A Datre reply on Observations

This is Datre - These were very good observations. You will understand all the different things you observe because it is the 'you that you are' connecting with you. Sometimes the observation will just be for your enjoyment and other times it will be an answer to a perplexing situation (you call them problems).

Aona and John have been observing for many years and they will notice things that are very subtle. The more you observe the more you will observe. It is the simplest learning tool that we could come up with. Learning shouldn't be a task or a repetitious learning. In other words, keep it simple. Struggle doesn't do it. Life is to be enjoyed.

When we first started putting the material on the web, we continually got the question, 'what is the dead zone'. Now there is a TV program in the U.S. called "The Dead Zone". They found something new in the 'ethers' and they grabbed on to it.

We kept saying, 'It's not the destination, it's the journey that counts." That was picked up by an automobile company's ad on TV.

There are others but I can't find them in Aona's dictionary right now. Anyway, you can see how effective words and phrases can be. That is why, for each person that understands the simplicity of the Datre material and puts it into practice, the greater benefit it is to your whole planet and beyond. The kindness of gentle understanding is needed on your planet today.

We thank you for helping us, to help you, to help us, to help you - get the picture? We all benefit. Datre


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