A Datre Special Message.

JOHN; We have gotten a number of communications from individuals regarding
some new books that are on the market and suggesting that the material
inside of the books was of value. Up to this point we did not know what was
contained in the books, but the title did NOT seem to be of interest.
However we received a communication today that told us some of the content
of the books and at this time Datre would like to make some comments
regarding these publications.

I'll read some of the comments about the contents of these books; "You may
find the Conversations with God books 1 and 2 to be of interest"

"They are the first "mass media" books that put "creator Gods" in context
ie "as you are My body, I am the body of another" was a fascinating comment
from a source speaking as "the God who created you, the God of Jesus, and
Abraham, Moses and John".

"If nothing else, the re-statement of "The Ten Commandments" as this source
claims they were intended is worth the $15 for book 1 - and they/he has
real interesting sections on sex, money and world government in book 2."

"If you haven't read them, it may be worth the while to skim over them and
see if they grab you - I feel they will be an "expanding" influence on the
masses... and maybe a useful tool in pursuit of your mission..."

DATRE; Now, what we would like to comment on is the first comment that was
made about this creator being the creator of Abraham and all the rest of
them that I don't remember all the names of. What you have to realize is
that from our standpoint we are speaking from the UNIVERSE. Now, first of
all, this is in no way a derogatory statement. Your belief and what you
wish to believe is entirely up to each and every individual upon this
planet, every other planet, every other UNIVERSE, everything. As we have
said before YOU ARE ALONE. Your thoughts are yours alone, they are no one
else's thoughts. Your actions are 'your' actions, they are no one else's
actions. So, from that standpoint we will address the subjects within these

Number one, from a UNIVERSAL standpoint, GOD ONLY EXISTS ON YOUR PLANET IN
YOUR BUBBLE. That is the only place within this UNIVERSE that, what you
call GOD, exists. Now, can you see where there is a difference in the

We do not like to teach about sex. We do not like to teach about money. We
do not like to teach about politics. When we do so, what we're trying to do
is make you 'aware' of the reality in which you are existing at the present
time. You are here in a physical construct to learn this particular
planetary existence. You came into physicality to learn what this was all
about. That was to learn about WHAT was existing upon your planet, what is
existing as far as individuals upon your planet are concerned, the
creatures upon your planet, everything about this planet - this is your
'present' reality.

Now, if your 'present' reality includes a belief in a 'planetary god' that
is fine, that is 'mass consciousness' and there is nothing wrong with that
in any way, shape or form. But you must realize that what we are talking
about, is being AWARE of what is happening with 'mass consciousness'. What
the beliefs are in 'mass consciousness'. But also, realize that beyond THIS
BUBBLE of planetary existence other things, other realities exist. Now,
those that we are speaking to that seem to be contacting us more and more
all the time, are those that are beginning to get, what you would call in
your language, great breakthroughs in understanding. Things are happening
to these people. They're beginning to look at things differently than they
ever have in their physical existence at this time. They're 'fascinated' by
what IS. But, until you reach the 'breakthrough' point it is virtually
impossible to explain to another individual what has happened.

We consistently get letters (e-mail) that John reads to me, to us, that
people write and say, 'I know I can tell you this because you will
understand'. This is true. This is why we give out this information because
we DO understand, because we have watched what has happened with John and
Aona and other individuals that are going through 'dramatic' changes. The
individuals that are going through these 'dramatic' changes, even if
they're just on the fringe of beginning to 'see' things a little
differently, once that happens, there will be more. That's because the
minute it is seen as a 'breakthrough' and the comment is, 'oh, it can
happen to me', that is 'acceptance' of information of that type. Once that
type of information is 'accepted' that opens the gates for more things to

Now, what we're saying is, these are the individuals that are going to be
going someplace else. If you are in 'mass consciousness' to the point that
this is what you see, this is 'your' reality, all of these 'gods' that do
all of these things, if this is your belief and this is your reality, that
is fine. Because evolution is, as we've said before, an individualistic
thing. Just because your neighbor has something that happens to them that
sounds wizzy bang wow, that does not mean that the neighbor is going to be
going off into what, you call, 'never, never land which is far better than
Earth existence'.

There are individuals living upon the planet that have never heard of any
of this information, be it Datre, be it any of the psychic, what you call,
information. They're not familiar with that, that has not been their life
in any way, shape or form. And yet they are coming in contact with John and
Aona, in stores and in conversations they will 'know' that John and Aona
are open individuals and they will begin to spill forth what has been
happening to them. 'What is happening? Am I going crazy? Is this alright?'
They don't know what's happening to them. But, they're beginning to make
'breakthroughs'. At that point, depending upon what city John and Aona are
in, they will give them books to read, to help them understand and to know,
NO you're not going crazy. You're beginning to open up the centers within
your physical construct to be able to experience these things.

A reality is multi, multi, multi, multi facetted. We have explained that
before. It does not matter where you are at the present time. But, for the
'god' concept to be of any interest to John and Aona, NO, because they
'know' that is in itself, for them, individually, a limitation. Now, if it
is 'not' a limitation for other individuals, that is fine. If there is
information in those book that is interesting and informative to
individuals, that's fine. Its taking you one step further, probably, than
you would have been before. But, when you begin to understand the
difference between 'planetary existence' and UNIVERSAL 'existence' there
is... you can't compare them because there is NO comparison.

