The Journey to Tomorrow Land

The Journey to Tomorrow Land
A fragment of a Datre future book

Now there has been communication from us as well as others regarding the disposition of this planet, in the new Millennium. Alright?

Now we have talked about the water that is disappearing from that which you call the ocean. That is changing many things. The water will be in the firmament as moisture so that you will have a stable planet within your bubble. Alright?

JOHN: Let me see if I understand you right. Our science has noted that our polar ice is melting rapidly. Yet the resulting sea level rise is not in agreement. Some of our ocean water is missing.
That missing moisture is being moved into – what the Bible calls the Firmament - which is a bubble of moisture surrounding our whole planet.

This condition of a bubble of moisture surrounding our planet is the condition that existed in the time of the Biblical Noah, when there were no oceans or seas as yet on our planet earth. Is that what you’re saying?

DATRE: Correct!

We have also spoken at one point in time about , you will look into this starry night and find that the planets are acting a little different than they did before and the appearance of the stars will be a little bit different than they have been before but what is happening is that planet earth is moving to a different location within that which you call your great big space. So what is happening is you are moving into a location where you are going to have a great deal of, that which you call space. You will still be within the planets of your present solar system but the energy will be different. This will help accelerate those on this planet that are what might be called ‘free thinkers’. Now that is not going to bother you any because you don’t see your other planets anyway because they are in the distance but you will find a way of taking care of that because, as you move, other things will be moving according to your scientific research. Alright?

What will happen is that some of you will begin the process of becoming ‘an entity unto yourselves’. As more and more peoples on planet earth begin to assimilate these new understandings it will soon become evident that they are ready to begin a new planet.

Now, that is the only way that we can begin to set up the division that will take place in the future. Not that it is going to be like the sun where you have the sun in the center and the planets going around it, it is not going to be that kind of type of system because you don’t need it. Your light and heat will be self generated from your new planet earth, in and of itself, all alone.

These other planetary systems, that are basically oriented to a single or a solitary expression, that can see the advantage of being in a system of with many multiple types of, well I am going to call them humanities, because you have physical expressions. You’ll take good care with your trees and that sort of thing. You will have your bushes and your vegetation life, different, but still patterned similarly to what you have now. You will also have birds, you will have fish, you will have different animals than you have now.

Your fish, probably your largest fish, would be like a dolphin or a beluga whale, but you see those are of a smaller variety. They do not need the vast oceans. And you will have your fish and things, but your larger animals that need a great deal of space and a great deal of food will not, they will be like the dinosaurs and so forth.

Now, as far as the people is concerned, I’m not getting into that. All that we’re doing is setting up the planet. Because your people, as you have seen, you look at two generations back , people were smaller. Alight, you look at today in especially the United States, you will see everything from the little woman 5 foot 2, the grandma, the woman 5 foot 5, the grandma. And then you will see as you see the two generations come up, as you see them unfold, you will see larger and larger people.

With the male population, you will see the same thing. You are seeing it in other countries – Scotland was a good example when you were there many years ago. You saw the parents and then you saw the offspring, and saw how much taller they were than their parents, because they wanted a bigger expression. And the thing is the large expression attracts more attention. The large expression is more ‘powerful’ because just by their nature of walking into a room, their size commands attention. So that is what that was all about. It wasn’t anything more. Then your basketball players and all these people that are very big, they created sports so they had a reason and that has been going on for a long period of time. But what I am saying is now, you have a diversity that any other planet in all this solar system that you have right now, is not as diversified. You know that, you suspect there is other people on the planets that are around you. But you have no idea what is going on. And I am not getting that because that is already ‘yesterday’s news’. So there is no need to go back because as you get into that which you call your own space, what good is a historical background going to do you? Your thought patterns, by the time you reach that stage of your development and your movement in that which you call the stratosphere or atmosphere or whatever you want to call it, by the time you get to that your thinking will be so different that it won’t really relate. That is what New Millennium is all about.

JOHN: New doesn’t deal with yesterday.

DATRE: No, it doesn’t.

JOHN: New deals with ‘now’.

Datre: And the thing that is great about that which you call your death is at that time, the remembrance of what existed and what relationships existed on your planet at the time of life, by the time you get into that which you call your death, that fades so you don’t remember and then when you come back in, you are fresh, you are new, your personality has been wiped clean. The only way you pick up yesterday is relatives that ‘remember when’. Alight. There is no need for that anymore. Not in the new Millennium. You don’t have to remember ‘when’ because you are going to be in a more creative mode than you have ever been before.

