Datre on Love and Compassion

JOHN: Next question... "Are the concepts of compassion - love and working towards a Higher ideal Universal?"

DATRE: Well you see we have to get down to 'nuts and bolts' again. These are your concepts. These are the words that you have put on emotions, on your planet Earth. From our vantage point, in the big Universe, there would be no need for the word compassion, because it is an 'existence', it is not a 'word'. Compassion is an existence. What were the other words - please?

JOHN: Compassion - love...

DATRE: Love! You were 'birthed' in that which is called 'love'; you are 'surrounded' by love.

But, there again, your 'love' is a physical name on your planet Earth.

What we refer to as 'love', again, is an 'existence'. We do not know how to 'exist' without what you call love and without what you call compassion, because our very existence encompasses those. It's the very 'essence' of us.

You have 'separate' words for things, because you 'strive' to achieve those things. When you become more of the 'you' that YOU are, that will become an 'automatic' expression.

So you don't have to go around and huggie kissie and I love you, I love you, because your whole 'being' exhibits that. It will exhibit the 'love' and it will exhibit the 'passion' and it will exhibit the 'compassion'. That will be your existence.

Some people will look at you and say, 'my goodness, that is a cold individual', because your not running around 'expressing' it, it's your very BEING that's expressing it.

The 'falsehood' comes in the compassion and the love that people TTRRYYY to show other people.

When there is a 'deep' love, a deeper love than can be expressed in a lot of fancy words, between a husband and a wife, or in a relationship, or with children, there's a 'deepness' that cannot be expressed toward another individual.


The minute you try and put a word on it you've lost it, because as you become more YOU, you will 'express' it, just by BEING.

Next question.


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