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12.12.2012 - and preventing a nuclear war

Some may be expecting doomsday, some will be getting married, and some is waiting for a movie (Tolkiens The Hobbit) on this specific date, 12. of december 2012. Datre has mentioned that 12 is a specific number, and refers to the bible with the 12 Israeli tribes, which are rather 12 different humanities, to go through in order to become a fully realized human, in the transcript called TWIN SELF. There is also an explanation in another transcript, of the Mayan calender, - that it is not the end, but that the Mayans stopped projecting much further than 2012. ------------------------------------------------------ That's not really what I wanted to write about, but now that's out of the way. I noticed on the news today, North Korea again receiving international condemning for launching (or trying to launch?) a long distance rocket with the potential to carry nuclear weapons. In several transcripts Datre mentions the atomic bomb, and how it doesn't quite work as alot