COMMENT: I think that the analogy with the Ferris wheel and the plumber were quite good. So it's good that Datre uses stories to explain, because it makes the content more vivid, easier to read.

QUESTION: How important is the choice of dumping the experience-energy in the Dead-Zone? How significant is it for us to have that to build on when we re-enter the Live-Zone? I would suppose it would be pretty important for us for evolving further on instead of repeating all the time? Now I guess Datre would point out that the time for choosing anything is Now, but Datre say they don't understand why we do repeat, and here in the Live-Zone I don't either.


Let's take the first question. We'll be simple.

Today you go to work, school, child care, whatever. You didn't like the way the day went. It seemed like everything was wrong and on top of all that there were instances where you thought you had committed some "sin" of omission or commission. When you went to bed you wanted to forget the whole day. That makes one day lost in your evolution of the understanding of you. How many days over a period of a lifetime do you wish to throw away?

You, so called, die and you want to get rid of all your "sins". How much experience will you take into another expression of physicality?
How can you ever "sit and watch people" and say, "I have had all those experiences they are now experiencing" and feel complete to move on?

Experience is experience and you keep throwing it away, lifetime after lifetime. In the dead zone you decide to do it differently, get into physicality and ignore the connection between the "inner face" and the "outer face" of the totality of the whole you. (We also called it you and the you that you are.)

A lifetime id but a blink of the eye in the process of evolution, but if you pay attention, just think of how much faster you can go and how much more you can experience.

Keep building on your experiences from lifetime to lifetime. You are the only one that makes the decisions on what you wish to achieve.

Too many decide the struggle is too much and give up or in ignorance want to blow themselves up to live in Paradise. Or want to go to Heaven and praise someone forever. No more experiences and no more you to be a viable part of anything.

We are Datre

FROM Kristine;

COMMENT: We create we everything ourselves, including the framework (box) of any answers/solutions we seek and the importance we grant to it all. If we look at the concept that the earth is moving its vibration, consciousness is rising etc.. (within which framework, we all feel it is important to know more spiritually) etc. etc.. It is valid, I feel, but only as valid as the box within which it is created. So, we get all these channelings giving us information.
But the energies who are providing us "information" can only respond within the box that we have created. AND as we ask, we receive. We desire that it is important, we want to believe that our "evolvement" is important, worthwhile etc. So, all that is channeled cannot only respond within that.

I have a strong sense, that indeed it does not matter one bit or another. There is no one, or no thing that cares. And if you add the concept that there is no such thing as time, then it certainly becomes irrelevant. All is, all realities already exist. The ascension movement is yet another screen, or lets say movie theatre (with lots of screens in it). Part of ALL.


First, we'd like to ask, why do you think that a framework is a box?

We have said that we use the word framework because it is flexible. As you grow in physicality and in your understanding of you and all that you perceive, you are constantly growing in different directions.

From baby to adult you constantly change physically and mentally. If you were to work from a structure (which is solid) you'd stay as a baby.

A structure could be called a box, but not a framework.

You feel that there is no one and no thing that cares? What are you looking for? There are perhaps thousands of people who will give you assurances of light and love and will channel all sorts of that type of information, if that is what you are looking for.

What we are trying to do is give you information about helping you find out about you and the present earth you live on so you can better understand and enjoy the experience of physicality.

You chose physicality for the experience. This whole universe is a physical universe. It is yours to enjoy, hate, despise, experience, be adventuresome or sit and vegetate.

Listen to that still small voice within and begin your experience of discovery.

What most people fear most is something new. Afraid to try a new job, afraid to leave a relationship, afraid of what people will think or say, afraid of doing the wrong thing.

All realities do not exist. Those who know what they are doing are creating new realities all the time And when they become "solid" enough, they move into them and then whoever else wants to, can move into them also.

The discovery and adventure is making new ones.

You say the ascension movement is all a screen. Where do you ascend to anything?

Your planet is so full of people that you have trouble staying out of Mass Consciousness thought patterns. It takes a bit of effort and determination, because it is so easy to go along with the crowd.

Why do you want time to be a solid, regimented thing? People who are constantly creating are having so much fun, why not let them extend their days, months and years for as long as they want them?

There are no restrictions imposed on anyone or any thing in this whole physical universe, except those you put on your self, or allow others to put on you.

The physical universe continues to expand its experiences just as you do. The only thing constant is change.

Throw away your "box" and enjoy the banquet of life set before you.

