Thinks and beliefs create etheric forms of those thinks or beliefs. Then as you continue to believe such and such the etheric form (scaffolding) is strengthened (made more rigid) until finally it draws physical particles around it and then you have a manifested belief.

Stop believing such and such and the etheric form begins to disintegrate until that physical form is no more.


In the beginning there was just “YOU”. What you might call an “undifferentiated” you. Then as this “you” decided to explore differentiating itself through the activity called experience.

So, this “you” sought out different “something’s” to experience so as to increase the “dimension” of itself.

One of the something’s this you chose to explore you now call physicality.

In the process of exploring this “something” you call physicality this “you” found that it was too “vast” in itself to be able to experience the details of this something you call physicality. So, it decided to take smaller pieces of itself (pinch-offs) and place them into small containers you now call bodies.


The face looking “IN” - The you that you are.
The you that you are explores all types of possibilities and probabilities and chooses several for the face looking out to explore and experience.

The face looking “out” – The expressing and experiencing you.
The experiencing and expressing you expresses through the personality that you call Sam or Ann or whatever name you choose for your physical human form.

You, Sam look for “signs along the way”, through “observation”, to help you, the experiencing personality to achieve “your” intent and purpose.

The PSYCHE (the discriminator) decides which is the best possibility or probability for, as an example, a personality called Sam to explore. The psyche creates (chooses) the most suitable pallet for a given personalities experience spectrum.

This pallet is made available through the Ego for Sam to use in his painting of his reality. Sam needs to be an observer to discover the pallet available to him. As he expresses and experiences his various options.

He can’t have an inflated Ego, but he may have an inflated personality.

The Ego gathers all of Sam’s experiences, nothing is ever lost.

Soul Mates;
That is the two faces that the you that you are experiences through.

Ready set – reality shift.
The Ego clothes its self in three bodies – the astral, the etheric and the physical, in order to experience physicality.

The American Heritage Dictionary’s definition;
Ego – The Self, especially as distinct from the world and other Selves.

The division of the Self into two faces is what has often been referred to by others as the “twin flame” or “soul mates”.

Looking for your soul mate? Look in the mirror. You need no other half because you are already whole, you can describe the other – the Ego.


Your beliefs are like the elephant sitting in your living room. You tell the elephant to go and the elephant says, “would you like to help me out the front door?”


There is no such thing as “evolution” – there is only intelligent development. And it is the individual species itself that desires and chooses the direction of its own development – be it a plant, rock, fish bird or human. Even in the case of man hybridizing one plant into a hybrid of some sort or doing tissue transplants to animals to make a whole new animal grouping. If that plant or animal or even human did not desire that kind of development it would not happen – period.


The action of willing or choosing to do something.
The movement or attitude of the mind (brain) which is directed with conscious intent to some action, physical or mental. (volition)

When you “will” something to be such and such, is that different than “thought” or “think”?


An act of willing or resolving. A decision or choice made after due consideration or deliberation.
The making of a definite choice or decision with regard to a course of action.


The power or facility of willing.


The power or discretion to choose; free choice. The belief that man’s choices ultimately are or can be voluntary, and not determined by external causes.


Science defines “life” as some sort of “chemical” activity – it is NOT. Life, in so far as human physicality is concerned is the etheric plasma that is the underlying dynamic of all things physical.

Ectoplasm (a derivative of the Life plasma) used by red light mediums as the substance that can be used by a dead person to communicate with someone physically alive.

The term “life” as it is understood on this planet is a nonsense term. That term only makes sense if there is a condition in this universe where “life” is not. Then since everything in this universe has life – even a so called “dead” body has life, it has just lost its central organizing intelligence.

FEAR – does this reside in your reality?
FEAR – of what? The visible or the invisible?
FEAR – you fear what you can see, but most of all, you fear what you can’t see. You fear what the invisible might turn out to be.
All fear, great or small is based on some form of religion. You might even say that “fear” is the greatest tenant of any religion.

This is your individual reality, which drama do you wish to act out?

As you act out each new chapter of your individual play on the stage called physicality you constantly observe the unfolding of the script that you have written for your play.

TIME – What makes it and how do you use it in creating your reality?

“This is not a teaching or a lecture – it is a reunion. A reunion that we had agreed to at the event of launching ourselves into this new mystery called physicality. We agreed that if any of us got stuck and unable to extract ourselves from this experience after many, many tries, those of us that could remember would try and help these others in this class of explorers to once again remember who and what they are.”

Emotions are the natural language of this physical universe – but, not the emotions that we usually relate to. The emotions that we usually relate to are the emotional effects upon the physical body – these should more correctly be called “body spasms” cause by restricting the natural flow of emotions “through” the body without resistance.

A sage once said; “The person who always finds fault, seldom finds anything else.”

Wisdom does not come with immortality, wisdom comes with experience. Listen, observe, use your imagination, your ability to connect with mind. Understand your “so called” mistakes and learn from them.

