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Date - Oct. 31, 2000

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DATRE151 (Feb. 2000)
as soon as you figure out, and really, truly 'know' - If you will notice, that after the year 2000 - Nothing is higher or lower - there is nothing to stop that vibration of the voice - THIS IS 'ALL' A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT - when the BIRTH takes place, you will be someplace else - you think of the 'dead zone' and the 'living zone' as being two - You will take that into the 'dead zone'

DATRE152 (March 2000)
be an OBSERVER and notice what is happening - Don't react emotionally - Everything is a benefit to every individual - Nothing is ever lost, your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS moves into different areas - that is something you don't experience much any more - They could hit a particular cord and cause a boil to rise up on - They're finding that different colors have different effects - What is happening in 'lifetimes' is magnificent

DATRE153 (March 2000)
the end result is not as important as you trying to find your way - to become an 'individual' - To rely on your self - you get frustrated in the physical body - You have two choices - You keep running into these walls - You're all excited, because 'this' is what you're looking for

DATRE154 (April 2000)
in the Universe, we function without bodies - That is 'planetary'. - Archangel Gabrial, is Biblical - decided they didn't want any more physical expression - in the Universe there is no Hierarchy - these names in the Urantia book are referred to as being man or woman - You're just functioning from two different vibratory constructs

DATRE155 (April 2000)
'I'm looking for my soul mate' - Did I create the divine spark? - it comes out 'yes' and 'no' - looking at it as surreal and a stage play - So what have you gained by dying? - You are looking from such a small portion of YOU - you're looking at a creator that is love, harmony and beauty - that's YOU

DATRE156 (May 2000)
by being an OBSERVER, you can help your self - God, as you see a God or a Buddha - information that they give, is not to be thrown out - People who are looking for answers - The guru's and the mahatma's and all the rest - they could be on Mars - virtual reality - What Datre calls 'psyche' is not universal consciousness - You're telling yourself something

DATRE157 (May 2000)
It is the 'raw' substance - a decision that you made at one point, to help the planet ease its quakes - finding water within rocks - the 'only' planetary existence that has more than 'one' species - the stress of the physical body with earthquakes and volcanos - they are sensitive to 'different' earthquakes - what's fascinating about this planet, you have many things going - when you have volcanoes great big hunks of junk

DATRE158 (June 2000)
as long as the channel is open - communication between YOU and the body - not only from the MIND of the bubble - the body understands the information - There is too much that is happening that is of interest - to go beyond the physical existence boundaries - we do not use the mind of the channeler - we turn the brain on to 'our' frequency - You don't look at things - you're the only one that's going to know - Your comprehension rate is faster

DATRE159 (June 2000)
except those that are on the planet - like the Ram, like Seth, like others - Silica is a very opaque liquid substance - Silicate is not the proper terminology - smaller and the finer are the most 'potent' - That's the way individuals look when they're stressed - this is nothing but a PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT - we see those little spikes like you have on a saw blade - we're talking about changes taking place within the body - You accept what people tell you - you're going into a finer vibration

DATRE160 (July 2000)
Huna is like everything else - 'spirituality' - take a good look at it - information on the astral body - It all filters through your 'belief' system - It is that LIFE SPARK - The soul has always been a perplexity - Think about the 'Confederation of Galaxies' - you 'assign' different things and different 'ideas' - you can make changes in your own 'belief' system - you spoke of a 'divine' principle

DATRE161 (July 2000)
if you were to change in the blink of an eye - is 'your' little tiny universe - MASS CONSCIOUSNESS does not evolve - Mind and Psyche are two things that you work with - Now, everybody waits for the 'next' Birth - There was an alignment - what is your true 'spiritual' nature - working from the standpoint of this planetary existence - you won't go to a planet that you have a name for

DATRE162 (Aug. 2000)
Everybody will ask about Jesus periodically - he is fearful and he 'believes' this is happening - people don't do anything 'to' themselves - That is one man's 'belief' system - that which you call 'love' is not existent either - those are 'your' PARTICLE planetary opposites - Was Jesus a real person or wasn't he? - Why do people 'believe' that they're sick - Your 'belief' systems paint the pictures

DATRE163 (Aug. 2000)
Disagreement is not something to be avoided - Emotions 'stem' from the 'ego' - From the 'inside', all things are working together - People feel that they have to be liked - the biggest influences on your 'belief' system is the 'ego' - the majority of the people on this planet, feel pushed - you do not become one of the crowd UNLESS - You will no longer feel pressured into cooperation

DATRE164 (Sept. 2000)
if you take it into an area that is non-physical - It is the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the town - That forms your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS - that word 'realized' perhaps was not a good analogy - the 'spoken' word is very important - There is no other way for you to communicate - what a conglomeration you have in your MASS CONSCIOUSNESS - Words become nothing more than a vibratory construct - You have thrown away all your crutches - your physical bodies are very interesting

DATRE165 (Sept. 2000)
a 'picture' you have painted for yourself - Everyone looks from an 'intellectual' standpoint - God does not 'think' - Nor is any other information 'factual' or 'truth' - OPPOSITES, that is your planetary existence - the term All-That-Is has been a replacement for God - We have said before that 'energy' is UNDIFFERENTIATED - We're not working in your spectrum - What do you want to learn? - You can not understand, that you are the whole play

