(I'll be posting quite a few of the posts and parts of the old sites that John/Aona had, and I'll start with the site that was dedicated to The Planetary Grid. This seems to be mostly done by John S.)



The idea of there being a planetary grid or energy matrix has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Those that were involved in 'dowsing' knew of these strange energies that flowed upon the surface of the globe through out recorded history.

But, it was only with the advent of an article written by Chris Bird in the mid 70's in the 'New Age Journal' that the world at large became aware of the planet having an overall crystalline type structure.

Chris Birds article served to give the pattern of the planetary grid a common term or name - the RUSSIAN GRID. It was this article by Chris that caught my attention. I found his article fascinating, and decided to try and see "if" there really was such a grid or pattern. And if so, just exactly "how" did it fit or line up exactly on planet earth.

The article by Chris was an English translation from a Russian scientific journal and only provided some 60 or so points that went into outlining this grid configuration. There were no 'specific' points - longitude, latitude wise - just a large group of generalized locations.

My first task was to teach myself the science of "spherical trigonometry" which would allow me to accurately locate any points of the grid on the planet. In those days, spherical trig. was not understood by most trigonometry teachers. When I would run into a problem in understanding some tricky reference and went to ask for clarification, all I would get is, 'spherical trig.? oh yes, that's that old navigation math.' or some similar comment. It wasn't until I came across a trig teacher that was also a pilot, that I was able to get some answers.

So, over the ensuing years I busied myself in the strange world of spherical configurations. I bought one of the HP scientific calculators of the time and wrote my own equations. The tricky part, I was soon to find out, was that this grid had perfect symmetry on the globe and I would need a minimum of 'two' specific points on the grid pattern that matched two likewise 'specific' points of objects or places on the earth. Though simple sounding, it turned out to be the 'real' challenge to specifying 'how' the grid lined up with the planet.

As I continued my quest, I published a few articles here and there, with what was to me - at the time - the correct alignment. One of my articles took most of one of the issues, including both front and back covers of volume 15, number 1, whole 57, First Quarter 1982, of the magazine "Persuit" (Journal of SITU. The Society for the Investigation of The Unexpected). This SITU was one of the legacy's of the world renown zoologist, biologist, botanist and geologist Ivan T. Sanderson. Their publications were distributed world wide to it extensive membership.

At about the same time frame, another pioneer, Bruce Cathie of New Zealand, was exploring his approach to there being a planetary 'grid' system. His approach, detailed in his many published books, "Harmonic 33", "Harmonic 695" and several others, dealt with the grid idea from a purely "harmonic" vantagepoint. So in those days of the late 70's through the mid 80's we, me John Sinkiewicz, Bruce Cathie, and Chris Bird through his RUSSIAN GRID article, were the early pioneers of the planetary grid movement - as it well might be called.

Many others began speaking on and about the planetary grid and its workings, but not from any research of their own, rather by using the publications of we three pioneers. Today there are a good number of persons touting their versions of there being a planetary grid and how they think it might align with the planet. Back in about 1985, Bruce Cathie and I shared the podium on a tour through Canada, with other researchers into the 'unusual'. And Bruce and I would comment on these others, who had no first hand exposure to the grid, expounding to one and all 'how' it all worked. To us it was all quite a joke. But at least the idea was being spread wide and near about the planet having an energy grid system.

Bruce took a totally different approach to the possible grid configuration and in later years went about accommodating the "Russian Grid" to his approach. As for myself, I had satisfied myself that I had gone as far as I could go with this research - but I was still unsatisfied - so in 1996 I just dropped the whole thing.



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