JOHN: If you keep creating off of yesterday, all you are creating is a different yesterday.

DATRE: A different yesterday.

JOHN: You never create a new tomorrow.

DATRE: But that is why those will be left on that other planet. Because there will be a change in the planetary system but it is like you go to sleep now, and you wake up you’ll be on a different planet but it will be so much like what you’ve had it will be just like going to a different country.

Now, as for mountains and lakes and rivers and all this other, deserts and all of that. That is undecided and it doesn’t need to be decided because if it is decided, you have nothing to create.

JOHN: The cleaner the slate the more the options.

DATRE: That is exactly right and not only that, all of this electronic equipment to keep you in touch with that which is going on in the rest of the world is no longer necessary. You will creating from within the physical construct.

Not only that, there will be no need for that which you call ‘death’. You can live as long as you want because you will understand that you can. And that will come in the change as your planet begins its movement. Your thought patterns, in fact I shouldn’t say begins because you have been on it for quite some time, but it is coming to the point that there will be a culmination and when that occurs, then you take off and go in another direction, unbeknownst to you. But you see what you will have, gathered around you, each and every one of you, not only because of Datre, but because of the understanding of who you are. That is the only way you can leave this planet, earth. Unless you have come from another entirely different system and are in here as a teacher, come in, teach and leave.

Now, that is this present, planetary earth existence. That is the way that works.

Now, as you gather people, personalities, around you, listening to the Datre information, your, shall we say, understanding of what physical reality really is all about, what it is like, and you understand it and you say – there is no question. If there is a question, you know you are not going anyplace. Until that question becomes so real to you that don’t know that there is anything else other than.

JOHN: In fact, what you are going to solidify, you cannot ask a question unless you know the answer.

DATRE: That is right. And that is going to, by its very nature, of the question and answer, that is going to give you, individually, your own ‘security blanket’, shall we say. Because you will understand. You’ll know.

JOHN: Your own place of ‘beingness’.

DATE: Yes. Its yours, it is not nobody else’s. You’ll notice that those people that are beginning to, you see them here and you see them there, you hear them on the television here and there, they are individualistic. They are not holding on to anything or anyone else. And what happens is that…

JOHN: Sever the apron strings.

DATRE: It is. but it is not going to happen over night. Nothing does.

JOHN: It does but we don’t pay a lot of attention to anything.

DATRE: Well, that’s true too but the thing is what you are doing now, is that you are working through many layers of your beingness in order to get to your personality. That’s what concepts and probabilities and possibilities are all about. Because it is a filtering down so that it gets through the layers of your beingness, your physical beingness, this layering business, yes, in order to get the personality to be able to unravel a concept – regardless of how grandiose or how small it is. Its trying to get through all these layers that you have built up over another millennium.

JOHN: Or millenniums.

DATRE: Right. But the most recent – you see, we are seeing the development but it is so slow, because of this build-up.

JOHN: The inertia is very strong.

DATRE: Oh, it is very strong and it is very difficult to get through. It is very difficult to get through to do any work at all. And that is why it is so very quiet in here right now, there is nobody home, and when there isn’t anybody around, then I can begin to come through, but I can’t otherwise. And that has been a stumbling block as well. But, anyway, what I am saying is, it is like everything else, once this new ‘planet earth’ becomes established in a new portion of that which you call your space, or whatever you want to call it, or galaxy – not a galaxy because that is a group – I don’t want a group. I just want you out there, all by yourselves. As you begin to develop –

JOHN: We build our own new neighborhood.

DATRE: You build your own. You are going to be building it from an entirely different concept. I cannot explain it because your words do not explain it, but it is something that is so different that it is like taking peoples way back in the 1400’s or even before the 14 something’s, and dumping them into today.

JOHN: Good luck!

DATRE: That’s right. It’s the same difference. You are going to be that much different than you were.

JOHN: But you wont have a relationship to be able to compare with.

DATRE: That’s right. And that will allow you to be able to ---

JOHN: We will be a functioning expression for the first time.

DATRE: And you will be the god that you were intended to be in the first place.

