Hi again everyone,
In the many kind responses to our little note on feedback there were
several wonderment's about what the STARR BIRTH was all about. Well since
it was I who inadvertently got things all mixed up on this STARR BIRTH
thing, let me try and straighten it out.

First, the term STARR BIRTH only referred to this planet Earth cloning
itself. This has happened a few years back. The term STARR means 'to have
the ability to self clone'. This planet Earth is a STARR planet, thus the
term STARR BIRTH when this planet did indeed clone itself.

In fact this may be where all of the references to 'star' people originated
from. In the transition from a 'cloned' reality into an 'individuated'
reality there was a short term transition state where we were a self
'cloning' species. At that time everyone on the planet was capable of self
'cloning' a new body. As was said above, the term for this ability is
STARR. Thus we had a whole race of beings that were STARR people. Not
people FROM the stars. The genetic memories of those times are likely the
source for 'most' if not all of this 'star' people thing we hear so much

Now back to the BIRTH again. What Datre is referring to as the BIRTH is
actually several things coming together all at once. The whole process
started over two or more, 35 million with another million zeros years,
cycles back. Suffice it to say way long before anything we know of today
was very old. The main purpose for the initial experiment was to try and
develop an element or tool for the Universe that the Universal beings
desired. At the time they were not sure IF the experiment would work. At
this point in time it is a near certainty that it was a success.

As a part of this BIRTH thing SETH, Ramtha, Datre and others have tried to
educate us as to what is up coming in our near future. Well the year when
it all begins in earnest is the year 1997.

There are going to be so many changes in the next few years that science
will end up re-writing all of the 'laws' of science within the next three
years or so.

Well I seem to have once again gotten carried away with myself. I do hope
that I have helped you better understand this birth thing. I may even have
helped you all understand better the 'true' order of magnitude that is
involved in what Datre is calling the BIRTH.
John S.


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