In some of the Seth material Seth makes reference to the 5th. Dimension. He further goes on to describe this 5th. Dimension as the fundamental or original universe from which all other universes have their origins.

This 5th. Dimension also has a pattern or matrix to it. This matrix is made from vital energy and forms what are often called honeycomb-like cells or boundaries. The intersection of these energy lines creates a dynamic energy that swirls - much like what you call tornados.

These honeycomb like arrangements serve to isolate all of the different planes of expression as well as all of the realities within these planes.

The 5th. dimension is a universal principle and these coordinate points are the "local" application of these principles.

This is how the physical universe is maintained as a universe of physical objects.

Physicality, simply put, is no more than frozen thought.

It is the dynamics of emotion that catalyzes the 5th. dimension energy matrix.

Each physical expression acting upon the coordinate points creates what you call your physical universe.

If we did not have the dynamics of emotion to interact with this 5th. dimensional principle, this whole physical universe would simply vanish.

So, just what is it that we are calling The Planetary Grid and what can it be used for?

This web work is an arrangement of energy streams that ebb and flow in a constantly changing to and fro direction.

As these lines of energy flow they intersect other lines of energy flowing from a slightly different direction and a vortex is formed at that juncture.

These energy lines and their associated vortex junctures are not only arranged throughout this particle universe, they are the framework for each detectable "something" within this particle universe - from grains of sand to your largest sun or planet.

This is the energy framework that your planet Earth is formed upon and through.

This grid work functions not only to provide the framework upon which your planet was built, but also serves to replenish the planets energy in an ever changing cycle of new energy units.

There are many other uses which can be made of this universal grid system and these will be covered in the following chapters.

Many on this planet have become familiar with these coordinate points and their associated energy lines that are the skeletal framework for this earth and all of its realities.

Of the many names that have been given to this energy line matrix or pattern over the span of history, the name "The Planetary Grid" seems to be the one that has stuck.


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