JOHN: In full awareness.

DATRE: Yes, yes. And you will not have all this gobble-de-gook to go through in order to get a concept that you can understand in physicality, to unravel, to see where it is going to develop. Because you are finishing up odds and ends and bits and pieces. So, when you get to that point, who has the odds and ends and bits and pieces? There aren’t going to be any. The thrust will always be forward. Not sideways, or backwards or anything. It will – it is all there.

JOHN: It is as I said, it will be the more humane humanity, we aspire to.

DATRE: That’s right. And you know who is going to be your helpers, again, still, yet, which exists on all planetary existences? These are your very, dear, deepest friends, and that is your Divas, your Fairies, your Elementals, Elves – your everything.

JOHN: The whole cadre! These we mentioned in the Datre book “Your Unseen World”.

DATRE: Because that is your maintenance crew. You think that you take care of your body, you’ve got another guess coming. Those are the people or beings that maintain your body.

JOHN: Those are the beings that do that.

DATRE: Absolutely.

JOHN: And they are not gods or angels.


JOHN: As they have been referred to.

DATRE: They have been depicted as – but –

JOHN: By the Greeks, Roman’s and the Jews.

DATRE: But then again, once you reach that point you’ll understand, you’ll know –

JOHN: There will be no such thing as what is godly, god – what’s that? That will not even be a concept and beings with wings – why wings.

DATRE: There won’t be any saviors or anything.

JOHN: There will be a whole bunch of us. No differentiation.

DATRE: No. And they talk about talking to the trees. Why not? What’s the difference, they all have a story to tell.

JOHN: Or the rock or the table or the animals.

DATRE: But you see, there again, you will make ‘that which is necessary for a planetary existence. Now, maybe you don’t want a table. Maybe you aren’t interested in any of that. You go pick something off the tree and eat it. It depends on the individuals in a new millennium. But you’ll say, but I don’t want to leave that individual. But you’ve already left them every time you die. That is very important!! Either you leave them or they leave you and that is only their personality expression. That personality expression, the next time it comes onto the planet, it come with a clean slate. The only thing that brings it into that which you call, normality, is that you come into a family and they really tell you about all the relatives and that you look like so and so –

JOHN: And you absorb that into your make-up and that becomes ‘you’.

DATRE: You’re exactly right and that is how you become you. But you can’t really become ‘you’ unless you start pushing the boundaries.

JOHN: You can’t become ‘you’ unless you start expressing as ‘you’.

DATRE: That’s right but you also have to push the boundaries.

JOHN: The boundaries are the ‘none you’ elements.

DATRE: Yes. And not only that, it isn’t going to do you any good. It’s like they’ve said before, in fact it’s in the story book that Aona’s reading now, is it’s this business that you can sit and pray all you want to, but if there is going to be a storm, there’s going to be a storm and if you are the only one that is praying that you don’t want it to be a storm, it isn’t going to work. You have to have everybody –

JOHN: Everybody has to be in tune.

DATRE: Yes, but in the New Millennium, it doesn’t have to be that way because everybody stands on their own two feet and does their own creation and nobody says, ‘oh, you can’t do that’, or ‘you shouldn’t do that’. All of that is going to be wiped away.

JOHN: And all this mechanistic world that we created – we do that to give ourselves stories that we can accept. Fly from here to Europe. Oh no, you don’t fly, you made up the story that you flew. We just disappeared from our starting point and reappeared at our destination.

DATRE: That’s right.

JOHN: You work with straight stuff.

DATRE: And, if you ever see that happen, it is very interesting. That’s where ‘little one*’likes to get in and watch the story because you ‘see’ what happens here diminish and disappear and re-appear –

*(The “little one” that they are referring to is the entity that gave himself the name Dexter. He has attached himself to Aona and is like one of the family. He is not part of Datre, but, from time to time he will come up with something from his vantage point – like the time he decided to explain how the layers of our atmosphere work to allow planes to fly.)

JOHN: It’s a transposition, we disappear from one point and reappear at another, its not a movement.

DATRE: But the thing is you have flown in an airplane, ridden in a car, all these things but it is watching it disappear and reappear. The first time you see that, Aona, the first time she saw, it hasn’t been that long ago and think of how many years she’s been on this planet, she actually saw the disappearance and the re-appearance and it is a mind-boggling, or rather brain-boggling experience.

