How did Datre begin?

In answer to a question from Allen... "John, would you please send me some
information as to how Datre came about? I know that the name refers to the
various vibrations that make up the Soul identities of those who are
channeling, but I am curious as to how you came to meet them. I guess it is
the story behind the story."

First the term 'Soul' does not apply to Universal beings, that is an Earth
term developed out of our various religions to try and explain the
'essential Self' without really 'knowing' what it really was.

By way of answering this question I would like to just give some thumbnail
backgrounds of Aona and I, before and after we met.

I John, have been involved in these kinds of things since the early 50's
when I studied the Saint Germain "I AM" material. Also at that time, being
a scientist, I was involved in developing some possible theories on UFO
propulsion systems. At that time and for quite a long while after that I
accepted the UFO likelihood.

In the early 70's I became the Research Director for a large 'New Age'
center in the New England area. At that center we helped people with
'psychic' talents develop and use them better, with better accuracy. In the
mid 70's I lived in the new age communities of Findhorn (Scotland) and
Auroville (India) for several months and was part of an effort to merge
these two locations. Those were my days of grand experiences with Earth
energies and their natural arrangement.

During these early years I also had several articles published both in the
U. S. and Europe on many facets of new age science. I also lectured in many
countries - mostly concerning the Earth's energy grid and 'past life
regression'. In the late 70's I became involved with my first direct
contact with Beings from another part of this Universe. Those adventures
were written up in the book "On a Slide of Light" (I am the one referred to
as the 'red bearded scientist'). It was in 1980 that I moved to the Phoenix
Arizona area and met Aona (after only a week in town).

After Aona and I met and got to know each other we got married and traveled
to where ever the inner direction pointed - all in a motor home. In the mid
80's I was offered a research grant at Edinburgh University - if we would
first move to Scotland. Well we sold everything and moved to Scotland - the
grant never happened. While in Scotland, for almost a year, Aona had her
first experience with Seth and Ramtha - both visual and tactile. After
returning to the States  in 1985 we were asked to come to visit JZ Knight in Yelm
Washington - because Ramtha had mentioned my work on the Earth energy grid.
We were in Washington for about another year - went to see several local
channeled beings - including Ramtha.

While in Washington a friend we had made there gave us a Ouija board to
explore with - ala Jane Roberts. I, Aona, had known a person who was very
proficient with the board but that was the only time I had used one, was
with her.

As to my background, it was very simple. Brought up in a "church"
background, went to work after high school, married, husband died after 14
years of marriage. Left with a business to run. Needed two operations, so
had them both at the same time with two different doctors. The hospital was
full of "staff" infection and I got "staff" in one of the operations.
Placed in an Intensive care room.

One day or night, I don't know which, I flew out of my body up thru the
ceiling and directly in front of several "people" (as my brain interpreted
them). There seemed to be a long discussion and then I felt myself sliding
back into the body. The pain was unbelievable. The body had turned purple
down to the elbows and knees and up to the chin. Days had no meaning. The
day they brought me a hamburger and french fries for lunch. I demanded to
go home.

I could not stand or walk and had double vision. I had an elderly woman,
who had been one of my "spiritual teachers" come and stay with me for three
days and then she left. I taught myself how to walk, write, etc. From the
day I had "left my body" and for the next 5 or so years, I had two
different thought patterns in my head constantly.

Although I have control over my thought patterns now, I can look at things
in two ways. I can understand things from a Universal standpoint and also
from the standpoint of an earth-person. There are many things that confuse
me, even now (and that happened 21 years ago).

I wanted to know and understand many things, I read 'ism' and 'osphies' of
all different kinds. I went places where physic people gathered to find out
as much as I could. I've done many things. The only thing that never worked
was meditation. I'd go to sleep (at least I had no remembrance of where I
went or what I experienced). The same with sleep. I don't remember dreams.
I also had violent headaches for many years. When I began to work with
Universal beings I was told that that was due to the re-wiring that needed
to take place.

I did not want to be a "channel". There were so many of them. I, like Jane
Roberts, constantly questioned. When the real work finally began, I had to
learn to let go of the body, completely. Because of the bodies reluctance
to let go, it took a bit of training. Also, the regulation of the energy
coming into the body. Energy creates heat and there were times when I felt
I would "burn up". Finally, they asked me, on the Ouija board, if I would
devote my life to channeling Universal information. I gave it a lot of
thought, knowing what it would involve. All the time I "knew" this is what
I had to do.

When the final decision was made to go on the Net, I figured that this
information would get to people that would have no other way of getting it.
There are only two of us, that I know of, that channel Universal
information. A friend of ours had loaned us some tapes from this 'other'
channel and we were impressed with the similarity of the Being(s) doing the
channeling. (She, also, goes thru different periods of "re-wiring"). After
our first visit with this other channel we got confirmation of the answers
we were getting. It was great to meet and talk with her because we have
experiences that no one else would be able to relate to.

We were surprised that I was getting the same Being(s) with similar
information as this other channel - that was NOT usual for channels at
that time. We found out that one thing that was of interest to the Beings
while channeling through me was my 'lack' of restrictions on their 'vocal'
pattern or subject matter. This other channel had restricted 'all' of the
Beings to sound similar - with very few exceptions. We were also told that
since I had come here, from outside this bubble, to do this, I had less
'junk' for them to work through. From there on things just accelerated
until we have what we have today - called Datre.

I enjoy just being a regular person. I enjoy being on the Net because I
don't have to take any criticism. The information is there, no charge.
There are many, many people who can not afford expensive sessions in order
to get information. Its here. Take it or leave it.

I'm not a "joiner" or a "groupie" type person. Perhaps that is one of the
reasons I am doing this. I have very few friends but of those that I have,
only two, know about Datre, outside of my only sister.

Datre is a wonderful mixture of beings, serious, informative, fun loving,
some walk and eat and one loves to walk, eat, watch TV and help me paint.
While painting the kitchen cupboards, I'll paint as far as I can right
handed and "he" waits to paint with my left! I'm so right handed.

John and Aona


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