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Mayan calender ending - and some Datre predictions

I don't plan to make it a habit to comment in new posts on the Datre transcripts that has already been posted here, - I'll rather let people read them on their own and make up their own mind and search and discover for themselves. But occasionally there happen to be a once in a lifetime 'event', that won't be experienced again. Well, in this reality anyway... :-) So the of december is suppose to be the end of the Mayan indians calender, although from what I remember there were dates up into the year 3000 or so. But mostly it ends on the coming friday, 21/12, 2012. So, what will happen? End of the world? Probably not. One of the reasons I'll be making this post is to perhaps decrease some tension, and if there is any fear about this date. There might be for some. I find it interesting that it's the same date for winter solstice, which comes around every year and marks the day - at least on the northern hemisphere - that is the darkest day throug