A Datre reply on Ego

This is Datre. We understand your friends confusion because the notion of starving the ego comes from the belief of those who lived in monasteries many thousands of years ago.

As with many of the teachings over long periods of time they have been greatly distorted. If you were able to see the original teachings, shall we say, many would hardly be recognizable. Those in the monasteries believed that the "sacred works" should not be revealed to the common people, this is where the term "sacred/secret" originated.

First of all, there are no secrets. Nor is there anything sacred. The object in physicality is to learn about physicality and the more you learn the easier it is to understand what this is all about. There is no great mystery. Your ego is your best friend.

As we have stated previously, on the Internet and in our books, we in Datre work with "undifferentiated" energy. We make some of this energy visible in the form of atoms and other molecular organizations. Even that which you call your air is differentiated for you on your planet. Air is not a universal principle, it is just something that you use in your version of physicality.

Now, the interaction of all physicality on your planet changes your air, water, and even your physical particles. Evolution is just that, the changing of that which you call your present reality to support your individual needs at the present time.

Now, from our standpoint, can you see why we do not look upon your physicality as spiritual or secret?


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