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A book written in the German language, in Innsbruck, Austria in 1952, explains the findings of outstanding researchers into the earth's power grid system. The title of this book is "The World of the Secret Forces". In German, "Die Welt Der Geheimen Machte".

The men involved are Dr. Willi Schlosser, Prof. Hellmut Wolff, Hans-Wilhelm Smolik, Heinrich Reblitz, Theodor Weimann, Herbert Lohlein, Ferdinand Reich, Prof. Dr. Hubert Urban, Dir. Prof. Dr. K. Saller, Prof. Dr. George Anschultz, Prof. Dr. Theol and Adolf Koberle. Quite an impressive group of qualified professional people to agree, and be involved in one book. They established that the earth is covered on the surface by a grid system of positive and negative poles in a checkerboard pattern.

Excerpts from the book are as follows:

"Each of the squares has a center pole surrounded by 8 smaller poles. (Here again is the Chinese Cosmic Flower, the Hubbard and Hendershot coils and the Tesla system of extracting energy from the earth.)

These squares vary in size from the equator, getting smaller in the direction of the earth's poles. The main pole concentrates energy. The North Latitude 48° (The latitude where these men conducted their research.) the center pole has a diameter of 2.45 meters. The 8 smaller poles have a diameter of 60 c.m. Four of the 8 outer poles (alternately) send energy up toward the sky. The other four send energy outward horizontally to North, South, East and West.

The squares (48° N. Latitude) are 15.90 meters diagonally from center to center poles.
N/sinus 45° = 15.9/0.707 = 22.50 meters

A border field is mingled together in the Northwest and Southeast directions and in the Southwest and Northeast directions. These 4 corners of the square seem to connect the fields of 2 of the negative smaller poles and two of the positive smaller poles.

At these points any person (or body) will receive a mixture of negative and positive energies.

The side length measurements at the equator are 32 meters long. It was found out that the earth between its North and South Poles was a "stick" magnet. On this magnetic field there are electric currents perpendicular to the "stick" magnet. Strange to say, that the Cheops pyramid on the 30° North latitude, stands on a diagonal measurement of the pole field of 30 meters on each side of the squares.

The main center poles of each positive square shows a direction of energy from above to below the earth's surface. There a vortex is created with a pulse like the opposite of the hand of a clock. The negative poles are visa versa.

Dr. Rohracher, of the University of Vienna, made a very sensitive electro-magnetic tuning fork (The Hendershot device also has a magnetic tuning fork.) that showed from 7 to 18 movements per second. Prof. Dr. Regelsberger made an electrometer which showed electric impulses of 10 millionth of an amp.

Dr. Muller, from Zurich, Switzerland, measured the electrical field on the human body. The body "aura" will change if you move into a different location.

This means the magnetic or electric field of the earth is different.

The 'dowsing rod' can locate the center of these positive and negative poles. These measurements should be made with different lengths of 'dowsing rods'. The length gives different wave length readings.

The pole you find with the rod is a knot of a free standing wave. (This is not magnetic nor electric energy.)

The 'aura' of the human body will be changed on all positive polarity pole centers and will discharge the human 'aura' on all negative poles until no aura is registered. This is how one can register whether the poles are positive or negative.

These experiments are physiologically and psychologically of the greatest importance to health. Whoever goes into the secret of the earth's ray powers will know the wheel of destiny.

These powers are free, not the power from our power plants. These in and out powers have to do with the human organism. The trouble zones and health zones have to do with the movement of the planets and stars. In the micro-cosmos it (the earth) is the electron that is in the command of our creator.

This is the pattern of the secret of creation and this is why the Chinese spoke of the secret of the golden blossom.

It is well known that there are rows of cancer houses in certain towns and most of the inhabitants are dying of this terrible sickness. The dowsers have proven that the bedrooms of cancer patients are on the grid crossings of the trouble zones.

Waldemar Jankowsky wrote about the cancer problem and said the light quantum and the Pi-electron are the cause. The dowsers proved these trouble zones are in the positive fields. Frh. V. Pohl wrote, 'earth beams are sickness exciters. We could find the positive fields by experiments'.

The places of the negative polar fields shows entirely different effects on the human organism. Now here is an entirely new field for searching doctors who are interested in the world of fine beams. Through this effect the life span of the human can be changed."

End of quotation.


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