JOHN: It sounds good to me.

DATRE: She wonders why she has such violent headaches. It is because the brain cannot adjust to rationalize to that extent.

JOHN: You can’t put a story line on that.

DATRE: You can’t. And you see the brain begins to hurt, shall we say, because it is trying so hard to assimilate that knowledge. But you see when you –

JOHN: The brain’s job is to make up story lines based on the rules of this system.

DATRE: That’s right, but if the story line is made up by the brain, for the brain

JOHN: It’s easier.

DATRE: No, it isn’t. It’s harder because the brain can’t accept something that it hasn’t done itself. See, the brain only works with things that have been previously, to some degree. So, if it sees something brand new, and is conscious that it’s brand new, something the brain has never seen before, it has been talked about and understood, brain-wise, but it hasn’t appeared as something that is actually happening, the brain has a terrible time with that.

JOHN: That is the big problem with teleportation.
Here in this physically.

DATE: That’s right. But you see, that –

JOHN: Then the brain goes AAAAAAHHHHH!

DATRE: Yes, and it wants to hang on to something.

JOHN: Right.

DATRE: But you see, if the brain, if it happens so fast that the brain has nothing – if it can’t stop it, or like with Aona – she won’t stop it because she wants to watch the process, but then you see, the brain has a terrible time with something like that.

JOHN: That is an area where our science is very confused. They think that the mind and the brain are the same thing. They have no idea that the mind is like a freewheeling creator without associations and the brain is hard wired with the rules of this system. That is the only way physical existence will happen.

DATRE: And then it upsets the whole physical system and so that’s one of the things that happens. But you see, when you don’t have that any more, and you can be this whole creator, then at that point in ‘time’, you’ll begin to gather those around you that are saying – now, that’s a new experience! And they may not come to see you but you may go and visit them. You find that a planet that comes to visit you, and may stay in that area simply because all they will bring with them, the only thing that those workers on that planet, will do is music.

Are you going to build anything to play with?

JOHN: Why?

DATRE: It is not necessary but you will create the music and you will ‘transfer that music’ but it will be transferred in more than one different way.

Because it is a vibration and is the vibration going to be in color, sound, texture, it can be smell, anything to come onto a planet like this earth one. You will not be separated from this planet, that you are on right now, unless you wish to be but if you wish to remain as teachers from this point to this point, and help those who are on this earth planet, you can do that because there is no - -

JOHN: It sounds like great fun.

DATRE: It is. It is going to be unusually different and somebody will say, well, I don’t believe it. You don’t have to believe it.

JOHN: What does belief mean? All belief means is “I don’t know”

DATRE: You can do whatever you want to. You can jump on the boat, if you want to go on a ride. If you don’t want to, you can stay here. There is nothing that says - - You don’t ever have to do anything. It is up to you.

JOHN: It is an experience. So that I get this straight are you saying that this planet earth is moving into an empty area of space and when it gets there it will clone itself? And it is that new cloned planet that you are describing? Where some people will find themselves waking up on?

DATRE: Correct. But is the building of the personality and knocking down all the barriers and the layering between the total you that you are that all of these layers you have to go through to get to the personality. Taking all of that out. That is what is happening. That is why there are all of those are ‘in that which you call ‘ the realm where they are learning this stuff. Because they are the ones who will be teaching you who are in physically here.

JOHN: Fine.

DATRE: But you see, it has to come – and the more we can do here, the more we can gather together. Because who says you need a whole planet full of people? The planet will be as big as you need it but you don’t need that many people to be creative and create the art –

JOHN: In the time of Ramtha, there weren’t that many.

DATE: No. Didn’t have to be. And if there were others, they didn’t know about it. China knew about China. India knew about India. All of these different places – all you have done, really, is split up different sections and then you call them countries. And that is what you have. You here have 49 countries you call states. All on one piece of land. So don’t give any garbage about Russia. See, you have to look at the whole picture from the top and be able to say, “this is all right”

This is what you’ve decided to do as a peoples. But you’ve split yourselves because you are so split that you can’t function the other way around

JOHN: You’ve fragmented yourself to such a degree that the only way we can function is as a fragmented existence.

DATRE: Yes, that is exactly right. And I think that this is a good place to stop. I thank you and we will see you later, Good bye.


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