Some thoughts on limitation:

This outline is NOT from Datre, but rather how I would explain these
concepts to myself for clarification (minus a lot of detail).

If we consider that in the earliest stages of this that we call LIFE or
EXISTENCE, there was just a vast sea of what can only be called a NO-THING.
We have to call it a NO-THING because it did not 'know' itself as having
existence - IT just was. 'Something' has to have other 'things' to relate
to in order to be a SOME-THING. As this NO-THING continued to swirl and
inter-mix with itself 'friction' began to develop. This 'friction' is the
PRIMAL first stages of what we now call by many names and effects. As this
process continued for countless cycles there eventually developed what
might be called a 'unit' of AWARENESS. This unit of 'awareness' was NOT
aware of 'anything', it was just 'aware' and had the 'potential' to expand
its awareness under the right conditions.

Again, as these cycles continued, the number of 'awareness units' became
vast in number. Then another phase began in which some of these 'awareness
units' began to randomly interact with each other and the original
NO-THING. This interaction resulted in these few units developing into
another phase, called SELF awareness. That is being 'aware' of them
SELVES as distinct from their environment. As this new phase of SELF
awareness continued there began to develop what we call INTELLIGENT BEINGS.
These INTELLIGENT BEINGS were the first in all of existence. As this new
phase grew their numbers were relatively few compared to the numbers of
'awareness units' available.

These new BEINGS began many explorations, the results of which continued to
develop these BEINGS and expand their DISCOVERY of SELF. This process
continued to the point where one of these beings began to explore the idea
of 'containment'. This idea of containment was very exciting to some of
these BEINGS and they considered what might be done with one of these
'sterile' containments. This was the beginning of that which we call a

Through many cycles these few BEINGS 'discovered' that they could 'grow'
all sorts of things in this Universe 'containment'. Then a new thought
surfaced, 'what would happen if we put a bunch of 'awareness units' into
one of these containments and also put some kind of 'interacting' agent?'.

This experiment went as follows; Create a containment, harvest a bunch of
'awareness units' and put them in it. Then place several variations of
'friction units' into the same containment to see what happens. This
experiment resulted in a 'crop' of 'awareness units' becoming SELF aware to
various degrees. As this experiment continued they found that a NEW
phenomena was being developed - LIMITATION. After several 'side'
experiments they found what ingredients were causing this 'limitation'.
Then a new idea came about; 'how far will this 'limitation' thing go in
developing a greater sense of SELF awareness?'.

So now another containment was developed within the original containment.
Then many of these new SELF aware units put themselves inside this second
containment which had been seeded with these 'limitation' ingredients - now
called 'units of CONSCIOUSNESS'. The result of this last experiment is that
which we today call - PHYSICALITY - which includes 'the HUMAN species'.

Many people, if not all, often complain about their being so limited. When
it is just this 'limitation' that allows them to become the GRANDEST
expression of a SELF that is possible. If there is no 'limitation' how can
you tell 'you' from that which is NOT 'you'?
How can you 'create' without 'limitation'? Limitation is simply the ability
to distinguish between YOU and that which is NOT you. For example all music
is the result of limiting the 'range' and 'arrangement' of certain notes.
The same applies for color. We see color by 'limiting' the frequency
spectrum that our eyes can register. Then again to be able to 'create' a
planet, you must be able to distinguish between that which is 'you' and
that which is NOT 'you' - that other 'stuff'.

I don't know if this is any clearer for any of you, but I was originally
just putting these thoughts together for my own clarification and thought
you people might find it interesting.
John S.


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