The Tomorrow land project

We Aona and John are in the process of gathering enough money to either buy or build our own facility which we intend to call the TOMORROWLAND INSTITUTE. Where we can train and educate those of us that plan to make the move to the new cloned planet.
We do not want those who wake up on that new planet to be confused about where they are and not know how to function there.

Also, we want to provide some of the likely elements that we humans will experience there.

Since each individual there will be functioning from the point of “there is no greater creator than the one you see in your mirror”. There will likely not be any room for a religion or government system. There also will likely not be any monetary system for the same reasons.

This will be an environment where we humans will work to fully integrate themselves into a fully functioning “whole self”. We will also be fully aware of and communicate with all of the Divas, fairies, elementals, etc.
Indeed full communication with all of what is called nature will be considered “normal”
At some point in their development some of these humans might decide that they want to return to planet earth and teach those fearful ones left behind. And of course they can do that.
Then since what has been called death is no longer a barrier there you might have classes taught by such great individuals as Plato or Socrates.
There will likely be no such a religion as the one we call science, since full knowledge will be the hallmark of each individual.
As you likely have noticed, we nor Datre have not given a name to this new planet to be cloned from earth. That is the province of those who will be living there.
Many other characteristics will come up and be explained to those interested when we get this new Datre facility arranged.


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