Hi everyone, (Aug. 1996)

I want to share an understanding with you all. Yesterday while talking with
one of those that make-up that which we call Datre, I was working with 'what
an Entity was'. While helping me explore that understanding, the one I was
speaking to made a remark that brought back a 'flood' of former 'knowing'
within me. His remark was, "but you see, I am 'nothing' yet I do what I do
because it is what I do". He went on to say, "the Entity is the same, it is
'nothing'". These remarks brought back a flood of understanding that I had
forgotten, 'we are ALL nothing' (no-thing) but we in the 'physical' construct
have a very DEEP fear of being 'nothing'.

When asked 'who' we are, we respond 'I am so and so'. That is NOT who we are,
that is just the 'form' of expression that we use in physicality. We are so
fearful of being nothing that we 'define' our 'god's' in quite specific terms,
omnipresent etc. That is also the reasoning behind the 'belief' in our having
a 'soul' - it defines the 'something' that we are. It is also why we as a
civilization have a very hard time realizing that we are NOT our bodies. We
'believe' that to be REAL we must be SOMETHING. Something always has
boundaries of what it is. Boundaries define 'limits' no matter how grand they
might be.

I see examples of this all the time in many of the questions to Datre, Seth,
Ramtha, or who ever. We seem to think that the 'name' defines who and what
they are, rather than just being a 'convience' for us in relating to these
Beings. That is also where much confussion comes in for many, we see a 'name'
for someone, and without further thinking, consider that 'name' to be the
'definition' of that being. Many who have read the Seth material are confused
when the Datre Seth 'seems' different. They are so used to John, Bill or Mary
always being John, Bill or Mary, at least in our 'structured' view of them,
that we carry the same fixed qualities over to all expressions of BEING. We
seem to want everybody to remain the same, just an 'improved' version.

We equate being 'nothing' as being 'un-worthy', 'unfulfilled'. This fear of
being un-worthy causes us to give up the only thing that defines us as us when
we enter the 'dead zone'. In the dead zone there are those 'lords' of the dead
zone that need to 'feed' off of us. They are the ones that we 'meet' upon
entering the dead zone and say 'come let me help you, I will take your 'sins'
away and you will be free'. We respond with, 'oh, thank you, oh load' and hand
over all of that which makes us, us. Then we 'recycle' and do the 'same thing'
all over again, time after time.

Let me get back to the 'Entity' again. The Entity, from which we all
originate, has no 'ability' to experience in and of itself. It has no
capability of memory. It grows in it's expression by forming and sending out
'life sparks' from within itself. These 'life sparks', us, go into what ever
reality there is and 'inter-act' with it. This interaction feeds this 'life
spark', us, and it grows. The life spark's 'connection' to the 'Entity' allows
the 'Entity' to absorb the 'life spark's' experiences also and likewise

Now, this 'life spark' is 'nothing', it is just the 'potential' to experience
and 'express' and become. In it's experiencing and expressing, the 'life
spark' grows and becomes 'more' of itself. At some point that 'life spark'
becomes aware of 'itself' as a SELF. As a 'realized' SELF, that 'life spark'
no longer needs the 'connection' to the Entity and the connection is no longer
provided. In the process, the 'life spark' has grown and become SELF realized.

If on the other hand the 'life spark' does not 'continue' to experience and
express, the 'life spark' is not fed and gets dimmer until it simply
disappears. It is not annihilated, because it never was, it was just a
'potential' to be. When the 'life spark' is extinguished, the few experiences
that remained are absorbed by the Entity and it still grows.

When the term 'I AM' is used, it is an identification of 'nothingness'. I AM
defines nothing. It is a 'difficult' concept for us who are used to
identifying ourselves as our bodies, John, Mary, Sam etc. We think greatness
is a 'definable' THING.

As mentioned earlier about those who 'take your sins away for you' in the dead
zone. Well what do you have left to grow on. Those 'sins' are the sum total of
your 'experiences' in physicality. The only way we grow is to 'build' upon our
experiences. If we do not give up our 'life' experiences upon the 'death' of
the body, then we can take those 'experiences' into our next experience in
physicality and continue to 'feed' this 'life spark' that we are and become a
'realized' SELF. This SELF is another 'species of expression. It is 'nothing',
ie... undefinable, and totally SELF aware of ITSELF as it's SELF. That is the
'purpose' of the ORIGINAL 'life spark'. Or as Shakespeare said 'to BE or not
to BE, that is the question'. I for one choose to BE, how say all of you?
John S.


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