Anyone that 'knows' and has a feeling within their physical construct,
because that's where you work from, its what we call a 'gut' feeling, that
UNIVERSAL information is an, 'AHA, this feels good'. Then that's what these
individuals seek. Now, if there is an expansion of the 'god' concept that
feels good and that's an AHA for someone else, other individuals, that is
fine for them. But, for those that are going to make greater steps and are
going to go out into the UNIVERSE into an 'entirely' different existence,
the 'god' concept, the 'consciousness' and everything else connected with
this planet is NOT usable in another existence. As we have said before,
'mass consciousness' is going to make changes when they leave this planet
and go into another planetary existence. But, it is not going to be that
far removed from what is being experienced at the present time.

So, we have spoken before of that, which we call, the 'wispy' existence.
The UNIVERSAL information is very familiar and looked forward to by those
individuals that are going to the 'wispy' existence. Because that's where
they are already beginning to feel comfortable. You have individuals, on
this planet, right now, that are, what you would say, 'walking two worlds'.
They are walking in the HOLOGRAM on this planet in physicality. But, they
are also touching in to another realm that is totally, entirely different.
They can not stay there, they know they can not stay there and they have no
remembrance of anything that they have experienced when they come back into
the physical construct. But, they 'know' that they have been someplace
entirely different. When you 'know' where you're going you decide if that's
what you want to do. There are individuals that touch into another reality
and it 'scares' them and they come back into physicality and they will NOT
leave physicality, because they 'fear' anything that is not in a physical
existence. This is fine, because as said before, your evolution is YOURS,

If Aona goes one place and John goes another place, what difference does it
make? In physicality, it is a prefect match. But, John does not know what
is in Aona's head, shall we say, and visa versa. So they don't even 'know'
if they will go to the same place and it doesn't matter, because evolution
is that 'excitement' of something NEW and DIFFERENT.

Now, perhaps this dissertation will help you to better understand the
difference between what is happening on your book shelves and what is
happening to the information that we are giving you. Now, just because it
happens to be Datre, that does not mean that everything else you read and
everything else you hear, and everything else is no good - we're NOT saying
that in any way, shape or form. There can be others that will be bringing
through UNIVERSAL information. But, when you get to the point that you have
that understanding of UNIVERSAL information, you will 'know' immediately
upon reading or hearing information where it comes from.

You know, its very easy to 'claim' all of these things and there's nothing
wrong with that because that is the 'feeling' of the individual in
physicality that feels where that the information that they're getting is
coming from. They can say, 'we're getting UNIVERSAL information' and that
is fine. But, remember one thing, be discerning. Does it 'ring' like
UNIVERSAL information? Does it have the 'feeling' of UNIVERSAL information?

You see, that was the 'stumbling block' of the SETH material, was that
people READ the SETH material, but because of its 'complexity' there were
NOT that many people that understood what was 'between the lines' of the
SETH books. As you speak to individuals who know the SETH material, they
can quote it from beginning to end. They can tell you what book, what
paragraph, what page things are on. But, do they have the grasp of what is
really there? It is far 'deeper' than what is on the written page. So it is
true of everything. There are individuals that we are contacting on the net
today that are going back, after many years of not having read that
material and saying, 'I never read the book before'. No, because the book
has symbols. You are the translator of the symbols and you translate the
symbols as you see them at the present time today. You translated them as
the symbols were the last time you read them. You see, the subtleties are
always there in everything.

Now, John has recently suggested, because of the number of people that are
having GRAND, GRAND experiences, that the Richard Bach books might be of
value. The reason that that information was given is because, we too
figured from a physical standpoint that there are those that are having
experiences that will be able to 'relate' to another physical individual
that has had and is having fantastic physical experiences. Now, the reason
for suggesting the Bach books is, it is another, what you call, human
experience. Its a human telling you, 'this is what I have done'.

It would, for example, be pointless for either John or Aona to write a book
about their experiences. Many have suggested that the Datre material be put
in book form. In one of the locations they lived in, people began to come
to their place to talk to them. This very often happens but this particular
time someone made the comment, "it looks like what you are looking for is a
group of followers". This is the one thing that Aona has consistently
avoided. That is why the 'net' is so good for her. She keeps her anonymity
and can live a physical existence because THAT is what she came here to do.
It was only our asking that she bring through this information, that she
agreed to do so. She has no pressure to give classes, lectures, etc. that
many feel the need to do for money. They have supported themselves by
working in the work-a-day world. There is no ego, no mission, no need to
satisfy anyone and that allows them the freedom to LIVE.

So, perhaps we've explained UNIVERSALITY and 'god' concepts. It does not
matter, as we've said before, whatever makes you comfortable. It is YOUR
evolution and as told to one, not too long ago when we did a question and
answer, 'How far can I go?' You can go as far as you want to go, it is up
to you, it is up to you. We have nothing to do with it. We in the UNIVERSE
have absolutely 'nothing' to do with your 'individual' evolution, with ONE
exception and that is to provide you with information that may be helpful
to you in your GRAND experience of 'knowing' WHO you are and the
LIMITLESSNESS available to you. We thank you, we are Datre.


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