DATRE166 (Oct. 2000)
but they're not sure of themselves - Everyone is giving you advice as to what you should do - Have you ever asked your body what it wants? - it is 'you' who has the belief systems - Now we get back to magnets - Telepathy is physical - These things on your earth plane contain different energies - to explain to you 'our' existence, is an impossibility - We are BIRTHED to do what we do and we do it - You're here in 'cooperation with' - not to fight against

DATRE167 (Oct. 2000)
an old lady sitting in a rocking chair on Mars - anyone in any book ever told you how many 'realities' exist - its a 'transformation' of ENERGY - MASS CONSCIOUSNESS not only 'solidifies' concepts - Realities are as varied as an individual - someone that does not have fear goes into and out of different realities - unless MASS CONSCIOUSNESS puts something on Mars - what you call deja vu is experienced by individuals - you can't find anything there until you create it.

DATRE168 (Nov. 2000)
Aspects are only that which exists in physicality - Datre is not 'one', but 'many' - That is your whole BEINGNESS - the Egoic Self - we have no boundaries - We only experience physicality when we come into a body - You talk baby talk to children

Datre Special001 - MASS CONSCIOUS - Nov. 18, 2000

DATRE169 (Nov. 2000)
All possibilities/probabilities that are needed - in this universe and all other Universes, there is nothing but learning - it takes a long time to ferret out your beliefs - There's no time limit on anything you know - Trying to find your 'blockages' is part of the game - We talked about 'energy', transforming energy - you pick up your 'garbage' bag full of 'yesterday' - you will see that your body responds to 'you'

Datre Special002 - The Universe - Dec. 3, 2000

DATRE170 (Dec. 2000)
see what an interesting panorama you set for yourselves - As your 'belief' system changes, everything else changes - How often do you listen to your body - The best way is to get to know what works for 'you' - the information from the Mind of the bubble - This is something you have to do yourself - You all have blockages that you set up - you have it 'all' - you're doing your own thing

DATRE171 (Dec. 2000)
Every day of your life should be as brand new - Fate is a 'belief' system - Now as to earth's history, there is none - Why do you put these things in front of you - You are a - what they call - FOREVER being - You don't understand your GRANDNESS - You will set for yourself what you want to learn

DATRE172 (Jan. 2001)
how are you handling the new energies - if you keep stuffing into the head, where is 'your' inspiration - do you always follow the book - I don't want this body any more - Of course they're out of the body - the Mayan calendar - what about 2012 - Your dream time is spent exploring

DATRE173 (Jan. 2001)
How deep is that belief - 'particles' into different components on different planets - No one can 'take' anything from you - Particles interact with particles - there is a definite separation - this planet has it's own evolution - what you're talking about is 'particles' - You don't do brain transplants - you're working with two different types of energy

DATRE174 (Feb. 2001)
an Aspect that is in another planetary configuration - and are unable to continue without a 'body' - they do the same thing in the dead zone - what you're looking for in a 'mothership - who are these space people - You are powerful, powerful, individuals - You think of experiences as only being 'good' things

DATRE175 (Feb. 2001)
its a physical construct that has been changed - its your 'belief' system that's going to make it work - That does not negate what the Ram said - The Ram has not left this planetary bubble - there is universal 'timing' involved in everything - you're still working from a psychological stand point

DATRE176 (March 2001)
it would be a disservice to you if we gave you answers - A psychic will give you all kinds of answers - no way that we can give you any personal information - Self discovery, that is what we're all about - Trying to reconstruct a 'past - You don't have to be a murderer

DATRE177 (March 2001)
a 'think' is a brain connection of ideas - equipment that is carrying different vibrations - Now as to the chaos on your planet - There are those that have already done a 'future' - There is no merging of universes - we talk about 'different' realities that you go into - you don't recognize the significance of the individual - You're given constant choice

DATRE178 (April 2001)
the realities constructed in the dead zone - As anyone knows, you're 'not' dead - Its not the word, its the emotion it creates within you - So, you don't stop 'doing' because you died - The 'word' in and of itself has no power - We can not answer 'personal' questions - You walking around in a physical construct

DATRE179 (April 2001)
looking at things through a belief system that is 'emotional - and spread them out through 'particle' reality - evolutionary process on this planet is extremely important - In OBSERVING opposites is where you learn - other realities also can be interpreted as 'other Universes' - particle reality is extremely 'different' from 'other' Universes - Time exists for you as an individual

DATRE180 (May 2001)
people in other countries are also discovering great splits - a tremendous amount of 'energy' that is chaotic - that which you call Seth - these individuals don't "go into trance" - those that tapped into that which you call the dead zone - We don't have any bodies - would tap into those areas in the dead zone

DATRE181 (July 2001)
adjusting the energy construct of the whole - a triggering mechanism for someone coming into physicality - are channeling from the dead zone only - The 'memory' is not there - Those that can see aura - Those were 'one' contact with an individual - you have 'individual' energy constructs 'within' the body

