Datre introduction

Hello Everyone,
We are Aona and John. We would like to introduce you to Datre. Datre is a name composed of specific interactive vibrations. The beings that comprise what is called Datre are Universal. Their numbers are many, many. Some have had physical experiences in this and other physical realities, most have not. They each have unique and different specialities in the Universe. These specialities are collectively what maintains this Universe.

There have been only (to date) four channeling's of Universal teachings on this planet, the first being Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts. Presently there are only two that are channeling Universal teachings on this planet, and Aona is one of them. There were two others being 'trained' in Europe when last I (John) checked. But I am not sure of their current status, they may have even dropped out, I don't know.

The channeling of 'Universal teachings' requires several years of 'training'. Unlike the channeling of people from our 'dead zone' or beings from other sub-realities, which most anyone can learn to do on their own with a little persistence. For example if one of these Universal beings were to come into a body that had not been prepared properly that body would explode. There is that much energy transferred in the channeling activity.

The following is transcribed (all Datre sessions are taped) from a question and answer session to answer some questions submitted by one of the Datre Net subscribers.


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