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With all the interest in Earth Spirits and Angels we thought that some excerpts from Seth on these subjects might be of interest. The following are segments from two of the Seth books as channeled by Jane Roberts.

From: SETH SPEAKS, chapter 17, session 569, Feb. 24, 1971

"Now: There are several very definite stages of sleep, and they all perform various services for the personality. They are also signals for different layers of consciousness, realizations and activity. They are accompanied by some physical variations, and there are some variations having to do with age.

In our next chapter I will speak of these in some detail. For now it is sufficient to realize that specific steps, definite alterations, occur as consciousness is shifted from the exterior to the interior reality, and that these changes are not random; that consciousness leaves through a very predictable route to its many destinations. Through the ages the Speakers have taught dreamers how to manipulate in these other environments.

They have taught them how to bring back information that could be used for the good of the present personality. According to the intent, present purpose, and development an individual may be aware of these travels to varying degrees. Some have excellent recall, for example, but often misinterpret their experiences because of conscious ideas.

It is very possible for one dreamer who is a Speaker, to go to the aid of another individual who is having some difficulties in an inner reality within the dream state. THE IDEA OF GUARDIAN ANGLES OF COURSE IS HIGHLY CONNECTED HERE. A good Speaker is as effective within one reality as he is within the other, creating psychic frameworks within physical reality as well as within interior environments. Many artists, poets, and musicians are Speakers, translating one world in terms of another, forming psychic structures that exist in both with great vitality... structures that may be perceived from more than one reality at once."

From: THE "UNKNOWN" REALITY, VOL. 1, session 691, March 25, 1974

"9:35 pm (Amused:) "A word to the wise..." "Your particular society has set up such an artificial division between intuitional and intellectual knowledge that only the intellectually apparent is given credence. With all of their dire faults and distortions, religions have at least kept alive the idea of unseen, valid worlds, and given some affirmation to concepts that are literally known by the cells. period.

The conscious mind has always been aware of the cells' comprehension, period. The invisible reality within the cell is what gives it its structure. The remarkable organization of the body in terms of its learning abilities, and adaptability, will never be understood unless the cells' precognitive comprehension is taken into consideration. (from Note 1: See 684th session, with note 2, in session 1, "Unknown"... Rob)

This (precognitive ability) steers the cell through mazes of probabilities, while allowing it to retain knowledge of its own greatest fulfillment... THE IDEA OF ITSELF, which is always alive in any given period of your time. On a different kind of scale, then, each individual has the same sort of idealized version of the self, and so does each species.

Here I mean EACH species, and I am not simply referring to mankind. Obviously these are not apparent to the physical senses, yet they are strong energy centers that to some degree do stimulate the physical senses toward activity. To that degree, then there are indeed "tree gods", gods of the forest, and "gods of being" connected with each person.

Angels have been represented in just this fashion. At one time there were also species of birds, however, with high intelligence... this before the period mentioned earlier. (from note 2... 30 million to 50 million years ago, Seth told us in the 689th session, and fell within the Tertiary Period. How long before that period had the intelligent birds lived? I wasn't quick enough to ask him; I don't remember the details in the 689th session well enough... Rob)

They were not humanoid; not, for example, people with wings. They were large birds, with the capacity for dealing with concepts. They were social, could swim well (pause), and for some time could live on the water. They had songs of great beauty, and a most extensive vocabulary. They had talons. (Her eyes wide and dark, Jane held up her hands, fingers bent as though ready to grasp... or claw.) When he was a cave dweller, man saw these birds often, particularly in cliffs by water. Many times the birds saved children from falling. Man identified with their easy flight up the cliff sides, and followed the sounds of their songs to safe clearings. These memories turned into the angel images. In each case in those times there was the greatest cooperation, on a global scale, between species. The inner impetus toward development, however, came from the innate comprehension of future probabilities. In that picture all species alive at any time joined. This included plants and ferna. Those who cooperated survived, but they did not think in terms of survival of their own species alone... but in time terms, of a greater living picture, or world inviolate, in which all survived.

There are various orders of existence even within your system itself. You merely focus upon the one to which you are oriented. There ARE then, 'spirits' of all natural things... but unfortunately, even when you consider such possibilities you project your own religious ideas of good and evil upon them.... Instead... think of them as different kinds or orders of species that are connected with all natural living things.

They certainly have a reality in energy, and they aid in the conversion of energy into physical terms. They are active rather than passive, then. You see about you physical forces and think nothing of them. For example: you FEEL the wind and its effects, but you cannot see IT. The wind itself is invisible. So these other forces are also invisible. In basic terms they are no more good nor evil than the wind is. I say this because you usually imagine that if something is good, there must be a countering force that is evil... Such is not the case. In greater terms these forces are GOOD. They are protective. They nourish every living thing. They have been the impetus for what you THINK OF AS EVOLUTION. They are biological in that they are to some extent composed of mass cellular knowledge... basically free of time, but DIRECTING physical activity in time, and thereby maintaining physical equilibrium.

There is great cooperation, again, between such forces. In such a way one tree in a forest knows of the entire environment and its relationship in it. Its TREENESS can merge with soilness, for example.

Because you are people, you personify what you perceive... 'peopleize' it. You imagine such 'spirits' to be small people, endowed with your kind of characteristics. Instead there are simply a SPECIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS, entirely different from your own, not usually perceived physically under most conditions. They are indeed connected with flora and fauna, but also with the animals and yourselves, and they are the 'earth gods' that Rubert imagined as a young person.

You each have your own earth god. The term may not be the best, but it is meant to express that portion of you that is as yet unexpressed in your terms... the idealized EARTH VERSION of yourself, which you are becoming. The idealized earth version is not meant to mean a perfect self in flesh at all instead, it represents a psychic reality in which your own abilities fulfill themselves in relationship with your environment to the fullest extent possible, within the time and place you have already chosen.

That earth-god portion of yourself attempts to direct you through probabilities. Again, on deep biological levels beneath normal consciousness, and on psychic levels above normal consciousness, you are aware of the integrity of your being... but also of your great connection, while living in flesh, with the natural environment of time and space. The earth-god concept can be consciously used, but only to your greatest advantage if you understand the purpose of your conscious mind and its relationship with your biological nature.

Your conscious mind tells you where you are in time and space, and directs your activity in a world of human action. That world has its own kind of rich complication, that is as unknown to the animals as is much of their acute realization unknown to you. Because you have a conscious mind, then, other portions of your being rely upon it to give them an adequate picture of your situation, and to give the conscious orders for action. These orders will then be carried out. To do this, you must use that mind as completely as possible. The picture of reality in TIME AND SPACE that you give to your cells must be accurate. They must act on a minute-to-minute, second-to-second, microsecond-to-microsecond basis, even though their own orientation is NOT familiar with your time concept.

End of dictation(heartily). Short break. Then a few remarks..." SETH


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