Datre website pictures

These are some of the datrenet pictures/gifs that were on the datrenet 2000 site and the later blue site. Anyone recognize them? :-)

2000 site:

and the later blue site:

Some Grid gifs

And some of the flags that were posted for the different books they planned to translate:

I found these on a website called the waybackmachine, it's been stored based in internet crawler searches, if you want to have alook at how the original Datre sites looked like. And if you look at the different updates during the years they posted, you will see how the site changes and updates.

The two sites John/Aona/Datre had was:




These can be found at the waybackmachine site here:




Have fun :-)

And a merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone,
in case I don't post any more this year :-)


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