A NEW BEGINNING (Planetary Grid)


Then early in September 1999, while watching an episode on PBS about traveling in the 'footsteps of Alexander the Great', something that was said about the "AMMON" oracle struck a cord and I was off on another grid adventure. What was different 'this' time was the emphasis on 'what' the grid aligned up with. All those years spent on the grid research was - like most - focused on the Giza pyramid and similar ancient monuments. It just would never quite work out with that approach - but it was very 'close' - or at least that's what I told myself.

This time I found that it was intense people/place locations, like MEDINA and MECCA, Saudi Arabia and Salt Lake City, Utah, that were the proper alignments of the Earth's Grid. It took me less than a week to locate 'how' the grid aligned - very precisely. That result is the reason for this web site.

I have located several other ancient points of reference to the grid images that are included in this article. I am sure that some of you out there have information about locations which I am not aware of, like Buddhist sacred sites, etc.. If you have the proper coordinate information I will be happy to plot it on the grid - and if it fits - update the existing web site data. But, then again, maybe you would like to get 'your feet wet', so to speak, and learn to plot your own data - for that I suggest downloading a 'free' copy of the mapping program that I am using - Microcam.


Many, or even most, of those who have seriously gotten into the question of a planetary grid have had some 'New Age' type of reason for doing so. For Bruce Cathie, a former commercial airlines pilot, it was UFO's. Others think that this grid is the result of some 'spiritual' happening or event. Then there are a whole cluster of other reasons people have come up with for the grids existence.

Basically, the planetary grid is simply the way the 'physics' of this planet and its reality work - no magic to it.

The 'grid' not only encompasses the planet earth from its core out to well above its surface, but also is part of the 'natural' FABRIC that our 'space' consists of. As I understand it, NASA has a fairly good idea about its extents.

The energy lines that go into making up the grid are 'layered' in and through the planet. Much like layers and layers of different weaves of fabric. Each layer down - from the basic skeleton outlined here - is exactly one third of the spacing density of the layer above it. This continues down to the 'atomic' levels itself. Thus if you start from some given 'zero' point, grid longitude and latitude wise, as being common to all layers, you will get an alternating match up of grid 'fabric' lines.

According to other research, the grid is what supports what we call 'atomic' fission. Any device that is designed to break up the atom - either as a bomb or nuclear reactor - must be 'aligned' with the grid in a specific manner for that reaction to occur. A study of the many nuclear power stations on the planet will easily confirm this. Also, Bruce Cathie in his early books, did extensive work in validating that this is the case.

So, that is the story as it stands today. If you have any suggestions or comments about this material please e-mail me at; John S. and I will take a look at it and reply or even update this sites data if warranted. But also, I am one person with no staff to assist me so don't expect too much.

John S.
May 2000


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