Grid History

Alfred Hubbard

Alfred Hubbard obtained energy directly from the earth and demonstrated that it could be transmitted, as was written about in the December 17th., 1919 Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper. The pictures in the paper showed the Hubbard device lighting a 200 watt light bulb.

Hubbard, then only 19 years old, powered an 18 foot wooden boat around Portage Bay, near Seattle. Operating a 35 horsepower electric motor, with no batteries in the boat, he cruised around for hours on the energy produced from his device.

Lester Hendershot

Then there was Lester Hendershot who, used a similar approach to power an airplane with an electric engine. Both Hubbard, and Hendershot used what was called, in the old Chinese records, the "Cosmic Flower", which they claimed was the "source of all power". Both principles employed a pulse resonance with the earth's grid system and created a secondary induction between the two windings on the coils. Hubbard's coils were round, in both the primary and secondary and Hendershot used a round configuration in the primary with a diamond shaped secondary as the result of the "basket" weave in the winding.

Hubbard's transmitter was in exact resonance with the transducer he had aboard the boat. He collected the energy in his transformer by running wires 1200 feet in North, South, East and West directions underground, from the center. The outer end of the wires attached to hollow tubes 18 inches long that had mercury in them. The wires passed through the earth's energy grid wave. The mercury apparently created a choke, or pulse block that forced the current to go to the central primary circuit.

T. Henry Moray

Then there was T. Henry Moray, who was known world wide for the invention of his "free electricity" device. Henry had devised the first crude transistor and arranged several of them in cascading stages of amplification inside a box a bit larger than a bread box. From this device he ran an "input" wire to a long aerial that was positioned in alignment with the planet's grid pattern about 8 to 10 feet above the ground. From the output stage of the device he was able to power a bank of some 20, 200 watt light bulbs with no other electrical source.

Because he tried to interest several countries in investing in the wide application of his device, his life reads like a James Bond cloak and dagger story of intrigue.

Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla, the father of AC electricity, also did a number of experiments with the planetary grid, while experimenting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During that time, Tesla, who could "see" the grid, decided to do some explosion experiments on these grid junctions that he was curious about. He proceeded to detonate several different substances and materials on these grid junctions to see if there was any difference in effect.

The results of these experiments - which were kept very secret by the U.S government - were what we know today as "atomic" science. You could say that Nicola Tesla was also the "father" of atomic science as we know it today.

In the magazine, Electrical Experimenter, of February, 1919, in an article titled "Famous Scientific Illusions", written by Nicola Tesla, he says regarding his transmission of power; "Some experts, whom I have credited with better knowledge, have for years contended that my proposals to transmit power without wires are sheer nonsense, but I note that they are growing more cautious every day. The latest objection to my system is found in the cheapness of gasoline. These men labor under the impression that the energy flows in all directions and that, therefore, only a minute amount can be recovered in any individual receiver. But this is far from being so. The power is conveyed in only one direction, from the transmitter to the receiver and none of it is lost anywhere. It is perfectly practicable to recover at any point of the globe energy enough for driving an airplane or a pleasure boat or for lighting a dwelling. I am especially sanguine in regard to the lighting of isolated places and believe that a more economical and convenient method can hardly be devised. The future will show whether my foresight is as accurate now as it has proved heretofore."

Here in 1919 you can see the greatest electrical genius, Nicola Tesla, saying it can be done and unknown to Tesla, Hubbard and Hendershot were doing exactly that. Transmitting energy to drive an airplane and pleasure boat.


Hugo Gernback, President of the Xperimenter Publishing Co., in which Tesla's articles were published, says in the same issue; "If we are sending pure Hertzian waves, why do we connect one wire at both sending and receiving stations to the ground? Hertz never dreamt of such a thing. If you were still unconvinced that the earth is the chief medium of transmission, disconnect your ground wires entirely and try to send and receive. Now you may work with Hertz waves but the distance you can bridge will be pitifully small."


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