Extracted from a session dated 7-26-1995.

JOHN: Yes, let me throw a question at you that I asked before but I'm going to nag on it because I can't quite understand it. Thought is created by a certain kind of Being, they're 'Thoughters'...


JOHN: ...and the thought goes out, it is 'self' intelligent. It looks for it's own... it attaches itself under various conditions and to me it seems that that thought must at some point have to go back to someplace to be 'recharged' or 'regenerated' or even 'modified' for all I know. I couldn't get that worked out.

DATRE: Well, yes thoughts go and are 'completed', shall we say, but thoughts will 'travel'. If a 'thought' is not completed by an individual, from my stand point now, this is what I'm observing, if a 'thought' comes to you and you begin it but you do not 'complete' or follow thru on everything that the 'thought' has... see, the 'thought' is 'rejuvenated' by the 'finishing process'. Recharged, so to speak. That is if there is still something left of the 'thought' and it is not completed it will travel on until it finds another expression that will 'complete' it.

At such time of 'completion', shall we say, and that can go on ad infinitum, but at that time when that thought is completed, as I see it at the present time, that is like when it is 'finished' it is like a little 'explosion' and it is rejuvenated and has begun again. The 'Thoughter' at that time 'sees' this spark and at that 'time' can infuse that spark with a new thought. Now that is as I see it at the present time. It may be a lot more complicated than that but, for simplicity's sake and this is the way I'm perceiving it at the present time. The 'Thoughter' is aware of where the thoughts are per se. But you see, because there are many 'Thoughters' the Thoughters do not have to pick-up "their specific thought that they originated".

JOHN: OK, they're generic in that regard.

DATRE: Yes, in other words, it's just like what you call cloned. In other words, it has no male... you see you're the only ones that think in 'male and female' terms. So in other words, if something happens, it's got to be one or the other - it has to be male or female. So when you don't have any generic term it does not... in the BIG Universe you are not 'possessive' because you 'own' everything per se, that you wish to hold. The thing is that you... if a 'Thoughter' puts out a thought and they perceive this little 'flash' of light, which means a 'thought' is 'completed', it's a completion of a thought. The 'Thoughter' does not think, 'well I wonder if that was one of the thoughts that I originated', no, no, it sees a 'spark' - the 'Thoughter' see the spark, that thought can be 'rejuvenated' 'I'll put 'this' thought in there'. And if you have any idea of the 'magnitude' of the 'thoughts' that are 'produced' by the 'Thoughters' for just this planet alone, it is staggering.

JOHN: Oh, I can imagine, it's humongous.

DATRE: All right, but that is the 'progression' of a 'Thoughter'. Because you see, as that is completed, you see all those 'sparkle' completions, that completed thought is picked-up by the Thoughter and so that 'magnifies' the whole.

JOHN: OK, it's sort of a 'self' regenerating kind of thing.

DATRE: It is, because nothing is lost.

JOHN: Yes and the thought, as I hear you explaining that, it seems to me that when a 'thought' is created it is created in it's own 'nurturing' environment, sort of like a petri dish kind of thing.

DATRE: I will give you an explanation. There is a 'Thoughter' with a handful of iron filings; each iron filing is a 'different' thought. The 'Thoughter' takes those iron filings and throws them into the Universe and they go until they find a 'magnet' to attach themselves to, a 'magnet' in this case being the physical expression.

JOHN: OK, the physical expression, but that's not a completed thought at this point.

DATRE: Nope, this is the origination.

JOHN: Now it becomes attached to a possibility for completion.

DATRE: Yes, because that is the 'magnet' that draws them, what you are... what you would call a 'complexity' that you are trying to solve, that becomes your magnet. This iron filing, which is a mini thought will be attached to you simply because you have that interest and this particular little iron filing has the answer to that. That can... you can probably get one or two thoughts in a lifetime. If you continue in that way, you'll just expand it, expand it, expand it and expand it. But most people do not continue in a line of thought for any length of time. Because then the next thing comes up and they... you may complete the thought or you may only take portions there of. Now that is my basic bones explanation.

JOHN: The thing that I'm getting at is the part where you explained where the 'Thoughter' notices the flash, therefore I will give IT this new thought, give IT what? You see what I'm saying? So there must be a... what we would call a 'nurturing' environment that you're going to give this to. Because if a 'thought' is completed and it goes puff what are you giving the new 'thought to? That's really what I'm getting at.

DATRE: That's... there's a 'spark' that is maintained.

JOHN: OK, even thought the flash takes place, there is still a nucleus, if you will.

DATRE: All right, take as an example; Aona 'explodes' she goes into 'flashes'.

JOHN: OK, good point.

DATRE: She's still here.

JOHN: She is but I don't know how much.

DATRE: Well it really doesn't matter, as long as she puts food on the table, then you're all right. No but seriously, just because there's a 'flash'...

JOHN: Now that's a concept that we're not used to considering.

DATRE: No, but what you're thinking of, is if a light bulb goes out it 'flashes' and it's dead.

JOHN: That's right, same thing with a super-nova, for example.

DATRE: I'm not into that portion of...

JOHN: What the scientists call a super-nova is when a star explodes and therefore is no more.

DATRE: But you see, that is 'no more' thru 'their' physical eyes.

JOHN: I understand that, but that's the thought.

DATRE: I know but you see, you are so...

JOHN: Locked in.

DATRE: ...well not only that, because you at one point in your experience decided upon 'death' as the 'only way' that you could 'perceive' of having another existence, was thru the death process. So everything that you have in physical existence... in order to 'maintain' that thought patterning, has to die. Like the light bulb and the plants and the trees and everything has to 'disintegrate' everything has to die, because that is what you have set-up. But in the BIG Universe it is 'not' that way. So you see, just because it 'explodes' into a great big 'flash' of light, doesn't mean that it's 'disintegrated', otherwise Aona would have been gone quite some time ago.

JOHN: That's interesting, I'm glad I pursued that. Because that piece of understanding - to me is 'significant' in helping understand other activities that we have 'blocked' ourselves from recognizing - simply because of our 'monolithic' viewpoint of things.

DATRE: But you see that is one of the things in physical expression - everything is 'mono' and it's very difficult for you to think outside of that. But as the 'new waves' of energy come in and as you become more 'accustomed' to that 'new energy system' that is being created and brought into this planet. As they become supportive of 'different' thoughts that will be coming in, you will be able to expand your conscious awareness to encompass greater amounts of information. Greater latitudes that you allow yourselves and at that point, when you begin to 'allow' yourself to experience 'multiplicity' and 'allow' that and still be able to keep your focus. The more you do that, the more comfortable you will become with that and it is like anything else, when you reach a 'comfort' zone, you can move on.

Now there is a 'difference', some people reach a 'comfort' zone and wish to stay there. There are those who reach a 'comfort' zone and then they become restless to pursue further. We don't want to go any further, unless you have a specific question to ask?


DATRE: All right, then at that point we will leave you.

Thank you, we are Datre.


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