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I came across another one of the sites that John S. had set up, this is a Datre search site that I remember seeing long ago. I don't remember when it was set up, perhaps it was there before the old Datre main site. I'm pretty sure it was there before 2005, probably way earlier.

In one of the searches, I found  something John had written, that refers to the mindspring site as a new site, so it might go a bit back.

I didn't really use the Datre search site much as long as the main site was operative and we could download the archives there. I think the main mindspring site had some search function too, I don't remember that.

Anyway the URL is :    http://datrenet.tripod.com/

The amazing thing is that I thought the Datre transcripts were gone with the main site, and that it would only be available based on other people uploading it (which is why I made this blog).
But after doing some simple searches on the  datrenet.tripod.com/  I found just about 200 transcripts there - this is something John S. setup himself.

I don't know which search engine will be most effective - the google one on my blog or the tripod site search engine - I don't know if John made the engine himself or used a premade one.

Anyway, now you have the option of using both :) and having the transcripts from John S. available like they were originally. I will of course still have all of the transcripts and posts and books available on this blog.

Something interesting that I came across while searching, are two posts that I couldn't find on my blog, but I remember at least one of them well, and I think I saw the other one back in the days too.

One is a transcript by Datre that deals with the 'Conversations with God' by the author by Neale Donald Walsch, and is called "special"
 (A Datre Special Message.)

I have several of Walsch books myself I enjoyed reading them, although it wasn't quite the taste of Datre - at least not to begin with (not too keen on the use of the word God :)

As a digression: - I remember I asked Datre ones about Oneness (which I guess could be related to a God concept, although I didn't really mean that - perhaps Datre misunderstood my question, but I didn't follow up on it) in accordance with the view of the Conversation With God books, but I got the impression that they very much refused to acknowledge anything that was a concept of the Self "being part of" anything. They very much held onto that the Self was an Individual and didn't need anything to be part of (as I remember it, my impression of their answer).
That is also one of the things I like about Datre, they always point out the responsibility of Self, that You are the one that is doing it all, and if you want a change it is up to YourSelf. And that is empowering in a good way I think. Because the You that you are, is still you, just more aware.
Unfortunately I think I lost the actual question/answer on that one.
There are, by the way, several questions I could have (perhaps should have) asked, but I thought I'd leave them alone for their project, the Tomorrowland Project they were onto (or John/Aona were anyway). -

But as I remember, Datre said that it doesn't matter where you get the information from, who tells you what, because it's your pictures anyway :-) the information can come from anywhere, even religion and TV-commercials :) because it's all yours.
 The URL is:    http://datrenet.tripod.com//special.html

The other is something John S. has written about limitation, and is called "limit"
(Some thoughts on limitation)
 The URL is:    http://datrenet.tripod.com//limit.html

I will post both of these on this blog as I couldn't find them here, though I didn't search thoroughly on neither the Datre search site, nor my own blog.
There might be more posts on the Datre search site that I haven't posted here, so if you happen to come across one, you are welcome to leave a comment or send me a mail about it.
You can also use the guestbook below on this blog if you like.

But I think I got them all now, - except of course for the very first ones that I haven't seen anywhere, those are refered to through questions from people asking Datre, in some of the first transcripts available on this blog/from the old mindspring main site.

Also, if anyone happen to know, or have the Datre audio recordings I, - and probably alot of others - would be very interested in hearing them. John was considering putting them up for sale, so whoever has the copyright to them now could make some money on those if you'd like to. Or you could of course release them for free.
On this blog I will only publish free stuff, since I don't have any copyright for anything, and even if I did I might not charge anything. But I can very well link to anything Datre related that is charged, there is nothing wrong in that. There is no good or bad energy :-)

So I will copy and post the two other transcripts/articles onto this blog now, and hope you enjoy.


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