We are Datre


COMMENT: After reading books one and two, I have come to the conclusion that our main purpose here is "to be the best that we can be". Since we in fact are continually creating our own reality, putting ourselves into situations where we can experience whatever we wish, be it a "good", "bad" or "indifferent" experience, the possibilities we can create are endless. In other words, in our dream state, we plan each step of our journey, according to what we wish to experience. Of course, when the time comes to actually "live" the planned experience, we always have the split-second choice of whether to continue or abort.

QUESTION: My question is this.. Is it true that everything we say, do, see and experience in our daily lives is passed on and enjoyed by the whole universe ? ("All that is, is continually discovering, All that It is".) The whole universe is benefiting from our experiences. Isn't this why it is really important for us to open our eyes and try to take in as much as possible at all times?


Every thing and everyone on the planet has rich experiences and the essence of all these experiences benefits the whole. Each planet has different experiences. Everything inside this large physical universe has different experiences.

Different experiences make changes in the Mass Consciousness of this planet and the dead zone. Creation is creation and everything is in constant change.

You all feel so insignificant. What would this planet be like were you all to give value to your lives by allowing yourselves to admit that you are important to the evolution of the whole universe?

This is not physical ego that get up and wants people to see how wonderful they are, this is the person that "believes" deep down within their very being that they are involved in one of the most exciting adventures there is - that is the appreciation of everyone and everything and the marvel of the evolution of all species.

Without physicality you could not "see" your evolution. Where we are, we only perceive the richness of change.

You chose to experience it.

The excitement come in the deep down knowing and living with that and as the feeling grows and your experiences broaden in scope, you'll feel an inner exuberance for the life you are now living.

We are Datre

FROM Nigel;

COMMENT: I don't want to get hung up on the word God, as I know Datre refer to this as a concept that only applies to this earthly physicality, but using it interchangeably to mean "The vibrant essence of that which constitutes ongoing life", Datre says we should establish what the word "God' means to us and then to realize that that is infinitesimal to what we are!

Now, we're talking the "BIG KAHUNA" here - the three O's - Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent.

We are further entreated to search the problem from the aspect of being the God-head itself (Datre 204).

This places us each firmly in the position of being the Supreme Creator of all that is - and that means ALL - even beyond any "Bubble".

In other words there is nowhere where GOD is Not! Going beyond the egoistic physical personality, does this not presuppose that that "GOD" encompasses ALL THAT IS - or all things as they are - including Datre or any other Universal Bubbles.

That each individual physical human - small universe datre - Big Universe Datre - BIG Universe Datre - BIG BIG UNIVERSE DATRE - or any other "Energy - Intelligence, beyond even Datre's ken, comprises part of the whole which has split itself into the many, so that that essence may keep on expanding and evolving itself into forever - expressing the isness of itself??

Oneness as a concept may not be possible - until we find the point of reference - as each of us are "sparked" into individuality, but nonetheless the God-head implies unity, as for example a drop of water in the Ocean to use an analogy. In terms of greatness is not the drop of water "THE OCEAN" - indivisible??

From this perspective, should we not see that Datre's statement that individuality is the name of the game is true only in so far as we are all part of the whole, even if we operate as individuals?

If this entire charade is an ephemeral psychological construct, over which WE have entire control, but only in the isness of NOW - Does this mean that each individual is this "Essence - God"? Indivisible from Datre? or any other part of ongoing life?

If this is so, I can hear the Cosmic laughter from here - and that would be an AHA!

Would Datre care to comment please.


As to your understanding of our previous comments; no, no, that is not what we are.

All these omnipresent and all these omnipotent and every other word that you can think of to describe what you in your belief system believe is a God, is not what we are.

If you were, at some point in your evolution of your individual self, your whole self would begin to have an inkling of how grand "you" are. Then you would have something to go with.

But, you are far grander, as a "whole" than any god you could imagine.

The thing is, you don't know "who" you are. That is one of the things we are trying to tell you.

You have belittled yourselves over eons of time, to the point that you think you are nothing.

Because, your neighbor doesn't think much of you. You've gotten to the point that you don't think much of your self.

So how can you ever imagine anything of any grandiose words that you can put on it?

Now, as a physical construct being, you have no idea of "who" you can be or "what" you can be because you don't take time to find out.

We are trying, in very simplistic terms, to get you to know your self. Not to know who the other person is, because that is not important.

You create your self as you wish to create your self.

Take as an example; you have your athletes of all different kinds. Take a runner. Take a bike rider. Take a tennis player. Anything that you can think of.