There was a time when Truth went among the people unadorned, as naked Truth. Whoever saw Truth turned away in fear or in shame because they could not face him.. Truth wandered among the peoples of the earth, unwelcome, rebuffed and unwanted.

One day, friendless and alone, he met Parable strolling happily along, dressed in fine and many colored clothes. “Truth why are you so sad, so miserable?” asked Parable, with a cheerful smile. “Because I am so old and so ugly that people avoid me,” said Truth dourly.

“Nonsense!” laughed Parable. “That is not why people avoid you. Borrow some of my clothes, go among the people and see what happens.” So Truth donned some of Parable’s lovely garments, and wherever he now went he was welcome.
People cannot face naked Truth, they much prefer him disguised in the clothing of Parable.

La Manche – Don Quixote – La Manche means parched earth.

Many in the astral realities develop an interest in the arts and sciences. Those who are in those different fields enjoy passing along that information.

There are those who are called the “helpers”. These are the ones in the astral realities (or the first of the “death phases” that help the physically dead person rid themselves of the etheric double (or life force) of their “particle” body.

These newly “dead” do not realize that their experience in the astral (or dream world) cannot begin until their “life force” (or etheric) body has been dissolved. Remember, everyone has a “helper” at this stage of initial confusion. There is always someone there regardless of your earth family or friends or acquaintances on earth.

These helpers take these newly “dead” step by step until they are fully at ease and ready to begin their education into the different realm of the astral, or dream world. At this stage you are thought how to adjust to living with these different conditions.

How many thousands of times have you done this and each time you are afraid of dying?

We give you this information so you know what to expect and can enjoy your experience. Because the astral body doesn’t need to breath, the lives of birds or fish can also be explored.

There are many different areas of exploration on the astral level that can be explored other than just the human physical life.

There are those who develop a love of music so strong that they carry that enthusiasm into the next (physical) life experience and continue with its development.

Parents need to encourage these new ones and not stifle their efforts in any way, regardless of the fact that perhaps no one in the family tree has shown any talent in the field of music.

Those who have the desire to travel and see places in the world of the “living” will travel to many countries in the world to satisfy that interest.

What we did in the process of becoming physical, we created our physical experience worlds in the same manner that the Ego clothes itself in its three bodies for experiencing physicality.

First, we created the astral world in which we functioned in the Ego’s astral body. This is the world that the Australian Aborigines refer to as the “dream times”.

Then we created an etheric world to match the Ego’s etheric (or life) body which was another step toward a denser expression.

And finally we used the etheric world as the scaffolding upon which we could hang physical “particles” in order to create “dense” matter something’s. This resulted in the dense particle world that we call the “live zone”.

So, for every object in the physical world there exists its etheric (life force) double. This is what Datre has spoken about that everything has a “containment”.

The pyramids, on land and in the water are still there. These were created way before the flood

Etheric matter is what science calls plasma and is referred to as the 4th state of matter. Everything, including light, water and air have their etheric counterparts. Rivers in the ocean and jet streams in the atmosphere are examples of etheric flow.

Many people who have had a limb severed still can “feel” that limb because its etheric double is still intact.

There are those in some regions of the world who can cut of a limb and within just a few minutes grow that limb back.

What is called “psychic” surgery also works with the etheric double of the body.

This etheric matter or plasma is what results in strong emotional impacts including the impact of music, the impact of light, the impact of anger, all non-contact stuff.

What happens when a person has strong anger towards you, they are actually “balling up” the etheric equivalent of that anger and throwing it at you.

Music of all kinds has its own unique stream of etheric matter that you are impacted by. For example; as a stream runs through a rocky canyon it results in turbulent water flow. It is the same with discordant music.

Light has its impact on your etheric body. Different combinations of music and colored light are used for some forms of healing.

For example; if man was to learn how to work with etheric matter as the modeling agent for his structures, he could build structures that would never age or decay.

We build from the inside out. We physically build the “outer shell and force the etheric double to comply. This results in constant tension which eventually results in decay.

This is also the secret of how the little old lady could lift the truck off her son. She lifts the weightless etheric double and the massive shall of the truck has to follow. This is innate knowledge. You know these things but you have cloaked yourself in ignorance.

From our vantage point the etheric substance or plasma is the stuff that we call “life force”. It is the first of everything.

Etheric double leaves the body and attaches itself to the astral body and then must be drawn off the astral body before you can leave the lifeless particle body and continue your new life in the astral world.

In the process called “past lives regression” you can only visit and or experience “probable” versions of your “individual” persona’s past life. The life experiences that you might encounter likely are NOT that particular life experience that this version of you had experienced.

What we continue to call “past” history, i.e.. the ancient Romans or Greeks or Egyptians, etc. are still viable and ongoing. These activities that we call history are actually just different “REALITIES” of this human experience on planet earth.

