Hi again everyone,

I would like once again to share with you some information on the recent power outages in the Western U.S.

Last evening (8-20-96) I was having a pleasant chat with Seth over some breadsticks, cheese and wine. In the course of our chat I asked him about an interesting phenomena that we had noticed concerning the simultaneous breakdown of several peoples 'home vacuum cleaners'. That prompted his reminding me about something we had been told about, a few years back and had forgotten.

His answer to the cause of the vacuum cleaner phenomena was due to the changes in the form of electricity that we use on this planet. That is also the cause of the large power outages in the Western U.S.

Several years ago we were told that our particular 'form' of electricity was 'provided' to us thru the agency that we refer to as the 'dead zone'. We were also reminded that there was a 'different' kind or form of electrical energy that was 'discovered' by the early pioneers of electrical energy and discarded. This other 'form' of electricity was considered by those 'pioneers' as a useless 'waste' product and therefore ignored. This other 'form' of electricity is referred to by Datre et al as WET ELECTRICITY. It is by far, much more potent, than the DRY form of electricity that we use today. These 'wet' 'dry' terms have no relationship to moisture wet and dry. It refers to the essential 'character' of our electricity. This WET electricity is 'naturally' available to us without going thru the agency called the 'dead zone'.

Now since the 'dead zone' is in the process of collapsing. And the new energies are coming onto the planet and 'modifying' the 'character' of our atmosphere's electrical conductivity, we have a problem to deal with. All of our 'present' forms of electrical apparatus are in various stages of failing to function. Seth provided a 'for example' with television. He said that if we could view a television program of just two years ago and that same program transmitted today, we would notice a difference in the 'picture brightness'. That same picture today would be duller.

As for the power outages in the Western U.S. that was due to the long 'transmission' distances for power in the West. Their power stations are much further apart than they are in the Eastern U.S. The transmission lines in the West therefore are 'more' dependent on the electrical 'character' of our atmosphere.

Most people do not realize that electricity is a three part energy, voltage that is transmitted thru the wire or conductor, current which is transmitted 'over' the electrical wire, or conductor, not 'through' it and a magnetic field which forms an envelope around the conductor. This makes the 'atmosphere' a prime 'medium' of conduction. With the conductive 'character' of our atmosphere being changed by the new energies, our whole 'system' of electrical transmission is in a 'breakdown' mode. Added to that, the fact that the source of our 'form' of electrical energy, the dead zone, is collapsing and we on Earth have some real challenges ahead.

This electrical system breakdown will take a while to really make itself felt in all of our electrical 'dependencies'. The major disruptions of satellite transmissions, long distance power transmission, cellular telephone, radio and television will be the most effected in the early stages.

There is 'supposed' to be a new 'development' of electrical energy 'source' by our scientists prior to a total system breakdown. I for one do not hold very much hope for our scientific community in coming thru with this new power system. We here on Earth seem too crisis motivated in those kinds of developments, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

For those so inclined to research it, the old records do speak of this other form of electricity 'discovered' and discarded by those early pioneers of electricity.

This is, once again, not for a fear thing, but for your information that I have decided to pass on this information. If you 'know' of an impending situation you have some choices. If you do not, your choices are limited.
John S.


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