How do you suppose that they get the physical construct to perform as they wish it to perform? How many hours do they train the physical construct to perform as they wish it to perform?

It is not getting, like you say, a potato on a couch and get to be an athlete that goes to the Olympics and wins the gold metal.

How come you have your Olympics that many years apart?

Now, when they finish one Olympics, as you have heard many of the athletes say. What are you going to do tomorrow now that the Olympics are over? Repeatedly they will say, 'I will start my training tomorrow, knowing what I know having run today'.

You see, people will put a lot of effort and time and sweat and blood and tears into being the athlete they want to be.

How much time will you spend to find out "who" you are?

You don't just read one book and say, 'oh, this must be it'. Because, its not it.

Learning who you really, really are is a long process. It is a daily process. It is an hourly process.

There was a statement made by someone at some time and I don't know who, but it doesn't matter. But they said, 'pray without ceasing'.

Well, that is not going to get you anyplace because all you are doing is asking for something, or repeating something as a mantra, or whatever.

That goes no place.

You have to be able to understand "you".

Even as, the people that are in business. How do you suppose that they ever get to be successful in their business?

How many divorces have you had because the man is never home? Because he's working. He doesn't know what time it is. He doesn't know whether he ate a meal since breakfast or not or even if he ate breakfast.

He is so tied up in the work that he is doing to become what he thinks he wants to become that other things are not important.

We're not telling you to throw the baby out with the bath water.

We're saying, live your life, but pay attention to 'how' you are living it.

What are you learning by living in a physical body?

It's a learning process. So, if your body doesn't mean anything to you, well you've already eliminated stage one. Because, without a body you cannot do anything in physicality.

And this whole universe is a physically based universe.

So, the thing is, get out of body. Oh it will be wonderful when I don't have a body. But, what can you do without a body?

Pretend for a week you don't have a body. Then sit and think. Then when you get to the point when you can take your 'thinks' and make something happen with your 'thinks'. Then you're going to begin to see what its all about.

But, no one has a week to give to that, because they are so busy with busyness.

So, we're trying to tell you how to live your life as a physical construct being. And with the easiest way of discovery about "who" you are is by watching what you create for yourself.

That includes your body. That includes your surroundings. That includes the people you interact with and everything.

And every time you wake up in a "body" everything you do throughout this day, when you've got your eyes open, and are in your physical body, everything you do "affects" the whole universe.

You never look at that part of it, because you think you're insignificant.

If you thought you were worth something, don't you think you would do things a little differently knowing the impact that you have upon the whole universe?

Let alone your planet. Let alone the country that you live in. Let alone the people that you live with.

You don't realize what you do just by being in a physical construct.

You affect everything and you affect nothing. Because its all of your own creation.

Then this business; 'oh, you create your own reality'. When someone gets in an accident and gets all hurt and everything. 'Well, you created it'.

Did you create it? Or was it an accident that you didn't know anything about and still can't understand?

People need to understand, first, who they are. Then they can figure out the rest.

We have said, "observe". Pay attention to your observations.

There are peoples all over this planet of yours that have become so disenchanted with everything, that they're sitting home doing nothing.

Now, how do you ever expect your humanity or yourself to get anyplace by sitting home doing nothing?

It's the activity of the physical construct that is what allows you to look at yourself and learn about yourself.

Start a diary today. Then at the end of the day write down what you've discovered. What was pertinent to you today? If it was nothing but a change in the weather that you enjoyed, write it down. And do that every single day. Just a sentence, about what was important to you today.

Then, next year look back or even six months look back. And see what was important to you six months ago. Then if its still important to you after six months, then that was important.

But, there are things that you'll say, well, I don't know why I ever thought that was important? Then you're beginning to see yourself.

You're beginning to see your changes.

But, you have to do something… pound stakes to see that you're moving.

So this God business and the omnipresent business, is only what you perceive - it is "your" belief.

Then, how big we are or how great we are, is unimportant.

The only reason that we mentioned it is to get you off of this God concept. Then realize that we're the creators of this universe. We're the creators of the first physical body.

So what difference does it make? That is what we are capable of doing. That doesn't make us any different than you.

We are capable of doing that. What are you capable of doing? Then whatever you are capable of doing, doing it to the best of your ability and trying to improve on it and improve your self.

Then you will begin to see "who" you really are. That is what Datre is all about. Is getting you back to realizing "who" you are and enjoying and living to the fullest your own creations.

We are Datre


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