DATRE182 (July 2001)
everything you touch permeates that aura - getting an AH HA, that can come through an energy construct trig - that AH HA doesn't necessarily have to come from the mind - The brain takes 'time' to assimilate information - this can also come from the mind - You see why you like puzzles - your brain is an accumulator

DATRE183 (Aug. 2001)
All you are looking for is to fulfill your physical desires - if you are an OBSERVER, you will watch the 'signs' - It seems like a lesson in futility - more and more knowingness, leads to nothing more than wanting 'more' - Not to accomplish your 'desire' - The focus of humankind is on 'desire' - the physical construct is trying to get 'you' to understand what - You do not need to get your brain to understand what you want - You want to explore certain areas

DATRE184 (Aug. 2001)
Can you imagine the amount of storage that the brain goes through in an hour - every one of you need a quite time - its trying to help you understand 'how' this system works - that AH HA doesn't necessarily have to come from the mind - the 'impatience' comes from wanting to have the answers 'now' - You dip into the mind during the day - You need just fifteen minutes to just sit and be quite - Your 'aura' is out there picking up all of this information

DATRE185 (Sept. 2001)
It doesn't crack the unconscious - its a traumatic experience - a 'grander' person if they have gone through the Kundalini - all of a sudden you're into a new Millennium - Its very difficult to explain what the Kundalini is - The 'AH HA's' can open a flood gate of information - The body is the mystery to be enjoyed - you do a re-alignment of the physical construct

DATRE186 (Sept. 2001)
'I'm a Christian, my god is better than your god' - Are you OBSERVING without emotion? - is to have their Armageddon - The amount of sex on your TV and your movies - The NEW MILLINIUM is about CHANGE - the planes that were hijacked - until you have ONE WORLD - you are going to experience changes - you have to fulfill the prophecies

DATRE187 (Oct. 2001)
Datre is not physical - in those 'villages' or groups of people - it is what you call 3 dimension pictures - The Great White Brotherhood - they are not Universal Beings - what you call, the Akashic Records - You didn't have as many people on your planet - Your "record keeping" has been very short

DATRE188 (Oct. 2001)
'they're much lower than we are - the development of that which you call 'god' - because you have recorded history of peoples - Do you believe in the Bible words - It is very difficult to become a 'master' - What was the Round Table all about - who is King Arthur and who is Merlin - you talk about going into the age of Aquarius

DATRE189 (Nov. 2001)
do not look at emotions as judgments - Don't bring the 'past' with you - go to the beginning of the Datre material - look at an emotion as a 'learning' process - the only way 'out' is 'in' - they're not emotionless - when there was a black plague - You don't have to judge it - you will find a great deal about a vengeful god

DATRE190 (Nov. 2001)
basic blueprints for how you want - discovered well hidden belief systems - don't put the blame on MASS CONSCIOUSNESS - If you are not the lead elephant, the view never changes - the world has its own patterning for evolution - there is no 'one' god - Why is all this happening? - Your whole planet is going through an upheaval - you're beginning a New Millennium

DATRE191 (Dec. 2001)
it is what makes your system work - mind rules over matter - playing games with yourself anyway - Some animal bodies will be quite bright - Teleportation? - The brain just hasn't filled all in yet - the evolution of the 'species' - you won't have heaven on earth - you're fascinated by teleportation

DATRE192 (Dec. 2001)
Do not look at everything with fear - it is a belief system - Nope, don't have bodies - One is the money situation - you have no boundaries - You see, it's a story - Your body is a containment - Your brain is a containment - you're not going to take this body with you

DATRE193 (Jan. 2002)
the Trade Center bombing - Humanity as a whole - the Dead Zone plays a significant role - 'time' has never been absolute - Your planet is slowing down - wizardry and magic - Magic is 'natural' to all of you

DATRE194 (Jan. 2002)
your 'species' are in the Dead Zone - The Dead Zone is very important - people will have fewer children - children are not growing up - women are unable to bear children - The planet, as a whole, is crying out

DATRE195 (Feb. 2002)
Actually, the whole bubble - you fashion the energy first - 'you' are the creator - YOU WERE, YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE - You have told the body, the body produces - what if there was no death and you died

DATRE196 (Feb. 2002)
you're looking for is a text book - practicing medicine - you have to set up your own goals - picking up the combined energy patterns - We have talked to you about 'events' - Between an event, how much time exists

DATRE197 (March 2002)
you talk about reverse aging - you are the 'only' creator - Your body gets 'joy' out of doing things - do anything you want to with a belief - the reason you're in physicality - Why the trade centers

DATRE198 (April 2002)
You don't know your aspects - not 'sexual' attraction - what stimulated that - your play is so well written - That's the fascination of physicality - don't worry about your aspects - now you're getting really deep

DATRE199 (May 2002)
this is not the only experience that you have - still looking for cures - it is not that long ago - those that will dip in from time to time - talking about the 'inner' realms - you have blinked out

DATRE200 (June 2002)
the only time you work with consciousness - simultaneous time - disconnected from the 'past' or the 'future' - that which you call the 'void' - an area that cannot be described - That space between events has no 'time'.


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