- Edit: I've uploaded what I think is the folder John is refering to, alongside the same place I've uploaded the transcripts and e-books. It's a folder called "Correction".
You just follow the link to the books/transcripts, click on 'Skydrive for datrefree transcripts, and it should be there.
I'll see if I can put up a usable link from this post here, later. -


For those of you adventurous enough to want to get into the nitty-gritty of how this grid stuff works, I have included the spreadsheet formulas (in Quatro Pro format) that I have developed. These formulas are in the zip fileFORMULAS.ZIP and can be downloaded here. I must warn you who are so bold, you'd better be ready for some struggles in visualizing what you are trying to project onto a world or local map.
John S.


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