trust 'betray' you so you have to trust yourself. But that's just my personal speculation.

  6. THANK YOU so much for your replies! In my opinion, and from my personal delving into the different material, yes Datre is fart more detailed about the nature of the universe etc. where by abraham is more harping on improving the quality of life, feeling good, loving one and all, and all as one. they have also said that the entities out there/around that band together with common desires. i believe abrham to be the same as Datre in that. although their desire may differ slightly. I have read Ramtha's White book, his Autobiography really, and was taken by it. but after reviewing JZ knight and her demands for cash, also tapes and video interviews from her body gaurds were very discrediting. Although If Datre confirmed that Ramtha is an actual entity i find it amazing. Although there were some contraditctions to what i have read in his white book as to what is explained by other channels. That is the main reason why i asked. also i would like to save a friend from financial disaster.
    on another point however, From a web user such as i it is very difficult to work out who is "parroting" who. i know that it is a likely and probable, however unfortunate, that people are using material from others to make money. Once again, in my opinion, such entities who are concerned with the well being of this universe and the awakening of us all, would not charge for the info. i find that fact in it's own a contradiction to the teaching or information.
    still the search for the truth continues, and i for one have the curiosity of a million cats, and cannot keep my mind from trying to pierce the depth of this reality.
    i wish i could speak to a channel in person however, not to discredit them, but just because there are so many questions. Also i believe that vibrations make more of a difference in person.
    thanks once again for your comments.

  7. Rob, you can find more information from ex Ramtha followers on a website "Enlighten me free". They have a large forum where also ex stuff members of RSE have spoken about their experience. The video with JZ's ex bodyguard is from there.

    By the way the RSE school has been JZ's idea and has nothing to do with Ramtha.

    At one time I heard a very old tape from the "early Ramtha" and I was not able to understand most of it, because he spoke with a very heavy, unrecognizable accent which you cannot fake for hours on time, whereas JZ -impersonating Ramtha- speaks quite normal.


  8. Dear New friends, I have been looking for Datre up-dates for over 2 years, John used to write to me but stopped all of a sudden, different bits of the site started to die slowly and I asked every partner who had a link to the site if they knew what happened, one person told me they both might have died -- I was very suspicious of that, and what is even the likelyhood of that happening. They had planned new books and it seems to me, in any case, that the mind change annouced on their site of a change of heart on the last book to be about sound instead of what they previously said (can't remember now) was the last thing I heard. Are they both alright? It seemed to just blink out in one minute - no contact.

  9. Hello Geraldine, nice to see more people being interested.
    Personally I just wrote with John and Datre once in awhile, so I only noticed that the site wasn't being updated. I figured they were busy with their project.
    I'm not sure what happened but from what I understand John wasn't a young man, I don't know about Aona, but it's not unlikely that he or both may have died. That's not something I know, just that it might not be unlikely.
    Although I'm sure they could both be living for many years, perhaps it was easier to move on, one way or the other.

    But if anyone have any info about what happened, I can post it here, or you can leave it in the comments.

  10. Thanks for your response. Yes I would love to know if they stopped their project or not, because they did seem in full swing. If you are listening - I hope that all is well with you John and Aona.

  11. If you like to read something from a "realized" person (in the Datre sense) I recommend the autobiography from Lester Levenson.

    And if you want to know where a lot of the material from the Datre Book "Your unseen World" has come from (actually partially word for word) check out the books from Geoffrey Hodson.

    All can be found on the net.

  12. Hello there. First to Frauke, thanks for the suggestion, I enjoyed Levensons book, I could identify with the early Lester.

    And hello to Entity, I'm not sure exactly what you mean though, if you mean the grammar/wording/expressions in the transcripts made by Datre/John S., I wouldn't want to change them. i wanted to present them as much as they were, so people can see more of the original picture. Even something that looks like an error is still a picture. But some of it is different here too, not the words, but some of the editing compared to the original Datre site.

    If you mean this website then I agree it's not much to brag about, it's not very user-friendly. My main intention was to have the transcripts uploaded so that people could have access to the material, then the design is secondary compared to the transcripts being unavailable.

    But these transcripts are free, anyone can copy them and upload them to their own site, I don't think Datre minded that.

    But I would recommend, if you change anything within the transcript you might want to show the original version from John S. also, so that people can have the option.

    I got the impression that Datre thought this info was for the few, since there were so few interested.
    But I hope that those that might be interested and perhaps also comes to apply it to their lives can benefit.

    I might upload transcripts zip files to some filesharing sites, as I downloaded them from the original site, if anyone is interested I'll see if I can do that.

    Also to Geraldine, you wouldn't happen to be the translator behind the French edition would you? :-)

    I was going to translate a few of their books myself, John sent them to me and I almost finished the first book, but for some reason I never go around to send it to him.

    The original translation was a mess, I think they must have used some free translator service, I told John since I reckon he didn't speak the language. So he told me that if I wanted to I could give it a try. Well that was years ago, I guess we both gave up that project.

    Again if anyone have any info about John and Aona, then I think more than me would appreciate it. It was kind of sad to see that John's mail wasn't working anymore, I waited too long to send him a mail I guess.

    But thanks for the feedback

  13. Hello Janitor,

    No I was not the translator, however I would like to comment that they, john and Aona specifically mentioned that they would not change any wording, that it was not up to them to change a word, that for Datre had the correct 'image' behind it eventhough it may seem a little odd to readers. They wanted to present the information as it was presented to them without a layer of interpretation inbetween. Rather like listening to someone who spoke english as a foreign language, as long as the message got across it was not necessary to be perfect.

    Thank you site owner for renewing this material. have a good day everyone

  14. Hi, its me again.
    I check this blog from time to time to see if there is something new. It seems tp me as if Aona and John have departed this plane. Nevertheless I recently came across a book from a chinese doctor which I strongly recommend for people who can relate to the Seth/Datre concept:

    Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu: The Secret to Healing Cancer

    This is the only book which is translated into english and it is still very interesting even if you have no health problems.



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