Message from Aona

Greetings to All,

We thank you for your responses to our note. Because we are going thru
some very different and unusual changes, we began to wonder if we were
reaching you in the deepest parts of your beings.

This year, as stated previously, is a pivotal year. Beginning this month
of March, there are very strong energy waves coming in.

As you know, great changes are going to take place within all bodies. This
is all part of the changes everyone on the planet is going to go thru - not
just the spiritually evolved - so to speak. As stated in Datre's comments
to Al, the changes have started for many, but the majority of the people on
the planet will go thru these changes at different times AND in different
ways. There are no two individuals alike, therefore, their experiences
will be different.

I, personally, have been going thru changes in my physical body for many
years, tuning and retuning. Now both John and I are experiencing the new
energy waves TOGETHER. This has been a "week that was!" something else.

A few weeks ago, when John was out of town, he began to hear a strange
hissing sound in the car. As soon as he could, he stopped, turned off the
motor, opened the hood - and to his surprise - the hissing noise
continued!! It was in his head!!! He got back in the car and drove quite
a distance before either the noise stopped or was no longer noticeable.

We have spoken about the changing of the brain and bringing the 3rd brain
"on line". This is one of his experiences in that area.

I have been having noises in my head, off and on, for several weeks. Last
week they started to intensify until the last three days when it really
"got to me." I had to have the radio or TV or something on all the time,
while I was awake, or I had trouble handling the noise. It would be one
side or another or all over the head or from the top down the back in a
narrow line. At one point I scratched my head and it sounded like
cardboard. I know that if I hadn't had some idea of what was happening I
would have gone to a doctor thinking I had high blood pressure or brain
tumor or something - it was that severe.

NOTE: This is NOT the ringing in the head kind of noise referred to in
'Close Encounters'.

This week, Tuesday morning, John started with diarrhea. He slept most of
the time for two days and nights. The third night, I started with diarrhea
and vomiting and kept it up for several hours. Then it quit as quickly as
it had come and the head noise went with it. All we have done this week is
sleep. We get up and find something to eat and go back to the couch or bed
and sleep some more. Many people are experiencing periodic bouts of

Along with all this, I went thru some "fire". I woke up one night with the
noise in my head so loud I could hardly stand it, my heart pounding, and
all I could see was fire. Now, many of you who are familiar with the
teaching regarding the "rising of the Phoenix" will think that what they
were referring to was the planet. No, it is the physical body.

The body is making physical adjustments to handle the new energies. There
will be many changes that will take place within the body. The pads
between the bones of the spinal cord will be thickened allowing more energy
to pass thru. The intestines will be changed. The other organs of the
body will be making new changes. The thyroid and the thalamus and the
pituitary will be making changes.

These are all BODY changes. The more you learn to work with your body and
realize it is your friend and not your enemy, the easier it will be for you
to go thru these periods of adjustment.

Now, I am not saying this to set you into panic. I am telling you these
things because, from my standpoint, knowledge eliminates fear. Not
everyone will go thru these things in the same way. Because of who I know
I AM, I asked for the "whole package" so that I can be of help to others.
This is ONE of my purposes for being in the physical at this point in time.

The Datre material that is being brought thru me, is the way that this
information can be broadcast. It needs to be spoken so that the vibration
will be picked-up by the mass consciousness on the planet. There will be
more and more people that will be picking up this information, because it
is in a vibration that can be easily accessed. This is good. The more
this information is spread, the less panic when people encounter the new

These energies will be very strong for the next few years.

If I may give one word of advice, for your own comfort level, please do not
deprive yourselves of sleep. This is the one time that your body can do
much of its work, when you are out of the way, so to speak.

Another thing these new energies are pushing is - RESPECT. Respect for
yourself and respect for others. What few people realize is that RESPECT
is a Universal PRINCIPLE. All that the TV, movies, etc... are stressing
now is sex and violence. These are two areas where lack of respect is
obvious. If there was just this one "lesson" (respect) that was learned
while living in the physical, everything on this planet would change
dramatically. You can talk about all the love you want to, the respect is
the biggest "number" that is facing everyone on the planet at this time.

Thank you for your support, via your correspondence. We are just as
physical as you are and appreciate your kind words.



  1. Hi Janitor!~ Thank you for posting~,do you know when did this message taken?

  2. Hello there, sorry for the rather late reply, I didn't see your comment until now.
    No unfortunately, I don't know when this was published, but I reckon some time in the mid of the 90's (?) I think it's from an early stage. I can't remember if I even saw a date on this, sorry.


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