It is thus possible for individuals to visit those “past” or even “future” – in a “historical” context – cultures and find them alive and well and continually developing. On an individual level we can also visit our individual body “selves” at different “age” points, i.e.… our 6 year old body self or 11 year old body self, etc. When we do that kind of “shifting” we will find that particular “version” of you at that age is still exploring itself to the fullness of that age’s potential of possibilities/probabilities.

We don’t actually grow and develop from infant to adult to death. We simply “move” from one probability/possibility body experience to another. All of the possibilities and probabilities for your individual life experience already exist and are viable, you just choose which of that spectrum of possible body you’s to make part of your individual experience pattern.

So, what we call “aging” is an invalid premise, we can never age as such, we can only “choose” which body pattern we desire for our next human experience. When we “die” the body, we don’t “die” the body that we are experiencing through, we just choose a dying version of the body we are experiencing through. Another example, say you have a body with cancer and then you find that your body no longer has cancer – you just shifted from a body experience with cancer to a body experience without cancer.

You can thus “live” or experience human existence at any age – so called – for as long as you desire. It is simply your choice. Genes and or DNA have nothing to do with it, they just function to maintain a particular body “age” and health pattern in line with the possibility/probability for that body expression. None of these spectrum of body possibilities/probabilities have a “persona”, we are the ones that endow any given body with its persona. But, once a particular body is endowed with a persona, it continues to express that persona.

At this point it is not at all clear how “long” we allow ourselves the have a particular body “age” or pattern experience. It seems that what we call a “year” represents the cycle duration that we choose to experience that particular body pattern. Then of course, that which we call a “year” could actually last for an infinite series of NOW moments and still be experienced as a year.

This process is what Datre has referred to as “slices”. The awareness of these “slices” and how you individually function in and through them is filtered from your awareness by the psyche.


If you imagine something or believe something – that something is in fact created as “real”. If you tell a story or write a book – that story and or book are in fact describing a “reality”.

There is no such thing as “fiction” – every event or story is created as it is described. These stories and or beliefs are created as real, either in this your current experience, or in another reality construct. If in another reality construct you then create an aspect of you to have the experience of that other reality.

All of the Star Trek and Star Wars movies, for example, are indeed real. They exist in their own reality – which you and others can – if you wish – visit.

Creators can only create. They have no choice. Whatever they do serves to create or recreate something new and different. That is why there is no such thing as the Christian, Jewish or Islamic God who created – so called – heaven and earth in seven days, in everyday common terms. That is not possible for a creator. A creator MUST create, he cannot just create for a little bit and stop. That kind of thing can only happen within the “illusion” of physicality where we do not think we are creators.

But, there really are such Beings, and they exist in a reality outside of our common recognized reality. Those Beings exists in the reality construct that the Jews, Christians and Moslem’s have created for Him or Her. It is the same for Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or any other revered being that exists in the belief stream of their followers.

There is no such thing as un-truth. Since each story of any individual is in fact created by that individual as real – even if it doesn’t seem to fit into accepted versions of that story or event.

That is also why we can only find “ruins” in this reality of the things that we “believe” are ancient, such as the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, etc. Those cultures, as anything viewed in a historical context, exist within another reality. Those realities still exist as they originally were or are and can also be visited by individuals with that sort of focus. It is the same for – so called – Greek gods and stories.
All – so called – historical events either past or even “future” in our terms, exists within their own unique reality and can also be visited with the proper frame of reference.

So called “time” travel is simply a process of shifting realities. But, in order to be able to return to your original reality you must maintain an awareness of your originating reality.

When we travel in the manner referred to as “teleportation” we do not take our body construct with us. We simply disassemble our present body and reassemble it at the point that we desire to reappear once again. This applies if we are displacing (which is the proper term) ourselves one hundred feet away or a hundred light years away.

This is how most space travel is accomplished. Ships are only used in the cases of large groups being displaced all together and returning together. But, again large groups can and do also displace without a ship. Usually in cases where those in that group plan a prolonged stay at the destination point – such as whole cultures coming to earth for new experiences.


The earth bubble is the boundary of all earth activity – including the total dead zone. In a direct visual survey by Charles W. Leadbeater in 1896 the extent of the dead zone – or astral plane – was about 450,000 miles in diameter. In today’s terms, that same earth bubble is about 750,000 to 800,000 in diameter.

This huge increase in just these 110 years is the result of our new technology allowing us to create more and more kinds of realities with more and more aspects to them, plus that huge increase in the earths human population and their aspect production. We speak of the earths population being too large for the planet to sustain – well you can multiply that figure by one million or perhaps 1,000 million times to indicate the equally human population in the dead zone at all levels.

Datre has often mentioned the “Mind of the Bubble”. They are then speaking of the mental expression of the Being who is expressing themselves as the planet earth. The mind of the human individual would be the expression of the face of the you that you are that is looking “out” or the Ego.


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