Extracted from a Datre session dated 5-23-94

JOHN: I was just wondering about this phenomena that goes on on this planet... we know that the Sun is not the 'cause' of daylight, on this planet. The planet generates it's own 'daylight'; it uses the 'energy' from the Sun. But why do plants and trees and so fourth, why do those items grow toward and 'follow' the Sun?

DATRE: It is following the energies. If you were to grow a plant, in a house and the room was all dark with no windows... you know all closed up. Then you put an electric light on in the room and you left it on like you would have in daylight, then at Sundown you'd turn it off and do that for a week. You would find that the plant is growing toward the light. Not because it is light, but because of it's energy spectrum. The energy 'spectrum' of the light is different than anything else in the room. So it will follow that.

JOHN: Yes, there have been experiments where playing certain kinds of music, like classical music, with plants and the plants will grow. In fact they will caress the speaker where the music is coming from.

DATRE: If it is the right vibration.

JOHN: Right, if it's rock and roll music it will tend to destroy the plants.

DATRE: Sure. There's that... you see the gravitation is 'towards' that energy that they desire.

JOHN: There has also be some interesting experiments along these lines. Where they've taken seedlings of plants and planted them in a very 'dark' basement, totally devoid of any light what-so-ever. Then in the bottom of the box that they planted the seedlings in they put a copper plate. Then they connected a copper wire to that plate and passed the wire thru the wall to the outside where it was connected to another copper plate that was in the sunlight. The plants inside, that have not seen any light, grew just as well inside as they would outside. So the thing that is being transmitted thru the copper wire, between the two copper plates is 'energy' not light.

DATRE: That's right. It has nothing... that's what I said about the light bulb. The 'light' from the light bulb has nothing to do with it. It is the 'energy' that it is emitting. The 'sound' is an 'energy' that is emitting. Those things are 'different' than the surrounding energy.

JOHN: It's a focal point of energy.

DATRE: Yes and that's what the plants will follow.

JOHN: That's interesting. I hadn't thought about it that way. We've always considered... like that experiment with the two copper plates, everybody talked about transmitting sunlight. We weren't transmitting sunlight; we were transmitting a 'certain' energy concentration.

DATRE: That is right and although the energy concentration, by the time it hit the copper and went thru the copper wire and hit another piece of copper was not the 'same' energy as the sunlight 'energy'. But never the less, it was a 'different' energy then in the 'surrounding' area.

JOHN: It's a concentration of energy point.

DATRE: It is a concentration of energies. That is what that is about; it is a concentration of energies. That is why, if you take a plant and you take it into a 'different' environment'... say you are moving a distance, and you put your plants in the car and take them from one location to another location to where you are going to be moving to live. And you are moving out of a 'specific' area into an entirely 'different' area. You will find that it takes a while, for the plant to readjust itself to its new environment. One of the big reasons for that is 'water'.

Water carries 'different' energies in different locations. So you will find that when you are used to watering your plant with the kitchen water that you use all the time and you move into an entirely different area that has entirely 'different' water. There are different chemicals that you put into your water now to 'clean' it, so they say, and so when you move into a 'different' area, where there is a different 'concentration' of different chemicals that are used in your water, it will take your plants a while to 'adjust' to the water that it is drinking. So there you see, there again, we are not talking about 'light', we are talking about water. Water also carries it's own 'type' of energies. So you see, those things should be taken into consideration.

You can buy a plant in a store, that has been growing and they have watered them all the time, it is a very healthy plant. You bring it home and it will sometimes come almost to the point of what you call 'dying'. It will 'struggle' to adjust itself to the water that you are putting on it. Because, the water is containing a different energy, because of the different things that you put in your water. So you see, that is all the 'adjustments' that a plant will make. Then you can also relate that to your 'physical' bodies.

JOHN: That's exactly what I was thinking. Our biological structure does the same thing.

DATRE: Absolutely. Absolutely, so, when you are moving from one area to another area, you will find that your body goes thru a period of 'readjustment'. Now, because of the, shall we say, excitement of moving to a new location, good, bad, or indifferent, you will find that your biological 'system' is highly heightened and you are using a great deal of energy and you in the process of moving you are also changing many times. You are going from a warm climate, where there is a lot of sun, then you go into a cold climate, where there less amount of sun. You are changing your water. Or, you're visa versa, you're coming from a cold country. Or, you're coming from a place where there is a lot of humidity in the air. Or, you're going to a place where it is dry.

All of these different things, when your body... when you have finally, what you call, settled in or moved into your place and you are getting fairly settled, you will find that the body will go thru a period of being, what you refer to as 'exhausted'. That is because, not only because you are 'pushing' your body into a different environment and excitement and all of that. That... your body will react to that in a very 'different' way than if you were moving within the same temperature zones that you have been living in. You will find that your body is far less 'stressed' in going thru that period of what you call your 'exhaustion'. It will go thru much 'less' of that if the move is within the area that you and your body is familiar with. If you are making 'climate' changes, plus your 'drinking' water changes, you will find that your body will go thru a period of being extremely 'tired'. Or, visa versa, it can end up being very exhilarated. But there will be a change, because your body needs to adjust to your 'new' area. So, plants do that and people do that. Because, energy changes that surround your bodies and surround the plants and the water that you ingest, just like the plant that ingests the water, all of these things make a great deal of 'difference' to any 'living' organisms.

You take an animal that is in the water, and you take it from one area of water and put it in another area of water that is different, you will find that the animals have to go thru changes, because of the water they are in. That has 'nothing' to do with sunlight. So you see, everything that works with the biological organism, being it plant, animal, fish, human, what ever that may be, the changes that take place, when there are changes made in a physical location will make a difference.

You also have another thing that occurs on your planet and this that you have seasonal changes. Regardless of how 'minute' they 'appear' to be, you go thru changes in your biological system, because you re-acclimate to the different 'energy' patterns of your seasons. Because, your different 'seasons', shall we say, have different 'energy' patterns. The energy patterns are what cause your leaves to turn colors and fall to the ground. And the sap to go into the tree more, so that it can get ready, for what you call, the cold weather.

The cold weather is an 'energy' change. It is the energy 'changes' that change the reaction of the 'reaction' of the plants. It is not that, how come the plant, the tree, knows when to change the color of the leaves and drop the dry leaves and the sap goes within the tree further, so that it is getting ready for winter. That is not a plant 'thing', that is the 'energy' changes that the plant 'reacts' to. The body also goes thru its reactive changes. Then when you have what you call, the 'spring' time, your body will go thru changes. Some people recognize these seasonal changes more than other bodies do. But, that is a reaction to the energy that is taking place on your planet. It's a planetary 'energy' change.

JOHN: That 'pattern' is sure changing right now.

DATRE: Yes, it is changing all over.


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