Datre will be taking a whole new approach to the information that we will be presenting to this humanity. This new direction started with the latest Datre book "The 5th Dimension - Doorways to the Universe." In that book we introduced the idea of whole cultures and individuals coming onto this planet earth from some other system in this physical universe.

In our future books and other teachings we will be continuing to explore the two different types of beings here on planet Earth. We will begin by referring to these two as "The Earth- Born" and "The Tourists." The Earth-born are the vast majority of individuals on your planet. We referred to them in the beginning Datre books, as the stick figures and their development. The tourists are those who first came into being in some other star system - and not planet Earth. We will be referring to these non Earth beings as tourists. That term better fits the condition that those individuals find themselves in, "strangers in a new land."

There are many of these individual tourists that have, for some time, felt that they are NOT from here - not natural to planet Earth. But where were they to turn for answers? There was little or no information for them. Where are they from and why do they feel this way? To date, all channeling has been only by Earth-born and to Earth-born. Many of the tourists have been referred to as "starseeds" or "walk-ins" or even aligned their thoughts to other star systems such as the Pleiades to see if that would better fit their feeling of "Home."

One thing those of us in Datre will not be able to do is tell you "where" you do come from. You will have to work that out for yourself. There are a vast amount of cultures and civilizations out here in this physical universe whose residents have journeyed to Earth and gotten lost on the Earth's Ferris wheel.

We will try to answer many of your questions concerning why you feel lost here. We will also focus on certain cultures here - as we did in book three.

Perhaps with this information and any future dialogue you will begin to get more comfortable with your feeling of being different - and, in fact, a "tourist in a strange land." Most of these tourists planned on just 'one' sojourn. The adventure of planet Earth and the allure of this environment is such that very few come here for just a one earth lifetime visit.

In our next book - Datre book four - we will be explaining many thing about this earth and its operating system both for the Earth-born and the tourist.

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